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Egbert, Jennings, Delevan, Roller, Stewart, Zajac, Weir with CBS wins

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Cotton Bowl Speedway, 5/2/15

By JM Hallas


Paige, Tx.,(May 2nd, 2015)Saturday night dirt track racing under a full moon is usually a recipe for disaster. Oddly enough, that was not the case this weekend as things went relatively smoothly, other than some normal mishaps.


After suffering through a couple rain outs the track and drivers were ready for action on the 3/8 mile, semi-banked, clay oval. Several new drivers were on hand including the first scheduled race for the Cotton Bowl Speedway Street Stocks that didn't fall to Mother Nature.


Payday for PJ in Modified Main

A pair of former IMCA National Champions battled for the win in the IMCA Modified feature with PJ Egbert coming out with the advantage despite drivetrain issues. Egbert got the lead early and had multi-time and class champion, Keith White in hot pursuit. A late restart erased a lead Egbert had built and put White on his bumper. Egbert held off the challenge while White battled with Pat McGuire.


Egbert made a quick charge from row 2 to get the lead on lap 1 pursued by David Goode sr., Keith White, Jarrett Roberts and Robert Stewart. White wasted little time getting second from Goode while Billy Bachmeyer moved past Donald Banker for fifth. Bachmeyer then got by Roberts for fourth bringing McGuire along to fifth.


At the crossed flags it was Egbert, White, Goode, McGuire and Bachmeyer in the top five with Stewart spinning in front of the leaders. As Egbert increased his lead, Goode and McGuire battled wheel to wheel for third. With two to go Egbert had a big lead over White, but Marlin Samford went around in turn 4 to bring out a late yellow.


On the green, white, checkered restart Egbert, in his wounded car quickly put a gap between he and White, who had McGuire on his side. White cleared McGuire and gave it best try on the final lap but it was Egbert in the Phils Motorsports, KLM Transport, D&D Cabinets, McIntyre Motorsports, Abilene Powder Coating, Stephenville Starter, Nightmare Graphics by Nate, TBL Taxidermy, Heart of Texas Hydrographics, Karls Performance Engine, '09 GRT Chassis by Phillips grabbing the victory


The car was on a rail all night, commented Egbert. With three laps to go the drive shaft started coming apart. On that restart I to take it real easy and limp it home for the win



IMCA Modifieds

707 PJ Egbert, 1 Keith White, 9 Pat McGuire, 13g David Goode sr., 17 Cody Tidwell, 38 Billy Bachmeyer, 37b Donald Banker, 202 Scott Stubbs, 6 Jarrett Roberts, 88s Brad Smith, 82 Rick Green, 48 Raymond McSpadden, 32 Robert Stewart, 77 Robert Liese jr., 27 Marlin Samford, 89t Danny Turner, 712 Colton Monroe, 9w Brian Walker, 96 Johnny Sheets---DNS


IMCA Modified heats

Heat 1; 707 PJ Egbert, 1 Keith White, 89t Danny Turner, 9w Brian Walker, 17 Cody Tidwell, 202 Scott Stubbs, 712 Colton Monroe


Heat 2; 37b Donald Banker, 82 Rick Green, 13g David Goode sr., 77 Robert Liese jr., 9 Pat McGuire, 48d Raymond McSpadden


Heat 3; 6 Jarrett Robert, 38 Billy Bachmeyer, 88 Brad Smith, 32 Robert Stewart, 27 Marlin Samford, 96 Johnny Sheets


Sportmod Scramble Goes to Jennings

JJ Jennings(Corpus Christi) led every lap in the 20-lap IMCA Southern Sportmod feature, but it wasn't easy. Jennings was chased early by Don Painter in the first half on the event, then Trevor Egbert in the last half. At the checkers it was Jennings in the G&M Oilfield Services, 89 Motorsports, Ace Transmission, Swenson Racing Products, B&K Services, PTS Race Engines, Western Flyer Chassis taking the victory.


Jennings quickly jumped out front as the 26---yes, 26-car field took the green for the IMCA Southern Sportmod feature. Painter, Rusty Head, Taylor Florio and Thomas Bennett trailed with three and four wide in the pack. That packed stacked up in turn 3 to bring out a yellow and complete restart.


Again Jennings got out front with Painter, Mike Wagner, T. Bennett and Head behind. Wagner, T. Bennett and Head were three wide on lap 1 while Brandon Blaylock used that battle to move up to fifth. As the lead duo sorted out the fight for fifth raged on with Egbert and Talon Minten now in that battle. Coming to halfway it was Jennings, Painter, T. Bennett, Egbert and Blaylock in the top five.


Blaylock slowed from fifth and as the pack scattered, several cars tangled in turns 3-4. Egbert got past T. Bennett for third on green, but yellow came back out a lap later for a spin by Nathan Robbins. Egbert again used the restart to his advantage this time getting second from Painter as green waved again.


As the laps wound down with the top four sorted out the scramble was again for fifth on back with T. Bennett, Chris Birmingham, Vince Louden, Rick Wolfe, Ryan Doyon and Robby Minten. Jennings was able to hold Egbert at bay the final circuits to put another notch in his victory belt.



It wasn't easy, explained Jennings. Don (Painter) was fast in his heat and dash, you keep seeing that 78(Egbert) creeping up (on the scoreboard) every lap. I was waiting for him with all the yellows and lapped cars. I knew it was going to get interesting at the end. After watching the other races I knew it was going to be dominant on the bottom. I probably under drove (turns) 1-2 and over drove (turns) 3-4 a couple times. I was just trying to stay around the tires. You'd have to have a pretty good run to roll the top. If anyone could do it, it would have been Trevor.


We wanted to shake this car down before the big race at TMS Dirt Track. Hopefully we'll go up there and make the show and get a good top five or ten. It's always a win up there if you're able to make the show.


Our car and Skip's(Gray) car are a little different, motors and chassis. We've done some different things on the front end of this car. Both cars are fast. I don't think one's any faster than the other. We're going to race our car more this year. We got a new rig and are going to travel more to bigger shows.


IMCA Southern Sportmods

26g JJ Jennings, 78 Trevor Egbert, 10d Don Painter, 14t Talon Minten, OK Thomas Bennett, c3 Chris Birmingham, 6 Vince Louden, r3w Rick Wolfe, 5r Ryan Doyon, 24r Robby Minten, 68 Rusty Head, 66m Mitchell Morrison, 21t, Taylor Florio, 8w Steve Wade, 86 Dillon Tindell, 04 Nathan Robbins, 5 Robert Dose, 43g Gene Burnett, 03b Matthew Bennett, 0 Brandon Blaylock, qwik1 Mike Wagner, 07a Allen Williams, 11t Tom Grothues, 41 Chad Hughes, 17 Don Krahn, 51 Earl Ingram


Trevor Egbert took home the $100 bonus from Race for Life Pace Cars in the Dash for Cash. Egbert got the advantage on the three wide start and was never seriously challenged.


Race for Life Pace Cars, IMCA SSM Dash for Cash

78 Trevor Egbert, 10d Don Painter, 26g JJ Jennings



Heat 1; 78 Trevor Egbert, c3 Chris Birmingham, qwik1 Mike Wagner, 68 Rusty Head, 8w Steve Wade, 5r Ryan Doyon, 07a Allen Williams, 03b Matthew Bennett, 86 Dillon Tindell


Heat 2; 26g JJ Jennings, 0 Brandon Blaylock, 43g Gene Burnett, 0k Thomas Bennett, 6 Vince Louden, r3w Rick Wolfe, 17 Don Krahn, 5 Robert Dose, 11t Tom Grothues


Heat 3; 10d Don Painter, 24r Robby Minten, 14t Talon Minten, 21t Taylor Florio, 51 Earl Ingram, 04 Nathan Robbins, 66m Mitchell Morrison, 41 Chad Hughes


Delevan Ends Dry Spell

Killeen's Peter Delevan ended a long dry spell between wins picking up his first ever IMCA Stock Car checkers. Delevan was in the right spot at the right time on the final lap to capitalize on the misfortune of race-long leader Robin Batt. Delevan only lead about ¼ of a lap, but that was all he needed to score the victory.


The IMCA Stock Car feature started with CJ Gray leading into turn 1 chased by R. Batt and three wide fight between Delevan, Jason Batt and Joe O'Bryan. J. Batt came out of that scrap, while R. Batt was getting the top spot from Gray on lap 2. J. Batt closed on his wife Robin, but cut a right front tire ending his night early.


O'Bryan took up the charge pressuring R. Batt at halfway with Delevan, Gray and Ken Plonsky in the top five. While O'Bryan tried to find a way around R. Batt, Delevan was cutting into the gap finally running them down on lap 13 with the trio now nose to tail.


Delevan moved to the middle groove with R. Batt and O'Bryan running the bottom. As the white waved, Delevan was along side O'Bryan going down the back stretch. R. Batt had trouble strike in turn 3 when she broke a tie rod, and spun, giving Delevan a clean shot off turn 4 to grab the win in the Danny's Transmissions, Dara Lynn-Scentsy, Garvin Machine Shop powered, Kryptonite Chassis.


I was a little hesitant if I could get by them on the last lap, said Delevan. It's been a long time I've been in the Winner Circle. My last win was in Thunder Stocks back at Texas Thunder Speedway in 2004. It took me a while to run them down after I got hung behind Jason(Batt) when he had a flat tire. I noticed I was gaining more and more as each lap went by. When I finally caught I knew I had a chance.


We can do a lot more with these cars than a Thunder Stock. These cars we can control each spring with a weight jack and the brake bias. I run Waco(Heart O Texas) on Friday, but I'm struggling there. The car is set up good for here, but there I can't keep the left front on the ground. I'm still working on set up for that track.


I get a lot of help from my crew guys, Bill Hall who isn't here due to a back injury and Ricks Adams.


IMCA Stock Car

98 Peter Delevan, 14 Joe O'Bryan, 4k Ken Plonsky, 17d Dean Priem, 38 Daniel Shipler, 3 Robin Batt, 9 Jason Batt, 23 CJ Gray---DQ(tech), 14j Jay Simon III---DNS


IMCA Stock Car Heat

Heat 1; 14 Joe O'Bryan, 9 Jason Batt, 98 Peter Delevan, 3 Robin Batt, 23 CJ Gray, 17d Dean Priem, 4k Ken Plonsky, 14j Jay Simon II, 38 Daniel Shipler


Roller Wires Hobby Stock Field

Waco's Andy Roller racked up another IMCA Hobby Stock feature win going flag to flag in the 15-lap event. Roller got out front from the pole on green trailed by Patricia Lucas, Jeremy Oliver, Sean Burnett and AJ Dancer. Oliver quickly moved in behind Roller with Dancer following to third. Roller, Oliver and Dancer were nose to tail after a mid-race restart with Hayden Wade and Matthew Bice rounding out the top five.


As the laps clicked off, Roller using the bottom again, was able to inch away from Oliver who had put some distance on Dancer. At the checkers it was Roller in the Howards Automatic Transmission, Southwest Maintenance, Ben's Boat Repair, J&J Carbs, Lambs Muffler, Demon Decals, A&J Custom Paint, Crate powered, Charger Chassis scoring the victory.


I got lucky on the start when two guys in front of me pulled off. replied Roller. We got the lead on lap 1 and I felt pretty good. Under the first caution, Jeremy(Oliver) gave a little tap so I thought, oh boy, he's there. I never felt him again though. The car has been great and I hit my marks. It's doing everything I want it to on dry or tacky.


This is three wins in a row here. I don't think I've ever done that. I may have done it in Killeen once before. Having problems with a $15 fuel pump opening night is the only blemish on my record. I got a win last weekend at Stephenville. My Saturday night program is good, but my Friday program needs some serious help.


I have to change the gear from Waco to here. I have two different gears for each track. I put in the gear for a heavy track here after all the rain we've had. I figured there was no way this track would go dry like it did.


It was a good, fun race. I'm happy we got the car count up some to a dozen cars. I really hope we get some more. I have to thank my wife, she's my biggest supporter and with me every night.


IMCA Hobby Stock

63 Andy Roller, 82 Jeremy Oliver, 52 AJ Dancer, 8w Hayden Wade, 38 Matthew Bice, 528 Stephanie Henderson, 09 David Shed, 22 Patricia Lucas, 8 Max Brazeal, 96 Bobby Sheets, 57 Sean Burnett, 7 Michael Crisler


IMCA Hobby Stock Heats

Heat 1; 63 Andy Roller, 38 Matthew Bice, 57 Sean Burnett, 22 Patricia Lucas, 8; Max Brazeal, 7 Michael Crisler


Heat 2; 82 Jeremy Oliver, 52 AJ Dancer, 8w3 Hayden Wade, 528 Stephanie Henderson, 09 David Shed, 96 Bobby Sheets


Stewart Strikes for Street Stock Win

Heath Stewart(Austin) worked his way up from his fourth row starting spot to get the lead from Anthony Gordon just before halfway. From there Stewart in the MCG Graphics, Direct Propane Services, Chevy eased away from Tommy Gural and Gordon to complete the night with a checkered flag.


Tracy Tschoerner was first out of the gate as a 21-car field of Street Stock started the 20-lapper. Following Tr. Tschoerner were Gordon, Jeff O'Neill, Jeff Shultea and Stewart. Gordon got under Tr. Tschoerner on lap 1 and got out front on lap 2 while Stewart moved to fourth. A multi-car tangle in turn 4 slowed the action.


On the restart Tr. Tschoerner slipped high in turn 4 giving Stewart and Gural an opening to pick up second and third. Gordon, Stewart and Gural ran nose to tail while Tr. Tschoerner and O'Neill swapped fourth. As they battled Terry Tschoerner moved in on both. Stewart and Gordon were side by side on lap 7 with Stewart getting the point on lap 8.


Gural was next to get by Gordon for second while Te. Tschoerner got by O'Neill for fifth. The two former pavement racers, Stewart and Gural, quickly put some distance on Gordon after halfway. In the final five laps Stewart was able to increase his gap over Gural going unchallenged to the checkers.


CBS Street Stock

2 Heath Stewart, 9 Tommy Gural, 22m Anthony Gordon, 14 Terry Tschoerner, 01t Tracy Tschoerner, 03w Jeff O'Neill, 28 Leland Waddell, 173 David Khoury, 7tTim Sikorsky, 09 Gerald Johnson, 12r Randy Weatherford, 29w Mark Warren, 6m Mark Gallagher, 0 Tim Carman, 26 Steve Phillips, 22 Gary Harris, 7 Brian Kubiak, 74 Lewis Blackwood, 97 Jeff Shultea, 82 Dwayne Markgraf, 40 Mike Lyon


CBS Street Stock Heats

Heat 1; 2 Heath Stewart, 9 Tommy Gural, 14/01 Terry Tschoerner, 03w Jeff O'Neill, 173 David Khoury, 26 Steve Phillips,28 Leland Waddell, 82 Dwayne Markgraf


Heat 2; 40 Mike Lyon, 29w Mark Warren, 09 Gerald Johnson, 6m Mark Gallagher, 12m Randy Weatherford, 74 Lewis Blackwood, 7 Brian Kubiak


Heat 3; 22m Anthony Gordon, 01t Tracy Tschoerner, 97 Jeff Shultea, 22 Gary Harris, 7t Tim Sikorski, 0 Tim Carmen


The Eco-stock feature saw the winner determined after the races on the tech pad. Ronnie Ellis, who got past early leader Alyson Dorken, was first across the finish line, but failed tech inspection giving the victory to Daniel Zajac. Zajac got by Dorken near midway, while Brian Bagent rebounded from a heat race crash into the top five.




42 Daniel Zajac, 43 Alyson Dorken, 45 Brian Bagent, 57x James Samford, ob1 Brandy Petty, 59 Rick Saupp, 6 Jason Miller, 61 Alexa Shed, 4 Bill Hall, 113 Tiffani Burnett, 3 Scott Blauen, 114x Ronnie Ellis---DQ(tech)


Eco-Stock Heat Winners; 114x Ronnie Ellis, 42 Daniel Zajac


Eight-year old Kole Weir once again swept the night in the Go-Karts taking both heats and the feature. Weir had no issues with lapped traffic this weekend easily slicing through slower car on his way to the win in the KSG Motorsports, Do-Nut Designs, QRC Chassis, sponsored by mom and dad.



11 Kole Weir, 777 PJ Egbert III, 77 Luke Bauser, 43 Caden Petty, 78 Ryder Egbert, 1 Jaxson White, 14 Jeffery Bauser, 717l Landon Egbert, v18 Kaleb Merritt


Go-Kart heat winners; 11 Kole Weir(2)

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