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Need it gone


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James and I had several inquiries from folks interested in perhaps obtaining a Lone Star Legacy car at the CTS event this past weekend (July 18).


Lcherry: At least one person has contacted you about buying your Legacy, but never heard back from you. Are you still interested in selling the car?


kellyracing01: We thought you might be running your Legacy with us, but if you are interested in selling it instead, please post something to let folks know.


direct-flo: It's hard to understand why your twin Legacys have not sold. I am aware that there have been folks trying to check in with you, but they still seem to be for sale.



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I still have two cars available as I purchased another one after Mr. Leslie purchased my other car I'm keeping one but if you have someone looking for one have them call me. I'm gonna keep on in hopes that the legacys will return to Houston. But the other I will sell as that deal has fell thru.


Nick or James please feel free to give them my number


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