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South Texas Speedway

Racing Friday Night at South Texas Speedway

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To All,


Due to the 80% chance of rain forecast for Saturday we are being forced to move our event to Friday night. Races will start at 8pm. This will be a no points weekend. All classes are welcome. More details below:


Payout will be unchanged

The stands will be open at a discounted rate of $5 per person.

The bar will be open selling beer.

The concession stand may not be open or will be limited to a few items.

Hot laps at 6:30pm

Drivers meeting at 7:30pm

Heats at 8pm (large heats if necessary to keep the races moving)

A's directly after heats

No Go-Karts (We will reschedule you to another date to give you all some time)


I am lacking two scorers, If you would like to volunteer please let me know.


Thank you for your understanding. We cannot have another rain out. I am trying to find a way to get cars and people in the stands.


Ken Hobbs


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Where are you seeing 80%? NOAA is showing 30%. Weather underground has less than 50% around noon.

Edited by outlaw

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johnny are you going to be running any LLM this year?

Maybe once or twice but that's about it....Maybe if I just focus on the limited mod this year I could actually win some races in it....that would be nice lol

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my llm probably needs new front clip so I will be out for awhile.

That suxs man was hoping to see a good race from you and drew till turn 1 became the checkered flag...on the 1st lap...guess need to start the race there instead of turn 4...

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