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2015 TPS RULES are ready


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FINAL UPDATED 2015 TPS Rules & Specifications are posted

The Texas Pro Sedan series 2015 TPS Rules & Specifications have been completed. The updated version is posted on

The printed version of 2015 TPS Rules will be distributed at the Texas Pro Sedans annual Awards Dinner on Sunday, January 25, 2105, 3:00-6:00pm at the Little Red Barn in San Antonio. (Complete TPS Awards Dinner information is posted in this forum in another topic).

Texas Pro Sedans Race Director David Mackey said “shortly after Race #9 at Central Texas Speedway, we have been researching the performance of TPS cars and the rules which regulated them during our last racing season to determine any needs. I’ve been working with the TPS Publications Office Director Neil Upchurch to finalize the 2015 Texas Pro Sedan Rules & Specifications. I am pleased to announce the TPS Rules for next season are available to TPS members”.

The 2015 Texas Pro Sedans Membership Application Form is also posted on www.texasprosedans.com
It may be printed and filed for renewal or new TPS membership by neatly completing the form and mailing it to:

David Mackey
Race Director, Texas Pro Sedans
c/o 720 Shiny Rock Drive
Austin, Texas 78748

For further information call after 6:00pm - 512/280-4869

Or e-mail: d.mackey84@yahoo.com

This News Release was edited, updated and reposted by the Texas Pro Sedans Publications Office Director

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Well that's nice looks like i can pull that little 2300 short block an ask Santa Claus for a 2.5 to put in my slow little Mustang!

my thought also ..kinda threw me there can it be bored out ,, weight rule if i didnt miss it shows min of 2300 lbs ....and your mustang is not slow . i guess the change was cuz of the newer cars wanting to race ...lol..ill go back and read it again.

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