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$7500-to-win B-Mod Nationals set for Humboldt Speedway


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$7500 to Win B-Mod Nationals Set for Humboldt Speedway

Geary, Oklahoma December 8, 2014 - Humboldt Speedway in Humboldt, Kansas is proud to announce the inaugural Battle of the Bullring B-Mod Nationals will kick off the 2015 race season from Wednesday through Saturday night, March 11-14, 2015.

The top B-Mod drivers throughout the region will embark on The Hummer and Saturday nights championship feature finale top prize of $7500 with all drivers starting the twenty car finale receiving $750.

The following divisions will be allowed to run during this event and no mixing or matching of the following rules. There will be pre-race tech and drivers must specify which rules package they will utilize:

1) WISSOTA Midwest Mod 2015 rules no rear spoilers

2) USRA B-Mod 2015 rules

3) IMCA Northern Sport Mod rules with a Maximum of 3 inch rear spoiler, may have same spoiler sides on car 2015 rules

4) IMCA Southern Sport Mod rules, maximum 6 inch rear spoiler, may leave same spoiler sides on car, 2015 rules and must run stamped Hoosier 500

5) NCRA Sport Mod Rules with maximum 6 inch rear spoiler, may leave same spoiler sides on car. 2015 rules apply

6) 2015 Springfield race rules

Drivers MUST pre-enter for this event as only pre-entry is accepted. B-Mod pre-entry is $150 and must be received before February 25, 2015 or you will not race. No post dated checks will be accepted.

There is a strict set of eligibility rules drivers must meet to be compete during the inaugural Battle of the Bullring B-Mod Nationals and they, as well as complete payout, rules and entry form can be found on the tracks official website www.humboldtspeedway.com.

If you have looked at all the rules and have any further questions please call Ryan Whitworth (620) 433-7180 or Carl Flowers (785) 640-6104.

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