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5th Annual South Texas Shootout @ South Texas Speedway, Sat updates


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Quick update on drivers in last nights crash; Kris Rye released from hospital, but very sore, especially his back. Chuck Perry, sore and will only run one class tonight(Pure/Factory Stock), Dustin Butcher was alright in the pits after the race and Johnny Torres was alright and I believe running the Street Stock tonight.

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Pure Stock/Factory Stock B-Qualifiers(top 9 to A-main)

B-Qualifier 1

11x Jon Howerton

4 Curtis King

9s Jarrett Payton

00L Lucas Cowan

62v Roy Vestal

72 James Jennings

99 Tommy Temple

66 Adam Torres

1k Kevin Miller

4m Gary McDonnell

01 Joseph Snow

54 Tommy Miller

11 KC Jimerson

9 Rick Snyder

19 Daniel Duncan---DNS

5* Josh Spurlock---DNS

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Limited Modified B-Qualifiers(top 6 to A-main)

B-main 1

bd2 JJ Jennings

19 Bubba Seals

5w John Whittington

95 Gabe Tucker

56 Broc Bowen

5r Robby Minten

74 John Sliney

518 Stephen Davis

11t Tom Grothues

14x Bryan Hay

24 Chris Burnett

10 Dustin Robinson

12v Cody Leonard

53 Edward Oakes

174 Mickey Helms

14 Kelly Lockey---DNS

79 David Meredith---DNS

12* Josh Ferguson---DNS

420 Eric Cegielski---DNS

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B-main 2

31 Cody Smith

9 Shane Hebert

87m Lawrence Mikulencak

63 Shane Hoefling

83k Trevor Egbert

88 Dustin Shoemaker

260 Eric Thorne(-2 jumping start)

37 Bill Pittaway

91 Craig Oakes(-2 jumping start)

563 James Lee

118 Robby Crabtree

29 Billy Becka

76 Jeff Rowland

44 Topper Dugas

b52 Brandon Hightower

47 Justin McCullough---rolled(soft)

26b John Bonneau---DNS

bd1 Johnny Torres---DNS

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Street Stocks A-Main

9m Marcus Mikulencak

34 Greg Carlucci jr.

17 Johnny Torres

t9 Steven Doty

8 TJ Sullivan

184 Brian Rye

11 Shawn Kline

88 DJ Schroat

7c Justin Romine

127 Jerry Walters

1x Tim Dickman

84 Nathan Sturtz

w68 Michale Pesch

42 Curtis King

12 James Wofford

4 Robert Wyman

33 Mereda Major

k94 Clayton Carter---DNS

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