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Scott, Perry score S. Tx. Shootout qualifiers, Rye wins Street Stocks

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5th Annual South Texas Shootout @ South Texas Speedway, 12/5-6/14


By JM Hallas

Corpus Christi, TX.,(Dec. 5th, 2014) As the year comes to an end South Texas Speedway hosted one final big show to complete the Texas racing season. Drivers from all across the mid-south converged on the semi-banked, 1/4 mile, dirt track to try their hand competing for the big purse. In all, 124 racers from 4 states(Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico) signed in for the event. This years impressive list of combatants included several track champions and touring series hotshoes.

This years South Texas Shootout, the fifth one at the track, offered Limited Modifieds $5,050 to win, with the Pure Stock/Factory Stock winner taking home two grand and the Street Stocks racing for $500 to win each night in separate shows.

Friday night included heat races, B-mains and an A-qualifying feature locking in 6 for Saturday nights big money finales in Limited Modifieds and Pure/Factory Stocks. Street Stocks ran heats and an A-main for their show.

Scott Scoots to Limited Modified Main
Johnny Scott(Las Cruces, NM.), driving the Cottrell Motorsports back up car of Steve Whiteaker, learned quick on wheeling a Limited Modified to the A-Qualifier win. Scott, who's usually in his USMTS Modified, started on the pole and led early. Giving up the top spot briefly to Tracy Denby jr., Scott regained the position and pulled away to lock himself in for Saturday nights big money A-main.

Scott beat Roly Rodriguez from the outside front row into turn 1 for the lead of the 26-car, 25-lap event. Dean Abbey got past Rodriguez for second while Josh Ferguson, Robby Crabtree and GW Egbert battled for fourth. Abbey made an early run on Scott, to no avail, while Rodriguez faded giving up spots Ferguson, Egbert, David Lege jr. and Shane Hebert.

Just as the top two began to break away the race was halted for a vicious, high-speed crash on the front stretch. In mid-pack, Kris Rye appeared to jump wheels with another car turning him into the wall. As he careened off the wall, Dustin Butcher, with nowhere to go, caught K. Rye sending him barrel rolling down the track. Johnny Torres got hooked and turned, ending with the left front on the wall while Chuck Perry slammed into Butcher.

Several other cars suffered some damage, but at least three cars are total write offs. K. Rye was examined in the ambulance before being transported to the hospital complaining of a sore back. Fortunately the car and drivers safety gear did it job, and emergency crews were on the scene quickly.

On the ensuing restart, Ferguson, Hebert and Edward Oakes tried to enter turn 1 three abreast. The outcome was E. Oakes getting pinched and spinning to the infield. Once the green waved again, Egbert got around Abbey for second, followed by Denby to third.

As the top five sorted out, Whiteaker and Hebert were side by side for sixth.
The two ended up making contact sending Whiteaker around, and Hebert to the tail for the contact. Denby got a huge jump on the restart getting by Scott to lead lap 10. At halfway it was Denby, Scott, Egbert, Lege and Abbey in the top five.

As Denby and Scott eased away, Whiteaker was knocking on the rear bumper of Abbey for fifth. After looks high and low, Whiteaker finally made his way around Abbey. Meanwhile up front Scott was on Denby and retook the top spot on lap 18.

Shane Hoefling made a charge on both Abbey and Whiteaker, but over drove turn 3 and got sideways in turn 4. A nudge by Whiteaker straightened him back out, but Abbey had retaken the spot, but only briefly. As the white flag waved, Scott had motored away from the field in the Cottrell Motorsports, WW Bodies, Swenson Race Products, Hughes by 89 Chassis to snag the win.

Limited Modifieds A-Qualifier(top 6 locked in for Saturday night)
1st Johnny Scott, 15 Tracy Denby jr., 70 GW Egbert, 9L David Lege jr., 89c Steve Whiteaker jr., 26 Dean Abbey, 63 Shane Hoefling, 5w John Whittington, 118 Robby Crabtree, 23 Howard Willis, 187 Billy Melton, 76 Jeff Rowland, 19 Bubba Seals, 12* Josh Ferguson, 12r Roly Rodriguez, 53 Edward Oakes, 74 John Sliney, 91 Craig Oakes , 14 Kelly Lockey, 9 Shane Hebert, 4$ Kris Rye, bd1 Johnny Torres, 90k Dustin Butcher, 115 Chuck Perry, 58x Hunter Flanagan, bd2 JJ Jennings

Limited Modified B-mains(top 5 to A-Qualifier)
B-main 1; 118 Robby Crabtree, 4$ Kris Rye, 63 Shane Hoefling, 5w John Whittington, 58x Hunter Flanagan, 6 GW Hessong, 301 Joel Couvillion, 260 Erik Thorne, 12 Cody Leonard, 41 Darrin Blake, 2r Ray Schaalman, 11t Tom Grothues, 44 Topper Dugas, 175 Bo Beckner, 83k Trevor Egbert---DNS, 49 Rob Slott---DNS

B-main 2; 187 Billy Melton, 74 John Sliney, 14 Kelly Lockey, 53 Edward Oakes, bd2 JJ Jennings, 88 Dustin Shoemaker, 87 John Webb, 57 Dale Flanagan, 174 Mickey Helms, 101 Tanner Whitmire, 14x Bryan Hay, 184 Brian Rye, 87m Lawrence Mikulencak, 518 Stephen Davis, 420 Eric Cegielski

B-main 3
; 9L David Lege jr., 89 Steve Whitaker jr., bd1 Johnny Torres, 19 Bubba Seals, 23 Howard Willis, 5r Robby Minten, 78 Jason Tiner, 10 Dustin Robinson, 99 Randy Lovell, 86j Travis Johnson, 94 Nick Hardcastle, 29m Michael Brown, 26b John Bonneau---DNS, 38 David Schurry---DNS, 48m Max Calles---DNS

B-main 4; 9 Shane Hebert, 15 Tracy Denby jr, 90 Dustin Butcher, 115 Chuck Perry, 91 Craig Oakes, 563 James Lee, 29 Billy Becka, 79 David Meredith, b52 Brandon Hightower, 61 Brandon Behler, 95 Gabe Tucker, 56 Broc Bowen, 37 Bill Pittaway, 47 Justin McCullough

Limited Modified heats(winners to A-qualifier)
Heat 1; 1st Johnny Scott, 4$ Kris Rye, 94 Nick Hardcastle, 58x Hunter Flanagan, 10 Dustin Robinson, 260 Erik Thorne, 78 Jason Tiner, 41 Darrin Blake, 23 Howard Willis, 2r Ray Schaalman, 83k Trevor Egbert, 48m Max Calles

Heat 2; 12r Roly Rodriguez, 74s John Sliney, b52 Brandon Hightower, 187 Billy Melton, 115 Chuck Perry, 88 Dustin Shoemaker, 91 Craig Oakes, 420 Eric Cegielski, 15 Tracey Denby jr., 87m Lawrence Mikulencak, 31 Cody Smith

Heat 3
12* Josh Ferguson, 9L David Lege jr., 6 GW Hessong, 86j Travis Johnson, 44 Topper Dugas, 5w John Whittington, 38 David Schurry, 11t Tom Grotheus, 5r Robby Minten, 99 Randy Lovell, 12 Cody Leonard---DNS

Heat 4; 26 Dean Abbey, 9 Shane Hebert, 184 Brian Rye, 563 James Lee, 87 John Webb, 29 Billy Becka, 101 Tanner Whitmire, 95 Gabe Tucker, 14 Kelly Lockey, 79 David Meredith, 53 Edward Oakes

Heat 5
76 Jeff Rowland, 118 Robby Crabtree, bd1 Johnny Torres, 49 Rob Slott, 19; Bubba Seals, 63 Shane Hoefling, 29m Michael Brown, 175 Bo Beckner, 89 Steve Whiteaker jr, 26b John Bonneau, 301 Joel Couvillion

Heat 6; 70 GW Egbert, 174 Mickey Helms, 90 Dustin Butcher, bd2 JJ Jennings, 56 Broc Bowen, 14x Bryan Hay, 61 Brandon Behler, 518 Steven Davis, 37 Bill Pittaway, 57 Dale Flanagan, 47 Justin McCullough

Rye Races to Street Stock Payday
Corpus driver, Brian Rye picked up the winners share of the 16-car, 20-lap Street Stock feature purse. B. Rye took over from early leader Curtis King after halfway. King had jumped out front and retained his spot after being spun by Stephen Doty. Kings car was never the same as he gave up the lead to B. Rye before spinning on his own. B. Rye held off Shawn Kline in the final stages for the victory.

King beat Doty into turn 1 at the start trailed by B. Rye, with Chuck Perry and Kline side by side for fourth. After two quick cautions, Marcus Mikulencak got by Perry for fifth. Up front it was Doty keeping the heat on King for the lead. Lap 9 saw Mikulencak, Kline and B. Rye three wide until Mikulencak had problems, slowing and collecting Kline for a yellow.

Once back to green B. Rye and Doty were side by side for second while Greg Carlucci jr. grabbed fifth from Torres. As the battled side by side, Doty clipped the leader King, sending him around. Doty was sent to back and King put back on point.

Kings car was vulnerable on the restart and B. Rye jumped on the opening for the lead on lap 14. Kline took second from King while Doty made his way back up to sixth. Kings troubles were compounded when he spun on lap 16. B. Rye and Kline got clear of Torres who retook third from Carlucci. Kline gave it a try but came up short as B. Rye in the SBG Racing, Preston's Auto Clinic, Penny Fab, Camaro scored the win.

Street Stocks A-main
184 Brian Rye, 11 Shawn Kline, 17 Johnny Torres, 34 Greg Carlucci jr., t9 Stephen Doty, 88 DJ Schroat, 42 Curtis King, w68 Michaela Pesch, 7c Justin Romine, 1x Tim Dickman, 33 Barry Major, 84 Nathan Sturtz, 9m Marcus Mikulencak, 15 Chuck Perry, 12 James Wofford, 127 Jerry Walters, 4 Robert Wyman---DNS, k94 Clayton Carter---DNS

Street Stock heats
Heat 1; 42 Curtis King, 11 Shawn Kline, 9m Marcus Mikulencak, 17 Johnny Torres, w68 Michale Pesch, 4 Robert Wyman, 33 Mereda Major, 7c Justin Romine,, 127 Jerry Walters

Heat 2; T9 Steven Doty, 184 Brian Rye, 15 Chuck Perry, 34 Greg Carlucci jr., k94 Clayton Carter, 88 DJ Schroat, 12 James Wofford, 84 Nathan Sturtz, 1x Tim Dickman

Perry Pounces on Pure Stock Field
Doing triple duty, Chuck Perry(Corpus Christi) had one reason to be excited after the night was over. Perry, who destroyed his Limited Modified and had a poor finish in the Street Stocks lead nearly the entire 25 laps in the Pure Stock A-Qualifier. Perry snagged the lead from Mickey Helms on lap 3 and then held the field at bay. Helms gave him at a run at the end but came up short with Perry first to the checkers.

Helms grabbed the top spot off turn 2 as the 23-car field took the green. Perry fell in line second followed by Jacob Wilburn, Dylan Elasko and Colt Beaver. After a quick yellow for a stall by Ryan Slott, Perry got past Helms for the lead while Elasko and Wilburn were door to door for third.

Thomas Downey and Joseph Snow both put Kevin Meyer back and were side by side as they caught Beaver for fifth. The three slugged it out while Helms was hanging on to Perry's bumper. Perry was able to break free of Helms coming to halfway with Elasko, Wilburn and Beaver rounding out the top five when caution waved for debris.

Perry got a good restart leaving Helms in his wake while Glynn Barber jr., Chase Bresee and Jamie Dear ran three wide. Dear would retire a few laps later after blowing up his transmission. After a couple cautions/restarts Perry was holding off Helms as Bresee and Barber raced for the transfer. Elasko tried to pick up second from Helms but gave up a spot to Wilburn while Perry was taking the checkers.

Pure Stock/Factory Stock A-Qualifier(top 6 locked in for Saturday, inside row)
6 Chuck Perry, 32 Mickey Helms, 25 Jacob Wilburn, 41 Dylan Elasko, 20x Colt Beaver, 171 Chase Bresee, 1 Glynn Barber jr., 00L Lucas Cowan, 7 Jesse Sandoval, 22 Cody Bradshaw, 72 James Jennings, 9s Jarrett Payton, 99 Tommy Temple, 73 John Ramirez, 44 Thomas Downey, 15d Jamie Dear, 84 Alaina Smith, 19 Daniel Duncan, 01 Joseph Snow, 54 Tommy Miller, 1k Kevin Meyer, 49 Ryan Slott, 10c Jamie Campbell---DNTG, 66 Adam Torres---DNS, 9 Rick Snyder---DNS

Pure Stock/Factory Stock B-main(top 7 to A-Qualifier)
B-main 1; 15d Jamie Dear, 20x Colt Beaver, 1 Glynn Barber jr, 10c Jamie Campbell, 54 Tommy Miller, 22 Cody Bradshaw, 66 Adam Torres, 2v Roy Vestal, 74 Travis Schmidt, 44e Lee Eyler, 21 Eric Ramos---DNS, 57 Bobby Jack---DNS, 58 Josh Spurlock---DNS

B-main 2; 41 Dylan Elasko, 01 Joseph Snow, 99 Tommy Temple, 84 Alaina Smith, 171 Chase Bresee, 9s Jarrett Payton, 73 John Ramirez, 20 Michael Courtney, 71 Shayne Sturtz, 19v Nick Vandiver, 4 Curtis King

B-main 3; 49 Ryan Slott, 44 Thomas Downey, 7 Jesse Sandoval, 19 Daniel Duncan, 72 James Jennings, 00 Lucas Cowan, 9 Rick Snyder, 11 KC Jimerson, 33 Barry Major, 4m Gary McDonnell, bd4 Cheryl Gray, 11x Jon Howerton, 58 Hunter Flanagan

Pure Stock/Factory Stock heats(winners to A-Qualifier)
Heat 1; 32 Mickey Helms, 20x Colt Beaver, 99 Tommy Temple, bd4 Cheryl Gray, 22 Cody Bradshaw, 72 James Jennings, 7 Jesse Sandoval, 21 Eric Ramos, 4 Curtis King, 44e Lee Eyler

Heat 2; 1k Kevin Meyer, 84 Alaina Smith, 49 Ryan Slott, 74 Travis Schmidt, 20 Michael Courtney, 4m Gary McDonnell, 62v Roy Vestal, 58 Hunter Flanagan, 9s Jarrett Payton, 5* Josh Spurlock

Heat 3; 6p Chuck Perry, 00L Lucas Cowan, 1 Glynn Barber jr., 41 Dylan Elasko, 44 Thomas Downey, 10c Jamie Campbell, 71 Shanye Sturtz, 33 Barry Major, 66 Adam Torres, 73 John Ramirez

Heat 4; 25 Jacob Wilburn, 15d Jamie Dear, 01 Joseph Snow, 11 Shawn Kline, 54 Tommy Miller, 19v Nick Vandiver, 19 Daniel Duncan, 57 Bobby Jack, 171 Chase Bresee, 11x Jon Howerton

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