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XSAN Shootout Coverage


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I bought XSan for this race. It was awesome while it was working but that was not very much of time in my case. I tried to use the iPad last night. I will use laptop tonight to see if that improves. Really frustrating when the feed cuts off continually.


This would be a great tool for tracks to go back and review the replay and see the race from fans view. It gave me a new prospective for sure. When you are at the track, we are conditioned for down time and delays, not so much when you are viewing a screen waiting for things to happen (kind of like

Fans with kids). I found myself asking "what are they doing" and "why another yellow" over and over.


Was fun to be able to see the racing instead of waiting on text and calls with race reports.

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Well Nick, it was interesting hearing your son call my daughter's name, 2nd Place in her group. By the way, he just got a reward for being the emcee third year in a row. Now, let's enjoy some racing!

Alan's a good man. He grew up in the pits at San Antonio Speedway and has some racing in his blood. Just that his schedule is a bit weird with the hours he works to keep the world up to date on the weather.


He loves to get out to the schools and community events and loves living in CC.


Next time you see him, introduce yourself.



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