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South Texas Shootout Update


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We have had a great response so far. I am hearing we are going to have a good turn out, including cars that have never been to South Texas Speedway before. We should have well over 110 cars. I just wanted to update everyone on a few things.


First: We will be giving away a Brand new Remington Shotgun with engraving to both the Southern Sport Mod and Pure Stock winners.


Second: We are about to close the registration online. If you choose to register late there will be a $25 late fee added. ($125 for Southern Sport Mod) ($100 for pure stocks) Please save money and register online at www.stxspeedwayracing.com


Third: We will have the drivers meeting at 4pm on Saturday. Hot Laps will start at 4:30pm. We are starting early to make sure our out of towners have time to get home safely.


Fourth: The practice on Thursday will be from 6pm to 10pm. The cost is $25.00. However if you are over twenty one we will give you a ticket for one free beer during the Legal Limit concert.


Fifth: We will have some fuel and a parts trailer on site during the weekend.


Sixth: This is a big weekend for South Texas Speedway. People will be watching on the internet from all over the state and more. The way we act on and off the track will set our reputation. Lets all try to do the best we can to have fun and have a great South Texas Shootout.


I appreciate all of your support and look forward to seeing you all again.


Ken Hobbs

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So far, so good. It was overcast but a brief very light sprinkle on me today in Portland, not even enough for the wipers. A little cool today and forecast low mid 50s, but at STS it'll feel colder. But Sunny and dry if we get through tomorrow (didn't ever look like rain today).

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Hi Ken,

Tim is sooo pleased about how many cars you have registered...GREAT!,, but no where on ur site is there any info bout spectators..like how $$$$ what time gates open tomorrow...i see ur starting early on sat...4:30 .....

u mite want to let ur fans know all the info there is to date...looks like there may be some sprinkles, but sprinkles never stopped a race before...rite?...lol

Tim says ...see u morrow nite at ?????

on behalf of Tim Smith

His wife


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