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Stolen body shop tools from LSSZ member in Portland, TX


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Ivan Winingham, who drives the #46 Grand Stock at CTS (it's the Mopar) has a body shop in Portland, TX, that was broken into last Monday. Be on the lookout for this stuff.


This is from Ivan:


Some scumbag/scumbags broke into my shop on the night of 11/17/14 (Monday night) and stole all my technicians tools and my painters spray guns.


They hit us hard. These are all the latest and greatest Snap-On and Mac tools plus a collection of 50 plus years of body tools and brand new Water Base paint guns.


They tore my guys Snap-On roll away tool boxed to shreds to gain access so it wasn't only the tools loss. They not only tore up and stole property but they took the livelihood of families away------for what, drugs? the meanness off doing it? just plain being a bad person?

I will personally pay $1,000.00 for the information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person/persons involved in this break in.

My Body Shop is AL Willeford Chevrolet in Portland Texas. My work number is (361)643-5056 and my cell is (361)876-0020. Just like crime stoppers I'm not looking for your name - just information leading to the arrest and conviction of the scum.

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