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Just wanted to give a thanks to James Huff, Nick Holt and CTS. Thanks for giving us a place and series to run our cars and get them out of the dungeon. Even though the car count may not have been what we wanted I had fun at every race and enjoyed just being at the track. I appreciate all the hard work and investment yall have put in to get us where we are with the potential of possibly doubling average car count for next year. Great accomplishment I would say.


Gotta give a huge thanks to Bob Riley for allowing me and fellow team mates to pilot his cars on Saturday night. Would not be in this picture at all if it wasn't for him! Can't say thank you enough for everything you do racing related or not.


Thank you too Mrs Huff for the beautiful trophies, they look great on the wall :).


Can't wait for next season.


See yall on the 22nd!



Driver 01

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