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Attention All Drivers!

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It is my duty to inform all TALMS drivers, past, current and future as well as all it's fans and participants that all information gathering that has been going on as of late, is all being done for POSSIBLE rule changes next year.


These POSSIBLE rule changes are being looked at for the improvement of this series and adding new drivers as well as past drivers no longer competing, to join us for 2015.


It is no secret that the Southern SportMod aka Limited Modified is used primarily for dirt, so to ensure the survival of this series, measures are being looked at to make it easier for these cars that primarily run on dirt to be easily changed, with minimal effort and money to do so.


These possible rule changes will also allow drivers who exclusively run the TALMS series to race their car at any dirt events if they so choose, thus increasing their flexibility as a racer and possibility to win money and hopefully eliminating the need for drivers that do want to run both dirt and asphalt, the need to fund 2 seperate cars.


This is a win-win situation for EVERYONE involved and should in no way be viewed as an act to single out any driver in particular.


The desire to increase car count is vital for the series to continue to grow and attract new drivers as well as sponsors which possibly in return could increase contingencies as well as race and points championship purses.


No decisions will be made on any POSSIBLE rule changes until a couple weeks after the conclusion of the current season, so that there may be time to carefully consider all angles to improve the series and keep it competitive and be respectful to it's current drivers that support TALMS.


These POSSIBLE rule changes if decided upon will be made as quickly as possible though, to allow time for any drivers that MIGHT need to make changes to do so, with the maximum amount of time as possible out of respect for it's competitors.


Thank you very much and see you in Kyle for the TALMS season finale.

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