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REVISED Central Texas Speedway hourly schedule, Saturday, 11/8/2014


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Just saw this on FB.


"Attention CTS drivers and race fans!! We are a GO for this Saturday! We did however have to make some changes to the class schedule.

Here is what it will look like this Saturday

6:00 Opening Ceremonies
Dwarf Feature 25 Laps
Truck Feature 35 Laps
Pro Late Model Feature 50 Laps
Magnum Trailers/ Wild Child Motorsports Pro Modified Feature 50 Laps A-Line Super Street Stock Feature 25 Laps
TALMS Feature 30 Laps Sport Compact Feature 20
Laps Fox's Pizza Den Grand Stocks Feature 20 Laps
A-Line Texas Pro Sedans Feature 25 Laps

What about practice? Friday practice or the saturday scheduled practice times?

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It is coming yes this will be the line up we have had to change some stuff up with really soggy pits, not lots of sun coming and cooler temps forecastsed we are modifying rather than calling the show off.

Full revised will be up shortly.

Thanks for your understanding folks.

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well now just picked up some slicks to move the grandstock up to the super street race and now that may not happen .went from five races between the grand and supers to two races after the supers ...its one thing to move up .its another to move down ....we want to finish our season with the grands and try to see how moving up may work ...dont know how the track or grands wlll feel with the reversed move if we can run both .

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changing tires isnt going to be a problem .they are mounted now ..the issue would be...cooling the motor down if needed ..the track saying it is ok ...the drivers from grandstocks not giving the track or us alot of grief ..that plays a factor .......not mad with the track here just thrown a curve ball and know the tracks has to adjust where they think it is needed ...either way we are going to race atleast one of em ..

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