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DIRTcar Racing Announces Uniform Rules For UMP Pro-Modified Division


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DIRTcar Racing Announces Uniform Rules For DIRTcar UMP Pro-Modified Division In 2015




CONCORD, N.C. - Oct. 28, 2014 - DIRTcar Racing today released uniform rules for the DIRTcar UMP Pro-Modified division that will be enforced at all sanctioned tracks running the division in 2015.


After allowing different regions to run the division under different rules in recent seasons, all tracks will be required to conform to the new rule book for the new season. The new rules are designed to ensure that the Pro-Modified division is an affordable alternative to the DIRTcar UMP Modified division through the use of a budget-minded rulebook.


The Pro-Modified division provides affordable options for engines in requiring use of either the Chevrolet Performance Parts GM 602 crate engine or a maximum 360 cubic inch steel engine option. The steel engine option will be allowed for competition during the next few seasons as the division continues to build, but the goal of the division will be to successfully transition to GM 602 crate engines only in the coming years.


"I am excited to introduce the UMP Pro-Modified rules for the 2015 season," said DIRTcar UMP Series Director Sam Driggers. "The Chevy Performance engine-based modified division is beginning to grow in many areas. Specific engine, suspension and shock rules are crafted to develop a class that is affordable and an easy transition to the thousands of UMP Modifieds that are parked or seeking an economical solution.


"This rule package will begin the process to get all cars on the same page. We will work closely with the drivers and promoters to help them implement the division and convert the cars to where they fit this set of rules."


Along with the use of the affordable 602 crate engine, another rule that reducing costs for teams include a shock rule that allows approved shock types from multiple manufacturers. Only the DIRTcar-approved A- and B-type shock absorbers displaying the DIRTcar "Approved" decal will be permitted to compete. The division rule book has a complete list of approved shocks absorbers for each manufacturer. Approved designation is installed by the manufacture. Used shocks, meeting the approved list, may be submitted to the manufacture for designation decal installation.


The approved tires for the division will be the Hoosier A-40 or H-40 26.5/8.0/15 or 27.5/8.0/15. No grooving of tires will be permitted.


Complete rules for the DIRTcar UMP Pro-Modified division are available online at http://www.dirtcarump.com/rules/dirtcar-ump-pro-modified-rules/.


For more information on DIRTcar Racing, visit www.DIRTcar.com.

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