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Race info for Saturday

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Heat races will run 10 +1

3 or more heats in a class we will redraw with winners of heats to set start of feature

If 30 cars in a class we will run all 30 and extend payout to 30

Over 31 cars in a class and we will run a B main with number to transfer set at drivers meeting based on number of cars registered to race

Feature races will be 20 laps


See ya tomorrow night at the races!

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Yes, if only 10 cars show up then they will all run in 1 heat. 10 + 1 means that if there are 11 cars for a class all 11 run in a heat and the break to a 2nd heat would be 12. 21 cars would be 2 heats and 22 would break to a 3rd heat, etc... This is being done to help get the show done in a timely manor with the extended intermission.



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