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Sustaire, Hayes, Eastland, Hutchison, Whitehead, McDonald RBMSC day 2

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Ryan Bard Memorial, Southern Challenge @ Abilene Speedway 10/17-19

By JM Hallas


Abilene, Tx.,(Oct. 18th, 2014) After a full Friday night of action, 25 drivers had their tickets punched to Sundays Ryan Bard Memorial Southern Challenges Big A-main. 25 others had spots secured in Sundays Big B-main, the rest were back in action for Saturday night on the 1/4 mile, high-banked, red clay oval. A few drivers opted to drop their finish to take a chance of improving their starting spots.


The procedures for the five classes were similar to Friday night, only this group of qualifier would start on the outside row. The Texas State Young Guns Jr. Mini Stock Championship would run a qualifying race.


Friday nights winners included, Ricky Alvarado, IMCA Modified, Robby Crabtree, IMCA Southern Sportmod, Jason Batt, IMCA Stock Car, Andy Roller, IMCA Hobby Stock and Joe Colyer, ASW Street Stock and Factory Stock.


Sustaire Shows the Way....Again

After having tech issues Friday night with valve spring retainers taking away his win, Kevin Sustaire(Emory) stepped up and found his way back to the Winners Circle. Sustaire out ran David Davis for the lead as the 20-lap, 20-car IMCA Modified feature fired off. Jimmy Tidwell, John Gober and Dean Demming trailed the lead duo.


In a race that ran green to checkers after an initial restart, Sustaire led the way until slower traffic allowed Davis to reel him in. Davis gave it the "ol' college try" at the end but it was Sustaire in his Sustaire Plumbing, Darby Diesel Repair, Smileys, FIT, Bryan Mize Chassis Tuning, Machine Works, Wehrs Machine, AFCO Shocks, Fisher Race Engines, CAM Chassis taking the honors.


IMCA Modifieds(top five outside row Sunday Big A-main, 6-10 to Big-B-main)

171 Kevin Sustaire, 02 David Davis, 117 Jimmy Tidwell, 52 John Gober, 717 GW Egbert, 56 Justin Cass, 60 William Gould, 200 Dean Demming, 83 Chad Estes, 444 Joe Spillman, 371 Donald Banker, 85 Neal Flowers, 35 Caleb Stone, 26 Allen Bradley, 37 Ben Ketteman, 82 Donald Thatch, 69 Danny Hogue, 9 Danton Odell, 137 Mark Patterson, 113 David Goode sr.


IMCA Modified B-mains(top 6 to A-main)

B-main 1; 200 Dean Demming, 717 GW Egbert IV, 56 Justin Cass, 444 Joe Spillman, 83 Chad Estes, 69 Danny Hogue, 691 Mary Hogue, 16 David Brown, 126 Richard Walp, 423 Will Poston, 13 Jerry Frydrych


B-main 2; 26 Allen Bradley, 35 Caleb Stone, 37 Ben Ketteman, 85 Neal Flowers, 82 Donald Thatch, 9 Danton Odell, 184 Chance Brown, 27 Josh Woefel, 3 Mikel Powers, 36 Steve Owen,


IMCA Modifieds(top 2 to A-main)

Heat 1

113 David Goode sr., 117 Jimmy Tidwell, 200 Dean Demming, 423 Will; Poston, 56 Justin Cass, 691 Mary Hogue, 126 Richard Walp, 83 Chad Estes


Heat 2; 52 John Gober, 137 Mark Patterson, 69 Danny Hogue, 717 GW Egbert IV, 444 Joe Spillman, 13 Jerry Frydrych, 16 David Brown, 51 Thomas Walp


Heat 3; 02 David Davis, 371 Donald Banker, 26 Allen Bradley, 20 Mike McCarthy, 35 Caleb Stone, 37 Ben Ketteman, 9 Danton Odell, 23 Mikel Powers


Heat 4; 71 Kevin Sustaire, 60 William Gould, 82 Donald Thatch, 36 Steve Owens, 85 Neal Flowers, 31 Doyle Massa, 27 Josh Woelfel, 184 Chance Brown---DQ(tech)


Hayes Hauls to Sportmod Sweep

Steve Hayes(Eastland) went wire to wire in the 20-lap, 21-car IMCA Southern Sportmod feature. In a race I'd describe as brutal at best with one third of the field out before a lap was completed, it took a single file start to finally get underway. Hayes, from the pole, quickly jumped out front with Brian Heard, Raymond King, Danny Patterson and Shane Priddy in pursuit.


Doug Easterling, who gave up a guaranteed spot on Sunday tried to better his position, but got caught up in several mishaps ending his night without transferring. Up front Hayes would easily pull away into his own zip code going unchallenged in his Braka Operating, KSG Motorsports, Buckeye Supply, Stephenville Starter, Triple T Trucking, KSE Powered, Express Chassis.


IMCA Southern Sportmods(top five outside row Sunday Big A-main, 6-10 to Big B-main)

951 Steve Hayes, 311 Brian Heard, 169 Raymond King, 40 Garett Rawls, 69 Bret Young, 91 Trevor Raney, 41 Eric Hughes, 62 Tim McDonald, 15 Brandon Ross, 92 Damon Hammond, 81 Scot Raney, 88 Doug Easterling, 19 Jake White, 4 Kenneth Graves, 70 George Egbert III, 766 Shane Priddy, 9 Danny Patterson, 10 Dustin Robinson, 811 Landon Parsley, 42 Tommy Phillips, 71 Johnny Torres


IMCA SSM B-mains(top 5 to A-main)

B-main 1; 71 Johnny Torres, 811 Landon Parsley, 62 Tim McDonald, 9 Danny Patterson, 181 Tim Ridgeway, 7 Junior Dosher, 111 Jerry Harpole III, 74 Danny Rister, 1 Michael Galan, 11 John Rister


B-main 2; 42 Tommy Phillips, 40 Garett Rawls, 92 Damon Hammond, 69 Bret Young, 91 Trevor Raney, 113 Sarah Goode, 17 Brannon Davis, 117 Michael Maraschick, 07 Allen Williams, 23 Joel Garcia, 14 Brandon Smith, 20 Charlie Underwood, 3 Koty Kowalewski, 18 Douglas Gillespie


B-main 3; 766 Shane Priddy, 88 Doug Easterling, 10 Dustin Robinson, 15 Brandon Ross, 41 Chad Hughes, 32 Billie Bivens, 132 Rodger Pierce, 16 Eddie Ledbetter, 27 Terry Schreoeder, 318 Scotty Cook, 13 Bret Bush, 30 David Sanford, 777 Lodi Mitchell, 911 Steve Roijas, , IMCA SSM heats(winner to A-main)

Heat 1; 311 Brian Heard, 71 Johnny Torres, 811 Landon Parsley, 62 Tim McDonald, 74 John Rister, 11 John Rister, 111 Jerry Harpole III, 68 Frank Groves---DQ(tech)


Heat 2; 169 Raymond King, 81 Scot Raney, 9 Danny Patterson, 181 Tim Ridgeway, 1 Michael Galan, 16 Eddie Ledbetter, 7 Junior Dosher


Heat 3; 4 Kenneth Graves, 42 Tommy Phillips, 91 Trevor Raney, 92 Damon Hammond, 69 Bret Young, 113 Sarah Goode, 14 Brandon Smith, 17 Brannon Davis


Heat 4; 19 Jake White, 40 Garett Rawls, 18 Doug Gillespie, 117 Michael Maraschick, 3 Koty Kowalewski, 20 Charlie Underwood,23 Joel Garcia, 07 Allen Williams


Heat 5; 70 George Egbert III, 766 Shane Priddy, 777 Lodi Mitchell, 15 Brandon Ross, 32 Billie Bivens, 41 Chad Hughes, 13 Bret Bush


Heat 6, 951 Steve Hayes, 88 Doug Easterling, 10 Dustin Robinson, 30 David Sanford, 318 Scotty Cook, 27 Terry Schroeder, 132 Rodger Peirce, 911 Steve Riojas


Edwards Ekes out I-Stock Win

Eastland's Robby Edwards snagged the IMCA Stock Car win with a late pass on Joe O'Bryan. It took four tries to get the 20-lap feature under way with O'Bryan jumping out front trailed by Damon Hammond, Kirk Martin, Edwards and Bud Ohliger. Edwards worked his way up to O'Bryan at halfway bringing Cody Kays along.


The veteran Edwards patiently stalked O'Bryan throughout the final half of the race waiting for a mistake. Coming to the white flag O'Bryan slipped in turn 4 giving Edwards the opening, which he jumped on. As O'Bryan spun to the infield, Edwards in his KSG Motorsports, E&E Collision, Triple T Trucking, KSE powered, Medieval Chassis, cruised on to the checkers.



IMCA Stock Cars(top five outside row Sunday Big A-main, 6-10 to Big-B-main)

95 Robby Edwards, 283 Terry Wojtek, 169 Hunter Russell, 20 Cody Kays, 55 Mart Wampler, 69 Kirk Martin, 43 Scotty Cook, 77 Traci Johnson-Jennings, 14 Joe O'Bryan, 10 Levy Ely, 812 Robert Barnett jr., 116 Damon Hammond, 83 Chad Estes, 711 Michael Therwhanger, 441 Danny Pattat, 11 Bud Ohliger, 02 Bo Briley, 63 Michael Tennison, 12 Robert Barnett sr., 33 Bill Poindexter, 221 Tyler Muirhead----dns


IMCA Stock Car B-main(top 5 to A-main)

B-main 1; 77 Traci Johnson-Jennings, 12 Robert Barnett sr, 69 Hunter Russell, 22 Billy Wade, 33 Bill Poindexter, 125 Donny Baker, 6 Charles Brown, 62 JD Davis, 01 Jack Miles


B-main 2; 283 Terry Wojtek, 20 Cody Kays, 55 Mart Wampler, 711 Michael Therwhanger, 83 Chad Estes, 44 Scott Kristinek, 111 Justin Thomas, 118 Brandon Hood, 49 Vince Ogle, 177 Travis Graves, 221 Tyler Muirhead---BF, 164 Don Phillips---BF


B-main 3; 441 Danny Pattat, 02 Bo Briley, 43 Scotty Cook, 812 Robert Barnett jr., 10 Levi Ely, 777 Tobie Talk, 25 John Armstrong, 48 LP O'Neal, 88 Malcolm Kill, 59 Mike Easterwood, 713 Alex Bannowsky


IMCA Stock Car heats(winner to A-main)

Heat 1; 63 Michael Tennison, 77 Traci Johnson-Jennings, 22 Billy Wade, 12 Robert Barnett sr., 125 Donny Baker, 1 Willie Free, 237 Jordan Lathram


Heat 2; 116 Damon Hammond, 169 Hunter Russell, 32 Bill Poindexter, 6 Charles Brown, 01 Jack Miles, 62 JD Davis, 56 Lance Shaw


Heat 3; 95 Robby Edwards, 283 Terry Wojtek, 221 Tyler Muirhead, 20 Cody Kays, 55 Mart Wampler, 44 Scott Kristinek, 164 Don Phillips


Heat 4; 14 Joe O'Bryan, 49 Vince Ogle, 711 Michael Therwhanger, 118 Brandon Hood, 177 Travis Graves, 111 Justin Thomas, 83 Chad Estes---BF


Heat 5; 11 Bud Ohliger, 43 Scotty Cook, 441 Danny Pattat, 02 Bo Briley, 183 Robert Garrett, 777 Tobie Talk, 25 John Armstrong


Heat 6; 69 Kirk Martin, 10 Levi Ely, 812 Robert Barnett jr., 88 Malcolm Kill, 59 Mike Easterwood, 48 LP O'Neal, 713 Alex Bannowsky


Hutchison Hustles to Hobby Honors

With a short field of cars remaining the IMCA Hobby Stocks ran an A-qualifier to set the outside rows of the Big A-main and Big B-main. After a couple tries Gerald Spalding got the lead trailed by Barrett Hutchison, Kendall Rea, Damian Snyder and Wayne Chadwell. Spalding and Hutchison checked out on the field to settle things among themselves.


Shortly after a restart Hutchison got inside Spalding running door to door at the line. Hutchison(Stephenville) got the lead on the back stretch near halfway with Spalding trying to retake the spot. In the final circuits Hutchison, in the KLB Trucking, J&J Carbs, Stephenville Starter, A&J Chassis, Mill Towing, Grinder Switch Trucking, Campbells Auto Body, crate powered, HDC Chassis eased away to score win.


IMCA Hobby Stock A-main(top 5 to outside Big A-main, 6-10 to Big B-main)

Barrett Hutchison, 5 Gerald Spalding jr, 12 Westin Abbey, 13 Wayne Chadwell, 44 Kendall Rea, 144 Damian Snyder, 20 Scotty Brown, 124 Ryan Wilkerson, 01 Shawn Miles, 72 Ronnie Gregory, 24 Stephen Adams, 42 April Phillips


Whitehead Wins with Traffic Pass

The 20-car Street Stock/Factory Stock feature saw William McNeely edge out Robert Kindle coming back to the line for the lead. W. McNeely gave way to Chase Neill on lap 4 with Michael Whitehead on his tail. The lead duo ran up on lapped traffic just past halfway changing the potential finish.


Neill got hung up and tried high to get by slower cars with Whitehead slipping past to get the point on lap 14. As the two continued in traffic Neill was able to get back by, but a poorly timed yellow put Whitehead back in the lead, with clear track. Once back to green, Whitehead)Levelland) was able to hold his advantage over Niell for the win.


ASW Street Stock/Factory Stock(top five inside row Sunday Big A-main, 6-10 to Big-B-main)

89 Michael Whitehead, 1 Chase Neill, 83 William McNeely,2 Phil Beasley, 123 Erreck Rogers, 212 Cody Wright, 38 Brandon Gaddis, 115 Keith Buford, 23 Kory Ritchie, 14 Chad Chance, 183 Clay McNeely, 74 Ronnie Gregory, 19 Stan Sanders, 106 Dalton Riley, 79 Joshua Jackson, 325 Robert Hall, 72 Tony Marcum, 51 John Brown, 03 Lyod Mills , 12 Robert Kindle jr.


ASW SS/FS B-main(top 8 to A-main); 74 Ronnie Gregory, 23 Kory Ritchie, 14 Chad Chance, 19 Stan Sanders, 183 Clay McNeely, 72 Tony Marcum, 51 John Brown, 03 Lyod Mills, 011 Chris Pippin, 77 Frank Morgan


ASW SS/FS heats(top 4 to A-main)

Heat 1, 79 Joshua Jackson, 1 Chase Neill, 89 Michael Whitehead, 115 Keith Buford, 23 Kory Ritchie, 011 Chris Pippin, 19 Stan Sanders


Heat 2; 83 William McNeely, 106 Dalton Riley, 123 Erreck Rogers, 12 Robert Kindle, 183 Clay McNeely,, 14 Chad Chance, 77 Frank Morgan


Heat 3; 325 Robert Hall, 212 Cody Wright, 38 Brandon Gaddis, 72 Tony Marcum, 03 Lyod Mills, 51 John Brown, 74 Ronnie Gregory


The Texas State Jr. Mini Stock Championship qualifier would set the field for Sunday main event. Kade Ogle jumped out front early chased by Kamera McDonald and Michaela Scott, while Clinton Lindsey-Brown and Riston Houston both had troubles. McDonald(Keller) would get by Ogle on a restart using the high side. Ogle tried for several laps to find a way back past McDonald, but it was McDonald holding Ogle off for the victory.


Jr. Mini Stock Qualifier(to set line up for Sunday)

62 Kamera McDonald, 11 Kade Ogle, 99 Michaela Scott, 4 Clinton Lindsey-Brown, 10 Riston Houston

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