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I have counted Paul Jett as a good personal and professional friend since 1969.

His life-long friend and racing associate, Cotton Sherland is being kept updated by Paul’s wife Caroline.

Cotton is relaying to me information regarding Paul’s condition. As it is received, I will post non-confidential information on this forum of Lone Star Speedzone.

Presently Paul is being cared for at his home Bulverde, Texas north of San Antonio. His family has informed me that “"Paul's cancer has returned”.

A note on Paul Jett’s long time professional race car driving career … Paul’s last Texas Pro Sedans race was at Corpus Christi Speedway July 11, 2009. Regrettably, he didn’t start the race due to qualifying time trial problems with the car he was driving, a VW Rabbit owned by his friend and neighbor Rick Dawdy.

Written by:

Neil Upchurch
Texas Pro Sedans Publications Office Director

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