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Putting cars in Cuero, Texas PARADE

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Hey guys,

This is Gina. I found out today that we're entry #53. They couldn't tell me where we were lining up at. I guess they're still marking everyone's spot off. It would be super awesome if the cars would drive instead of ride. The people really loved the roar of the engines last year. Judging is at 9:30... I don't know what kind of award we can win with the dents and dings our cars have! LOL. But if you would please show up in time to unload and be in our spot before 9:30. The parade starts at 11am and it takes no more than 15 minutes. A lot of it is us hanging out shooting the bull. I'll have the jeep handy so I can make food runs or whatever. Turkeyfest and Western days are so close to the Havoc and it's great publicity! We're just trying to remind everyone what a great show they can see at Shady Oaks. If you need anything please let me know.

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