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Moczygemba, Webster earn “Fiesta’s Fall Fastival” wins at HMP


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Moczygemba, Webster earn “Fiesta’s Fall Fastival” wins at Houston Motorsports Park


Houston, TX (September 29, 2014) - As the NASCAR racing season at Houston Motorsports Park closes in on the season’s climax with only two October races remaining, the NASCAR stock car racing during the “Fiesta Fall Fastival” event last Saturday was intense.


A good crowd was on hand in spite of threatening weather that had plagued the area for most of the day.


Scheduled as a double-feature night, the weatherman finally had his way and a light rain cut the evening a bit short, leaving the three NASCAR-sanctioned divisions – the NASCAR Fiesta Modifieds, the NASCAR BWFS Trucks and the NASCAR American Muscle Cars - to compete in only one of their scheduled double-feature events, while the Bandoleros, Legends and Eco Stocks all ran double features as planned.


NASCAR Fiesta Modifieds


NASCAR Fiesta Modified driver Brian Moczygemba made a determined charge to the front from his second-row starting spot, squeezed past race-leader Zach Knowles on the eleventh circuit and never looked back, taking the win over Knowles and youngster Clayton Green by several car lengths.



Steve Steinle photo


With multi-time NASCAR Fiesta Modified champion Joe Aramendia leading on the ninth lap, Aramendia and current point leader Knowles made heavy contact in turn one with Aramendia spinning to bring out the caution flag. Knowles managed to keep his modified from spinning and motored on.


Under the HMP “have-at-it-boys-and-girls” rules, Aramendia was sent to the rear for “causing” the caution and Knowles inherited the lead - at least until Aramendia’s teammate Brian Moczygemba passed him a few laps later.


“We have been struggling with our setup a bit, but this time we tried a few different things and we may have hit on something,” Moczygemba said after the win. “Our Aramendia Motorsports crew has been working hard and has never given up. Kyle Sirizzotti made a great change during practice that really woke the car up. Hopefully we can continue making gains.”


“It was nice to finally break thru and get the win at HMP,” Moczygemba continued. “We have been in position to win a few races, but due to some circumstances out of our control we haven't been able to finish a lot of these races. The Aramendia Motorsports team (which includes Joe Aramendia) seems to have a target on our back bumpers - and for good reason since we swept last weekend and I got the win this time. Unfortunately the rain came and we didn’t get a chance to sweep again this time.”


NASCAR Fiesta Modifieds “Fiesta Mart 40” results


1. 50 Brian Moczygemba, 40 laps
2. 51 Zach Knowles, 40
3. 54 Clayton Green, 40
4. 03 Brandon Kelley, 40
5. 13 Ian Webster, 40
6. 33 Jason Morman, 40
7. 38 Craig Sellman, 40
8. 7 Brian Otts, 40
9. 88 Larry Hughes, 40
10. 4 Michael Kourkoubes, 38
11. 79 Joe Aramendia, DQ




NASCAR BWFS Coke Truck driver David Webster, who is locked in a tight, three-way battle with current point leader Charles Evans, Jr and Mason Teague for the division’s NASCAR championship, picked up a few points on both as he held off the pair to win the “Coca-Cola 30” Saturday at the pristine, 3/8-mile concrete/asphalt oval.



Steve Steinle photo


Webster, who started the 30-lapper from the second row of the 16-truck field, worked his way past early leader Mike Coursey and then watched in his mirror as Teague, and then Evans, picked up spots to make it a three-way battle for the checkered.


“It felt great to win on my birthday,” Webster said. “The race went as planned until about seven laps from the end when the truck started having major brake issues. It felt like I was going to lose a front rotor, but I limped it to the checkers.”


When asked about his run for the championship, Webster, who celebrated his birthday on race day, had this to say.


“We need to just keep winning races for the next two race nights. With Charles Evans and Mason Teague running so strong it will be a battle till the end. But Eddie (Nastasi) from Nasty Race Cars put a new setup on the truck for this race and that thing came alive.”


NASCAR BWFS Coke Trucks “Coca-Cola 30” results


1. 13 David Webster, 30 laps
2. 162 Mason Teague, 30
3. 58 Charles Evans, Jr, 30
4. 53 Mike Coursey, 30
5. 16 Jake French, 30
6. 88 Jim Phillips, 30
7. 9 Mason Mitchell, 30
8. 12 Justin Steiner, 30
9. 8 Jim Nides, 30
10. 94 Sean Steiner, 30
11. 77 Cole Miller, 29
12. 68 Laura Lindley, 29
13. 97 Rick Pollaro, 15
14. 50 Travis Benson, 3
15. 15 Mark Lindley, 3
16. 51 Adam Haugh, DQ

NASCAR American Muscle Cars


Ed Nastasi had it all his way as his two closest competitors, Dale Demski and Tommy Page, Jr, were unable to keep up with the well-respected race car builder.


NASCAR American Muscle Cars “Mitchell Motorsports 15” results


1. 31 Ed Nastasi, 15 laps
2. 44 Travis Westell, 15
3. 8 Ed Thompson, 14
4. 28 Dale Demski, DQ
5. 07 Tommy Page, Jr, DQ


Eco Stocks


The Eco Stocks always put on a good show with lots of beating and banging throughout the field. Taylor Harris got back on the winning track with a hard-fought win over Dave Barton in the first feature while Daniel Bartholomew took the win over Stephen Dalton in the second.


EcoStock Feature #1 results


1. 717 Taylor Harris, 15 laps
2. 37 Dave Barton, 15
3. 8 Kit Leslie, 15
4. 1 Chris House, 15
5. 27 Daniel Bartholomew, 15
6. 22 Mitch Lindley, 15
7. 7 Stephen Dalton, 15
8. 21 Shannon Hubbs, 15
9. 93 Kayla King, 14
10. 13 Bedie Sonnier, 3


EcoStock Feature #2 results


1. 27 Daniel Bartholomew, 15 laps
2. 7 Stephen Dalton, 15
3. 717 Taylor Harris, 15
4. 37 Dave Barton, 15
5. 1 Chris House, 15
6. 21 Shannon Hubbs, 15
7. 8 Kit Leslie, 14
8. 93 Kayla King, 14
9. 22 Mitch Lindley, 10




Christopher Hogan got the proverbial broom out for a clean sweep over Cam Mitchell who gave it his best shot in both 20-lap features but was unable to get around Hogan in either race.


Legends “Harvey Racing 20” (1st Feature) results


1. 81 Christopher Hogan, 20 laps
2. 18 Cam Mitchell, 20
3. 6 Jake Thomasson, 20
4. 95 David Harvey, 20
5. 63 Brad Harden, 19
6. 24 James Call, 19


Legends “B&R Industries 20” (2nd Feature) results


1. 81 Christopher Hogan, 20 laps
2. 18 Cam Mitchell, 20
3. 24 James Call, 20
4. 95 David Harvey, 20
5. 63 Brad Harden,
6. 6 Jake Thomasson, DQ




Bandoleros “TFE Company 15” (1st Feature) results


Vinnie Aramendia dominated the Bandoleros in both feature, winning by wide margins in both instances.

1. 79 Vinnie Aramendia, 15 laps
2. 7 Zoey Barker
3. 3 Logan Tunnell
4. 62 Devon Hicks
5. 72 AJ Hicks
6. 6 Ethan Barker
7. 05 Mark Offutt


Bandoleros “Harvey Racing 15” (2nd Feature) results


1. 79 Vinnie Aramendia, 15 laps
2. 7 Zoey Barker, 15
3. 72 AJ Hicks, 15
4. 3 Logan Tunnell, 15
5. 6 Ethan Barker, 14
6. 62 Devon Hicks, 1
7. 05 Mark Offutt,

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