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TALMS Space City Shootout at Houston Motorsports Park


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Who's ready for the Space City Shootout at Houston Motorsports Park? October 25th marks the TALMS debut at the Palace of Power! With Joey Heinaman being the only repeat winner in the 2014 Season, TALMS has proven to be one of the most competitive classes racing today.


Expected Entrants

2 Kimsey Davis

5 Kevin Gould

7 Stephen Robison

8 Jeromie Ramos

11 Gary Box

12 Cody Leonard

14D Legg Brothers Motorsports

17 Donald Krahn

19 Sam Duncan

21 Eric Ramos

23 Cody Limerick

24 Jim Blevins

25 Tyler Box

29 Billy Becka

33 Eddy Ross

37 Bill Pittaway

64 Abel Arredondo

66A Jim Asher Sr

72 Manny Trevino

76 Michael Carlock

79 Cody Beddoe

82 Anthony Monroe

87 Lawrence Mikulencak

88 Tommy Wynd

96 Rick Pollaro

97 John Witzsche

101 Tanner Whitmire

441 Joey Heinaman

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