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SOS Halloween Havoc


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Havoc Purse Update:

1. Anonymous donation $150 to win on Pure Stocks. This was previously posted just wanted to have all additions on one post

2. Mike Morris $100 to win on Dwarf/Modlites

3. Stephan Danielson $200 Street Stocks $50 to 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th

4. Modified donations are to guarantee a $1000 to win regardless of car count

Mike Morris $100 2nd

Darrell Chandler $100 to win

Hans Brothers - Alice, TX $300 to win

Trio Rentals - Alice, TX $100 to win

Powertherm Ind. - Houston, TX $300 to win

Tracy Morris Fitness and Nutrition Consulting $100 to win

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Is there any races planned for Oct? I ask because if we wont have a practice maybe we can come down and run after the races are over to get some laps on the track. We have never raced there and want to do some tuning for havoc... Thoughts?

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