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Hafertepe and Denby score Port-a-Cool USNDTC prelims Friday 9-12

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Port-a-Cool US National Dirt Track Championships @ Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track, 9/12-13/14

By J M Hallas


Ft. Worth, TX.,(Sept 12th, 2014) The 4/10 mile, semi-banked, dirt oval at Texas Motor Speedway hosted this years edition of the Port-a-Cool, U.S. National, Dirt Track Championships. This year the event featured the Lucas Oil, American Sprint Car Series(ASCS) National Tour in a two-day show, with support from the Limited Modifieds.


Despite less than ideal conditions, over 125 Limited Modified teams and 40 ASCS teams signed in with cool, breezy, misty weather conditions. The ASCS teams represented 10 states stretching all the way to the west coast, while the Limited Modifieds had racers from four states.


The ASCS held five heats, transferring the top 16 in passing points, plus two B-mains taking four from each. The Limited qualified through eight heats, again taking the top 16 in passing points, then filling the field through a series of D, C and B-qualifiers to fill the A-qualifier.


The ASCS feature locked in the top four drivers to Saturday nights championship race, with the Limited Modifieds securing seven spots for tomorrow night.


Hafertepe Hustles to ASCS A-main Win

It was one of Texas' own, Sam Hafertepe jr.(Sunnyvale) that outran the 23-car starting field to go home with the $3,000 payday. Hafertepe was in the right place on a restart to get a jump on the leader, Kevin Ramey, who had a wounded car after a red for a hard crash by Johnny Herrera at the midway point.


Hafertepe and Ramey exchanged a couple 'sliders' on the restart before Hafertepe took control. Ramey eventually had the left rear tire explode leaving Danny Jennings to take up the chase. As the laps wound down Hafertepe was able to build a five-plus second margin on Jennings, Matt Covington, Stevie Smith and Jason Johnson who rebounded after falling back early.


With Tony Bruce jr. tagging the tail with a provisional, and a pair of regional champions on the front row, the 25-lap feature fired off. Ramey was able to beat Jennings off turn 2 for the early lead. Hafertepe, Covington, Aaron Reutzal and Jeff Swindell fell in line behind the lead duo. Swindell made quick work of Reutzal for fifth as Johnson jumped the turn 4 cushion and fell back.


Ramey was quickly into lapped traffic by lap 6 and was easily dicing his way through the slower cars. Hafertepe used the traffic to his advantage getting past Jennings for second while Swindell and Reutzal exchanged slide jobs. Just at the halfway point, Herrera had either something break or hooked the cushion turning his car hard right and into the turn 4 wall to bring out a red.


Under caution, Reutzal pitted from fifth and Ramey saw hopes of winning deflate, along with his left rear tire. The midway restart saw Ramey, Hafertepe, Jennings, Covington and Stevie Smith in the top five after Reutzal went to the work area.


Hafertepe threw a slide job on Ramey in turn 1, but Ramey crossed over in turn to hold the advantage. Hafertepe again pulled a slider on Ramey, this time making it stick to lead lap 14. Once in the clear Hafertepe was able to lengthen his lead over the wounded car of Ramey until lap 18 when the tire let go for a yellow.


With the lapped car of Bruce as a buffer, Hafertepe got huge jump on Jennings but a yellow for a spin by Blake Hahn quickly brought the field back together. Hafertepe again got a big edge on green, while Johnson rebounded to fifth past Swindell.


As the white flag waved it was Hafertepe in the Lonestar Speedway, All-Pro Reconditioning, Keibler & Sons Landscaping, Kear's Speed Shop, Brown & Miller Racing Solutions, Smileys Race Products, Keizer Wheels, Fisher Race Engines, Wells Race Engines, J&J Chassis with a full straightaway advantage easily taking the checkers, the sixth national tour win of his career.


Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour(top 4 locked in for Saturday)

15 Sam Hafertepe jr., Sunnyvale, 1j Danny Jennings, Norman, Ok., 95 Matt Covington, Glenpool, Ok., 4 Stevie Smith, Broken Arrow, Ok., 41 Jason Johnson, Eunice, La., 94 Kevin Swindell, Bartlett, Tenn., 1 Sean McClelland, Tulsa, Ok., 05 Brad Loyet, Sunset Hills, Mo., 17t Channin Tankersley, Highlands, 21t Ray Allen Kulhanek, Danbury, 23 Seth Bergman, Snohomish, Wash., 88 Scottie McDonald, Bryan, 3h Brandon Hanks, Burlinson, Tenn., 17 Blake Hahn, Sapulpa, Ok., 18 Tony Bruce jr., Liberal, Kan., 87 Aaron Reutzal, Clute, 7m Kevin Ramey, Ft. Worth, 4j Tim Crawley, Benton, Ark., 45x Johnny Herrera, Albuquerque, NM., 93 Dustin Morgan, Tulsa, Ok., 45 Martin Edwards, Mesquite, 33 Zach Chappell, Talala, Ok., 48 Jake Martens, Fairview, Ok.


Lucas Oil ASCS National tour B-mains(top 4 to A-main)

B-main 1; 4j Tim Crawley, 23 Seth Bergman, 45 Martin Edwards, 29 Travis Rilat, 19 Patrick Stasa, 74b John Carney, 18 Tony Bruce jr, 11 Roger Crockett, 4x Shawn Peterson, 12w Dale Wester, 5t Ty Williams, 2k John Kelly


B-main 2; 93 Dustin Morgan, 17t Channin Tankersley, 05 Brad Loyet, 21x Taylor Velesquez, 17w Harli White, 02 Brandon Long, 5 Joe Bob Lee, 55 Brad Queen, 14 Michael Lang, 12 James Mosher---dns, 5x Tyson Hall---dns


Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour heats(Top 16 in passing points)

Heat 1; 1 Danny Jennings,7m Kevin Ramey, 33 Zach Chappell, 4 Stevie Smith, 21x Taylor Velesquez, 19 Patrick Stasa, 12 James Mosher, 18 Tony Bruce jr.


Heat 2; 88 Scottie McDonald, 95 Matt Covington, 5t Ty Williams, 3h Brandon Hanks, 29 Travis Rilat, 05 Brad Loyet, 02 Brandon Long, 2k John Kelly


Heat 3; 94 Jeff Swindell, 48 Jake Martens, 93 Dustin Morgan, 17t Channin Tankersley, 74b John Carney, 23 Seth Bergman, 11 Roger Crockett, 12w Dale Wester


Heat 4; 87 Aaron Reutzal, 21t Ray Allen Kulhanek, 1 Sean McClelland, 17 Blake Hahn, 14 Michael Lang, 55 Brad Queen, 4x Shawn Peterson, 5 Joe Bob Lee


Heat 5; 15h Sam Hafertepe jr, 45x Johnny Herrera, 41 Jason Johnson, 45 Martin Edwards, 4j Tim Crawley, 17w Harli White, 5x Tyson Hall


Denby and Davis Duel for Limited Modified Win

Tracy Denby(Vidor) and Tommy Davis jr.(Wills Point) battled it out up front in the(scheduled) 15-lap Limited Modified A-qualifier. Denby got out front at the start chased by Davis who was able to get by after halfway. Davis' lead was short lived as a car came out of the infield breaking his momentum allowing Denby to retake the top spot. Davis kept the pressure on Denby the remaining few circuits, but couldn't find a way back around.


Denby got the jump as the 24-car Limited Modified field took the green. Davis followed from row, with Sean Jones along side and Robby Crabtree and Glen Gordy in the top five. Robert Vetter made an early move to pick up fifth Gordy. David finally got the spot from Jones while Nick Clinkenbeard and Travis Johnson made their way to the transfer spots.


Crabtree began to fall back giving up spots to Gordy, then Clinkenbeard as Gabe Tucker took eighth from Tyler Fain. Lap 7 saw Davis get along side Denby and get the nose out front to lead lap 8. The next lap, a slower car coming from the infield, pulled in front of Davis, slowing him, and giving Denby an opening to retake the top spot.


As Denby regained control, Tucker, Fain and Crabtree were three wide for the final transfer spot. Tucker got the spot with Clinkenbeard getting fourth from Gordy. As the lead group took the white flag, Vetter expired his motor and rolled to a stop. the race would finish under caution and checkers with Denby out front in his B&J Seafood, Nickens Race Heads, Racing Engines by CB, Limited Modified.


Limited Modified A-qualifier(Top 7 locked in for Saturday championship)

151 Tracy Denby, Vidor, 117 Tommy Davis jr., Wills Point, 66x Sean Jones, Mansfield, 66 Nick Clinkenbeard, Weatherford, 86j Travis Johnson, Piedmont, Ok., 23g Glen Gordy, Holliday, 95 Gabe Tucker, Carbon, 118 Robby Crabtree, Abilene, 77 Tyler Fain, Abilene, 121 Bobby Ruffin, Crandall, 71 Michael Daniels, Rowlett, 88 Doug Easterling, Rule, 951 Monte Bolton, Lubbock, 15w Dennie Gieber, Canton, 37h Garrett Higgins, Aztec, NM., 99 Justin McCoy, , 26g JJ Jennings, Corpus Christi, 14t Talon Minten, LaCoste, 01 Bobby Malchus, Grand Prairie, 44 Kale Westover, OK City, Ok., 2 Brian Short, Denison, 4s TJ Steele, Winnsboro, v8 Robert Vetter, Kennedale, 78 Rodney White, Ector


Limited Modified B-qualifiers(Top 4 to A-qualifier)

B-qualifier 1; 15w Dennie Gieber, 951 Monte Bolton, 26g JJ Jennings, 99 Justin McCoy, 2f Greg Frazer, 56 Chris Huckeba, 13j James McCreery, 10c Chris Cary, 4 Bo Day, 991 Chad Cox, 19 Clint Dosser, 561 Kevin Simpson, 175 Bo Beckner, 174 Mickey Helms, 69 Raymond King, 23 Joel Garcia, 37 Chris Balthorp, 199 Ryan Harris, 97f Luke Fritchen, 45 Jason Hood, 188 RJ Stroman, 722 Jeramie Cox, 02 Gary Corbin


B-qualifier 2; 88 Doug Easterling, 44 Kale Westover, 01 Bobby Malchus, 4s TJ Steele, 91 Craig Oakes, 63 Shane Hoefling, 53 Edward Oakes, 31 Michael Martin, 42l Bud Longpine, 23m Jimmy Day, 5r Ryan Doyon, 30 Chad Jones, 69y Bret Young, 25 Michael Gaunet, 99b Kristi Byrd, 84 Tom Lorenz, 13 John Herring, 17s Chase Allen, 28j Justin Nabors, 16g Bubba Gates, 7t Triston Dycus, b17 Brandon Ball, 9r Ray Doyon III, 47 Gary Stuckey


Limited Modified C-qualifiers(top 4 to B-qualifiers)

C-qualifier 1; 103 JC Howell, 199 Ryan Harris, 561 Kevin Simpson, 174 Mickey Helms, 93 Dustin Shoemaker, 17 Michael Maraschirca, 16 Rob Bland, 56w Tyler Webb, 15* Mike Martin, 33 Pepper Kuykendall, 18 Tim Clonch,, d25 David Tanner, 44j Brent Jones, 22t Darrell Thompson, 88d Aaron Browning, 18h Matt Henderson, 5x Dustin Mooney, 7 Shane Little, 12 Josh Ferguson, 0 Loni Richardson, 115 Brandon Ross


C-qualifier 2; 47 Gary Stuckey, 23m Jimmy Day, 30 Chad Jones, 63 Shane Hoefling, 15 Curtis Allen, 21b Gene Bryce, 7k Greg Moran, 6x Chase Vineyard, 39 Don Reid, 71 Jessie Hoskins, 5* Leroy Decker jr., 601 Chris Cogburn, 34s John South, 6 Jarrett Roberts, M1 Ken Miller, 12* Bailey Dosser, 26b John Bonneau, 81 Levy Galmor, 55 Justin Shaw, 90k Dustin Butcher, 18m Wayne Melton, 771 Terry Buzbee


Limited Modified D-qualifier(top 4 to C-qualifiers)

17 Michael Maraschirca, 81 Levy Galmor, 16 Ron Bland, 55 Justin Shaw, 5s Bud Reed, 8 Jason Armstrong, 211 Chad Fitzgerald, j45 Jason Hammond, 11d Cole Dennis, 4f Trevor Foley, 1 Cullen Hill, 575 Wes Armstrong, 24r Robby Minten, 75 Bailee Clift, 74 Brandon Sexton, 173 Trice Hermes, 06 Dakota Moore, j2 Josh Short, 07t Jarrod Thomas, 115x Jack Barfield


Limited Modified heats(Top 16 in passing points)

Heat 1; 23g Glen Gordy, 13 John Herring, 66x Sean Jones, 77t Triston Dycus, 69 Raymond King, 45 Jason Hood, 21b Gene Bryce, 991 Chad Cox, 12 Josh Ferguson, 22t Darrell Thompson, 39 Don Reid, 17 Michael Maraschirca, 173 Trice Hermes, 55 Justin Shaw


Heat 2; 86j Travis Johnson, 10c Chris Cary, 951 Monte Bolton, 99b Kristi Byrd, 4s TJ Steele, 188 RJ Stroman, 44j Brent Jones, 15 Curtis Allen, 16g Bubba Gates, 30 Chad Jones, 15* Mike Martin, 8 Jason Armstrong, 5* Leroy Decker jr., 575 Wes Armstrong, 211 Chad Fitzgerald


Heat 3

95 Gabe Tucker, 2f Greg Frazer, 88 Doug Easterling, 56 Chris Huckeba, 53 Edward Oakes, 31 Michael Martin, 9 Ray Doyon III, 91 Craig Oakes, 5x Dustin Mooney, 18m Wayne Melton, 601 Chris Cogburn, 771 Terry Buzbee, 16b Rob Bland, 06 Dakota Moore, 115x Jack Barfield


Heat 4

78 Rodney White, 2 Brian Short, 117 Tommy Davis jr., 37h Garrett Higgins, 19 Clint Dosser, b17 Brandon Ball, 47 Gary Stuckey, 93 Dustin Shoemaker, 23m Jimmy Day, 56w Tyler Webb, 33 Pepper Kuykendall jr., 12 Bailey Dosser, 81 Levi Galmor, 1 Cullen Hill, 75 Bailee Clift


Heat 5; v8 Robert Vetter, 17s Chase Allen, 44 Kale Westover, 99 Justin McCoy, 5r Ryan Doyon, 25 Michael Gaunet, 175 Bo Beckner, 561 Kevin Simpson, 88d Aaron Browning, 90k Dustin Butcher, 103 JC Howell, 0 Loni Richardson, j45 Jason Hammond, 11d Cole Dennis, 4f Trevor Foley


Heat 6; 121 Bobby Ruffin, 26g JJ Jennings, 14t Talon Minten, 97f Luke Fritchen, 84 Tom Lorenz, 69y Bret Young, 722 Jeramie Cox, 23 Joel Garcia, 115 Brandon Ross, 7 Shane Little, 6 Jarrett Roberts, 26b John Bonneau, 20 Nathan Sexton, j2 Josh Short


Heat 7; 77 Tyler Fain, 151 Tracy Denby jr., 01 Bobby Malchus, 42l Bud Longpine, 13j James McCreery, 02 Gary Corbin, 174 Mickey Helms, 7k Greg Moran, 6x Chase Vineyard, 23n Steven Nabors, m1 Ken Miller, d25 David Tanner, 5s Bud Reed, 07t Jarrod Thomas


Heat 8; 711 Michael Daniels, 118 Robby Crabtree, 4 Bo Day, 66 Nick Clinkenbeard, 15 Dennie Gieber, 28j Justin Nabors, 71 Jesse Hoskins, 37 Chris Balthrop, 34s John South, 18h Matt Henderson, 18 Tim Clonch, 63 Shane Hoefling, 74 Brandon Sexton, 24r Robby Minten

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