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My screw up & apology.

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TALMS Rule Clarification Time


Original rule:


15. BRAKES: Must be steel OEM, operative four wheel, drum or disc. Right front brake shut-off allowed. Must maintain MINIMUM OEM dimensions for hubs/rotors and calipers, cannot be lightened.


Due to some confusion caused by the unclear wording of the rule and the fact that it can be interpreted both ways the TALMS Tech Director has decided that the cars with the oversized calipers will retain their finishing position.


I (Cody Beddoe) will take the blame for missing this grey area loophole in the rules. During the off-season the 2015 TALMS rules will be gone through with a proverbial fine toothed comb to make an attempt to find all the loopholes and grey areas and to preserve the intent of this series. And keep the series as competitive as it was at the beginning of 2014.


These rules were originally written for a dirt class to where all of the advantages for asphalt racing were not being considered.


Once again I sincerely apologize to all TALMS drivers for the confusion. We are a second year series and are still trying to work out all of the kinks. We are human and we make mistakes. All we can do is learn from our mistakes and fix them.


From now on the only brake calipers that will be considered TALMS Legal are Steel OEM or OEM Replacement for 78-87 GM Metric cars. Allowed caliper piston size range 2.38" (Stock OEM)-2.50"(OEM Refurbished from O'Reillys, AutoZone, etc.) All other piston sizes will be deemed illegal.


Please stick with TALMS. I am learning as I go.

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