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Hays County Radio broadcast from CTS, Saturday, 11 am -1 pm


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Many of you know that Rodney and John Molis and Christine Molis and the good folks at Hays County Radio have been doing a live broadcast from Central Texas Speedway on race day. They call the show the "Central Texas Speed Show."


For the past couple months Rodney has been threatening to have me on the show and ask embarrassing questions, but so far I have managed to avoid him. But he has finally made me an offer too good to pass up (what was the pay again, Rodney?) so I will be among this guests this time.


This week the show will start at 11 am (instead of the normal 12 pm start) and run for two hours until 1 pm... To give a listen, just go to the Hays Country Radio website: >>> ttp://hayscountyradio.com



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