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POWRi in for a 3-day weekend at Lincoln, Macon and Angell Park


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POWRi in for a Three Day Weekend at Lincoln Speedway, Macon Speedway, and Angell Park Speedway Wednesday, August 13th 2014


MILLSTADT, IL - For the first of three consecutive nights of racing, Lincoln Speedway is set to host the POWRi Midgets and Micros on August 15th. The Friday night race will be held in conjunction with the 2014 Illinois State Fair.

The event will mark the third time that the POWRi Midgets have visited the Lincoln, IL track this season. Previous 2014 midget feature winners at the ¼ mile dirt semi-banked oval have been Tanner Thorson at the June 6th Illinois SPEED Week event and Chett Gehrke at the July 11th event. The POWRi Micros have ventured to Lincoln Speedway only once so far this year during Illinois SPEED Week where Aaron Andruskevitch took home the micro feature win.

On Saturday, August 16th, POWRi is scheduled to visit Macon Speedway in Macon, IL for the 2014 Dana Godfrey Memorial. In addition to the excitement of being run in conjunction with the Illinois State Fair, fans will be treated to a double dose of action that night. In addition to a full regular show, the midgets will run a make-up feature in order to complete the portion of events that were rained out on April 26th. The micros will run their April 26th make-up feature on September 6th. For drivers who make it into both feature events, the double features will be a test of endurance as Macon Speedway is traditionally elbows up all night.

The Dana Godfrey Memorial is an annual POWRi event for both the midget and micro series. The event pays tribute to the late wife of John Godfrey. As a successful chassis builder and founder of Spike Chassis, Godfrey is a familiar face in the racing community who has dedicated his life to furthering the sport. Godfrey's wife, Dana, was instrumental in his success and helped shape the sport into what it is today.

For the final night of the weekend, the POWRi Midgets will travel to Angell Park Speedway in Sun Prairie, WI for the fan-favorite Miller Lite Cornfest on Sunday, August 17th. The Miller Lite sponsored event will take place in conjunction with the annual Sweet Corn Festival hosted by the Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce. The Sweet Corn Festival will commence on Thursday, August 14th and festival-goers will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of activities and entertainment throughout the weekend. Sunday night's race will be the Sweet Corn Festival's finale.

The Miller Lite Cornfest will be tri-sanctioned by POWRi, USAC, and BMARA. The 2014 Pepsi Nationals was the most recent event at which all three sanctioning bodies came together at Angell Park. Christopher Bell came out victorious at both nights of the event.

August 16th Make-Up Midget Feature Line Up: 1. 5X - Justin Peck 2. 71 - Christopher Bell 3. 5D - Zach Daum 4. 97 - Rico Abreu 5. 3 - Robbie Ray 6. 67 - Tanner Thorson 7. 7 - Austin Brown 8. 91T - Tyler Thomas 9. 50 - Daniel Adler 10. 9P - Parker Price-Miller 11. 17 - Derek Holmwood 12. 56 - Darren Hagen 13. 11R - Ryan Chriswell 14. 2 - Seth Motsinger 15. 57F - Andrew Felker 16. 4 - Scott Hatton 17. 11C - Chett Gehrke 18. 22 - Andy Malpocker 19. 86C - Danny Smith 20. 79J - Jacob Patton 21. 91 - Dereck King 22. 6A - David Gough

Current 2014 POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Point Standings (Top 10): 1. Zach Daum (2710) 2. Christopher Bell (2350) 3. Darren Hagen (2305) 4. Tanner Thorson (2290) 5. Tyler Thomas (2160) 6. Parker Price-Miller (2080) 7. Jake Blackhurst (2045) 8. Andrew Felker (2045) 9. Austin Brown (1915) 10. Rico Abreu (1530)

Current 2014 POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro Point Standings (Top 10): 1. Nathan Benson (1540) 2. Aaron Andruskevitch (1390) 3. Jeremy Camp (1320) 4. Joe B. Miller (990) 5. Jake Neuman (850) 6. Jason Harms (845) 7. Joey Wirth (790) 8. Matt Ponder (780) 9. Dereck King (750) 10. Chris Openshaw (680)

For further information, go to www.POWRi.com.

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