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Thank You from Shady Oaks


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Shady Oaks Speedway wants to thank the sponsors at STS for supporting your local school supply giveaway to the extent bags of supplies were left over. Bobby Jack brought them to SOS last week and said they would like to see them stay in the racing community. We will give them away August 23 along with our annual bicycle giveaway. Thanks to all the STS sponsors for your support of local dirt track racing.

Sponsors: 2 Jack's Racing, Sames Ford, DARPRO, Kirk's Truck Service, CASA, Gulf Coast Recycling, Thermo King, Victoria Auto Recovery of CC, Woody's Truck Center, Domino's Pizza, S Series Solutions, Double D Racing, Rush Truck Center and Big Jeff.


Thank You and keep up the support for South Texas Speedway. Sponsors help keep the sport going.

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