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Updated Go-Cart Rules

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Due to some recent events STS will make the following adjustments to the Youth, Senior and Junior Go-Cart Rules:


1. The only fly wheels allowed will be the stock Cast or a replacement steel flywheel. The flywheel must be of the stock weight. No lightning or specialty flywheels will be allowed.


2. No protest rule is in effect. However we will allow a exchange rule. If you wish to exchange motors with someone in your class. You may before the races start put up $200.00 to a STS official. You must clearly state the car # you are wishing to exchange. After the races are over the cars will exchange motors and flywheels only. The STS official will give the $200 to the car number that was stated.


Notes to this rule: Both engines being exchanged must be in working order.

You may only use the exchange rule once in the remainder of the 2014 season.

If the driver (team) refuse to exchange motors they are disqualified and the original car keeps the $200.


Any problems or concerns that arise will be ay the sole discretion of STS.


Lets remember this is about the kids!!!!


Ken Hobbs

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I can only imagine which would be screaming louder, my motor at 8000 rpm or my engine builder if I got it to turn 8000 rpm lol. Since I haven't done it and honestly don't know much about it, $1000 motors in go karts are hard to fathom like $30k Limiteds but when it gets broken down it adds up quick, just like any form of racing.

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