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Lumbert, Ball, Logan top Pro Qualifiers at LODBRS Lakefest 2014

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Lakefest 2014 @ Lake Marble Falls, 8/8-10, 2014

By JM Hallas


Marble Falls, TX.,(Aug. 9th, 2014) After a full day of testing, tuning and practice on Friday, the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series began their qualification runs on Lake Marble Falls for the 23rd Annual Lakefest. Seems like every year that the LODBRS rolls into town, the temperatures get as hot as the action on the 'liquid quarter mile' or 1,000' as the case may be.


After a somewhat lengthy delay for winds on the course hampering the first round of Pro Qualifying, the Top Fuel Hydros hit the water. The first pair off both spit and sputtered their way down when problems struck.


Glen Wilson in Toxic Rocket had a fire erupt on-board that safety crews battled. Just when it looked to be out, it continued to flare up, after the driver escaped. After several tries, crews ran out of fire retardant and attempted to swamp the boat to extinguish the flames. Once swamped, and flames out, the boat went sponsons up before being hoisted out by the crane.


Toxic Rocket goes up in flames on the top end


The first pair of Alcohol Flat Bottoms saw issues from the get-go when local driver, and former circle track racer, Marcus Kinsey had something break in the driveline and knock a hole in the bottom. Kinsey quickly summoned help, but about 20' before shore the boat went down with Kinsey diving/jumping off the nose to safety.


Marcus Kinsey abandons ship after tearing a hole in the bottom


Shane Morrison, Lil' Bit of Madness was the only Top Alcohol Hydro to make a pass and after a nose up launch he drifted towards the starting lights and cut the anchor rope.


Shane Morrison gets some big air before getting over into the anchor rope


Scotty Lumbert, Spirit of Texas was the only Top Fuel Hydro to attempt a second pass and he made it pay off for the top spot. Daryl Ehrlich's Problem Child was number one after round one, but Lumbert's 3.763 @ 218.531mph bettered Ehrlich s 4.101 @ 246.144 for the best run of the weekend.


Scotty Lumbert on his top qualifying pass


Top Fuel Hydro Qualifying

Round 1

Daryl Ehrlich, Problem Child, 4.101 @ 246.144

Glen Wilson, Toxic Rocket, 5.349 @ 91,766

Jeff Gregory, E3/Safety Clean, 5.971 @ 81.577

Scott Lumbert, Spirit of Texas, N/T

Bryan Sanders, Nitrochondriac, N/T


Round 2

Scotty Lumbert, Spirit of Texas, 3.763 @ 218.531


Shane Morrison was the only Top Alcohol Hydro on the property making two attempts at a license pass. Neither was successful as he was unable to record a full pass on both tries.


Top Alcohol Hydro

Round 1

Shane Morrison, Lil Bit of Madness, N/T


Round 2

Shane Morrison, Lil Bit of Madness, N/T


Randy Ball Held the number one spot after round one of Top Alcohol Flat Bottom qualifying and it help up through round two. Ball's 5.334 @ 152.532 in round one was better than his 5.360 @ 152.532 in round two on nearly identical passes. A bracket boat.


Randy Ball(far side) on his qualifying pass with Don Bausher


Top Alcohol Flat Bottom Qualifying

Round 1

Randy Ball, The Oklahoman, 5.334 @ 152.532

Bill Miller, Party to the Max, 5.462 @ 130.367

Tony Scarlatta, Shazam, 5.471 @ 152.192

Chuck Hartsfield, Sons of Speed, 5.630 @ 144.148

Mike Martin, Dazed and Confused, 5.829 @ 128.888

Don Bausher, Habit Forming, 9.126 @ 43.290

Marcus Kinsey, Bad Company, N/T


Round 2

Randy Ball, The Oklahoman, 5.360 @ 152,532

Bill Miller, Party to the Max, 5.475 @ 126.732

Chuck Hartsfield, Sons of Speed, 5.590 @ 142.640

Don Bausher, Habit Forming, 5.936 @ 123.518

Tony Scarlatta, Shazam, 6.843 @ 66.068


Marty Logan laid down a number in round one that no one could touch as nineteen others gave it their best shot. Logan put down a 7.008 @ 172.745 coupled with an .058 light in round one. Kevin Helms, The Woody, was close with his 7.012 @ 167.598, but no one had anything for Logan who posted a 7.017 @ 173.077 in round two, killing the tree with a .002 light. Logan will be tough to beat in eliminations, unless he beats himself.


Marty Logan(near side) and Terry Kain launching on their qualifying run


Pro Modified Qualifying(7.00)

Round 1

Marty Logan, Livin' tha Dream, 7.008 @ 172.745

Kevin Helms, The Woody, 7.012 @ 167.598

Tim Ortiz, Empty Pockets, 7.057 @ 166.976

Kyle Brawley, Wild Child, 7.058 @ 169.173

Reagan Everett, Alcohol Dependent, 7.065 @ 164.234

Jimmy Booher, Hillbilly Xpress, 7.086 @ 166.667

Shawn Reed, Top Secret, 7.207 @ 143.541

Chad Cupit, Warpath, 7.217 @ 164.835

Rick Blethroade, Wild Thing, 7.464 @ 166.052

Travis Tuttle, Short Fuse, 7.494 @ 136.571

Mickey Snider, Top Gun, 7.562 @ 158.172

Terry Kain, Razing Kain, 7.633 @ 139.752

Rick Allen Total Kaos, 7.904 @ 106.509

Lee Warren, Say When, 7.919 @ 93.361

Tommy Thompson, A Few Dollars More, 8.516 @ 96.567

Robert Leas, Desperado, 8.568 @ 88.409

Jim Richards, Alka-Hauler, 9.155 @ 149.750

Randy Benson, Texas Bounty Hunter, 12.926 @ 52.234

Shannon Beal, Split Decision, 6.922 @ 167.286

Todd McNally, Mayhem, N/T


Round 2

Marty Logan, Livin' Tha Dream, 7.017 @ 173.077

Shawn Reed, Top Secret, 7.030 @ 170.132

Terry Kain, Razing Kain, 7.031 @ 162.162

Travis Tuttle, Short Fuse, 7.053 @ 170.455

Rick Allen, Total Kaos, 7.054 @ 160.142

Kyle Brawley, Wild Child, 7.066 @ 168.224

Jimmy Booher, Hillbilly Xpress, 7.077 @169.173

Shannon Beal, Split Decision, 7.080 @ 165.441

Reagan Everett, Alcohol Dependent, 7.094 @ 166.934

Jim Richards, Alka-Hauler, 7.191 @ 168.539

Todd McNally, Mayhem, 7.273 @ 128.388

Tim Ortiz, Empty Pockets, 7.288 @ 142,631

Lee Warren, Say When, 7.380 @ 122.951

Rick Blethroade, Wild Thing, 7.435 @ 165.746

Tommy Thompson, A Few Dollars More, 7.867 @99.119

Randy Benson, Texas Bounty Hunter, 7.932 @ 150.502

Kevin Helms, The Woody, 6.979 @ 167.910

Chad Cupit, Warpath, 6.927 @ 164.835

Mickey Snider, Top Gun, N/T



Sportsman Top Qualifiers

Quick Eliminator(6.00)

Jerry Hardwick, Texas Red, 6.017 @ 145.068


Pro Eliminator(8.00)

Shelby Ebert, Cant Touch This, 8.012 @ 147.783


Top Eliminator(9.00)

Sambo Smith, Crapshooter, 9.028 @ 108.434


Modified Eliminator(10.00)

Frank Carter, Pier Pressure, 10.008 @ 104.167


Stock Eliminator(11.00)

Bob Windner, Mammas Diamond, 11.005 @ 91.371


River Race

Denise Hodges(12.00), Aquatic Therapy, 12.003 @ 86.789



Paul Sternadel(11.80), Texas Rattlesnake, 11.959 @ 80.573



Kevin Walton(17.68), Water Warrior, 17,686 @ 52.662

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