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Kinderknecht collects bounty at Salina Speedway


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Kinderknecht Collects Bounty at Salina Speedway; Workman-Like Effort Put In By All Winners

by Larry Lowrey Jr.

SALINA, Kan. -- One week ago the track theme for Friday nights races was the #3. This week the theme of every feature at Salina Speedway was Action! In all of the 5 features only 1 can say that the winner came from the front row! Drivers at Salina Speedway earn their victories.

Action is exactly what seems to be the common denominator in the M&H Motors IMCA Northern Sport Mod division. Each week driver push the limits of their cars and their abilities while putting on show for the Salina Speedway fans. Friday night was no different than any other night.

Starting the main event from outside the 5th row, winning was the furthest thing from Daniel Gottschalks mind. A strong finish would have made him happy, but sometimes being just happy isnt good enough. After posting the win one week ago, Gottschalk carried some momentum heading into the feature.

Kamren Gruber would post the early lead during the main event, but as usual the pack of cars that started in the middle half of the field were marching to the front.

Gottschalk was on fire as he blew past the competition. One by one he worked his way into position for the top spot. Before the feature would end Gottschalk would take the top spot and keep his hot streak alive picking up his 2nd straight win and 3rd of the season.

Austin Carter had a strong night after starting 8th and driving to the runner-up spot, 3rd went to the early leader, Gruber, Tyler Post recorded a top 5 with a 4th place finish and Kurtis Pihl rounded out the top 5 on the night.

M&H Motors IMCA Northern Sport Mod Heat Race Winners were Carter and Fred Traskowsky.

Danny Morrison Jr. has been the man to beat in the AutoHouse Towing Mod Lite division in 2014. After winning 5 straight features at Salina Speedway a $100 Bounty was put on the hot driver a few weeks back. Going into Friday night not a single driver had collected the Bounty by beating Morrison.

Mike Zrubek would take the lead at the outset of the A main. Zrubek was on top of his game as he kept his rocket ship out in front of the masses in search of his 1st win of the year. Zrubek put in a workman like effort, unfortunately Justin Kinderknecht was working his way to the front after starting outside the front row.

Kinderknecht found himself in a position to take the lead with 3 laps to go and he would not squander the opportunity. Kinderknecht blasted past Zrubek and held on for the win. It was his 2nd win of the season. As Kinderknecht picked up the win he would also take home the $100 Bounty Money for knocking Morrison off the top spot.

Zrubek would hang on for 2nd, 3rd went to Trey Morgan, 4th was Brandon Gray and finishing in 5th was Tyler Bradshaw.

AutoHouse Towing Mod Lite Heat Race Winners were Zurbek and Morgan.

In the Belleville Motor Sports IMCA Modified Division a former champion has caught fire at the right time.

It was just one week ago that Corey Lagroon found victory lane at Salina Speedway. Hovering around the top 5 in points, it wasnt a bad time to get his 1st win. This week it wasnt a bad time to pick up his 2nd straight win!

Shannon Johnson would take the lead early in this event as the mob in the back of the field looked to gather momentum to move forward.

Lagroon didnt take long to get to the front after starting in the 3rd row and just like last week once he took the lead he wasnt going to be denied. He would get his 2nd straight win and moved into 2nd place in the point standings.

Mike Petersilie drove to a 2nd place finish and in doing so took over the lead in the tight points battle, Mr. Consistent, Brandon Blochlinger, would start 3rd and finish 3rd, coming home in 4th in a ball of flames was Corey Burch and rounding out the top 5 was Shannon Johnson.

Belleville Motor Sports IMCA Modified Heat Race Winners were Lagroon and Joe Cleveland.

The night shaped up to be another strong battle in the Budweiser IMCA Hobby Stock ranks.

Nathan Munhall and Jason Cleveland would pace this field to the green flag. As the green flag dropped on the competition it was evident that a lot of cars from the back of the field were hungry to come to the front.

Travis Coop would maintain the early lead. A mid-race caution would bunch up the field and give some of the cars a chance at bettering their positions.

Tommy Fose, who started outside the 4th row, was one of those drivers. On the restart it didnt take long for Fose to work his way to the back bumper of Coop. Fose would take his opportunity to get by Coop for the top spot. At the top spot he would hold on for his 2nd win of the season.

Coop finished in the 2nd spot, 3rd went to Mike Traskowsky, who started 10th in the A, Aaron McBride also had a strong run going from 13th to finish 4th and G.W. Fuller finished in 5th.

Budweiser IMCA Hobby Stock Heat Race Winners were Coop & Fose.

The BSB Manufacturing NeSmith Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series Late Models saw a dominating performance from Darrick Klima on Friday night.

Klima, who came into the night with 3 wins under his belt, made win number 4 look rather easy.

Starting on the front row, Klima would blast to the front and lead the entire way picking up the win.

Delbert Smith put in a hard run starting 7th and finishing 2nd, Daniel Smith finished in the 2nd spot, the RocketMan Chris Kratzer drove to a 4th place finish and Justin Kinderknecht celebrated his Mod Lite win by finishing 5th in the main event!

BSB Manufacturing NeSmith Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series Late Model Heat Race Winners were Scott Phillip and Delbert Smith.

Salina Speedway action continues next Friday night, July 25th! Racing action gets underway with Hot laps at 7:15 p.m. and heat races shortly after that.

Adult admission is $10, with kids 15 & under FREE with paid adult. All seniors 55 and up are HALF PRICE with ID. All active & retired military are FREE with appropriate ID as well! Pit passes are $25.

Fans wanting to get the 411 on Salina Speedway just need to stay logged in to their home on the world wide web at http://www.racesalinaspeedway.com. As fans visit the site take a look at the 2014 schedule to see what classes are running, great stories and results and sign up for the Text & Email Blasts! You can also like their Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/SalinaSpeedway or Follow on Twitter @SalinaSpeedway1.

Hobby Stocks A Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 8 27 Tommy Fose Salina , Ks 40.00
2 4 C00P Travis Coop Portis , Ks 39.00
3 10 23 Mike Traskowsky Woodbine , Ks 38.00
4 13 31M Aaron Mcbride Barnard , Ks 37.00
5 7 1X G. W. Fuller Tescott , Ks 36.00
6 6 5K Kelly Pihl Lindsborg , Ks 35.00
7 3 7 Mark Hedberg Lindsborg , Ks 34.00
8 2 2 Jason Cleveland Minneapolis , Ks 33.00
9 12 22 Dennis Berry Salina , Ks 32.00
10 9 06 Tony Slothower Salina , Ks 31.00
11 1 4A Nathan Munhall Ogden , Ks 30.00
12 14 7G Johnny Gieber Ogden , Ks 29.00
13 15 9 Terry Blessing Manhattan , Ks 28.00
14 5 83 Tommy Shomaker Salina , Ks 27.00 DQ
15 11 15E Elliott May Lyons , Ks 0.00 DQ

Sport Mods A Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 10 3D Daniel Gottschalk Ellis , Ks 40.00
2 8 63C Austin Carter Beloit , Ks 39.00
3 2 27G Kamren Gruber Great Bend, Ks 38.00
4 5 12 Tyler Post Salina , Ks 37.00
5 6 3K Kurtis Pihl Falun , Ks 36.00
6 9 55 Tyler Frye Belleville , Ks 35.00
7 11 201 Nate Ginest Great Bend, Ks 34.00
8 13 18 Jeff Olson Salina , Ks 33.00
9 3 7 Mark Franklin Salina , Ks 32.00
10 7 7M Clay Money Penokee , Ks 31.00
11 1 331 Bob Dauer Marquette , Ks 30.00
12 15 1S Cody Stefanski Great Bend, Ks 29.00
13 16 11 Jason Dove Stafford , Ks 28.00
14 12 70 Don Morris Junction City, Ks 27.00
15 4 23 Fred Traskowsky Heringrton , Ks 26.00
16 14 C4 Chris Humphries Salina , Ks 25.00 DNF
17 17 02 Chris Walker Assaria , Ks 24.00 DNF

Modifieds A Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 5 24 Corey Lagroon Salina , Ks 40.00
2 7 25P Mike Petersilie Hoisington , Ks 39.00
3 3 9 Brandon Blochlinger Concordia , Ks 38.00
4 12 747 Corey Burch Junction City, Ks 37.00
5 2 819 Shannon Johnson Salina , Ks 36.00
6 6 14M Danny Morrison Bennington , Ks 35.00
7 1 A2 Randy Wilson Wichita , Ks 34.00
8 4 B6 Brian Knoell Falun , Ks 33.00
9 8 2 Joe Cleveland Delphos , Ks 32.00
10 17 21 Van Gemmill Ponca City, Ok 31.00
11 16 8R Jesse Richter Great Bend, Ks 30.00
12 9 11 Steve Burch Junction City, Ks 29.00
13 13 85C Clay Sellard Ellis , Ks 28.00 DNF
14 10 85 Matthew Schrader Salina , Ks 27.00 DNF
15 15 2W Jacob Welsh Chapman , Ks 26.00 DNF
16 11 53T Larry Sutton Beloit , Ks 25.00 DNS
17 14 71 Jason Caldwell Salina , Ks 24.00 DNS

Mod Lites A Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 8 28G Justin Kinderknecht Salina , Ks 40.00
2 1 Z23 Mike Zrubek Salina , Ks 39.00
3 2 2X Trey Morgan Junction City, Ks 38.00
4 7 48B Brandon Gray Salina , Ks 37.00
5 6 15B Tyler Bradshaw Gypsum , Ks 36.00
6 9 14M Danny Morrison Bennington , Ks 35.00
7 4 12 Ryan Secrest Newton , Ks 34.00
8 5 19 Ryan Ayers Salina , Ks 33.00
9 13 T1T Earl Kinderknecht Salina , Ks 32.00
10 3 B55 Brian Davidson Bennington , Ks 31.00
11 11 21 Bud Lee Salina , Ks 30.00
12 10 11 Dano Milleson Chapman , Ks 29.00
13 12 88C Chris Unruh Galva , Ks 28.00 DNS

Late Models A Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 2 2K Darrick Klima Wichita , Ks 50.00
2 7 92 Delbert Smith Wichita , Ks 49.00
3 4 92S Daniel Smith Wichita , Ks 48.00
4 5 55 Chris Kratzer Haysville , Ks 47.00
5 3 1JR Justin Kinderknecht Salina , Ks 46.00
6 6 15 Alan Reinert Downs , Ks 45.00
7 1 194 Scott Phillips Salina , Ks 44.00 DNF
8 10 81 Doug Sieh Wichita , Ks 43.00 DNF
9 9 10J Jill Roberg Salina , Ks 42.00 DNF
10 8 77 Jeremy Petty Smolan , Ks 41.00 DNF
11 11 64 Dustin Befort Lebanon , Ks 41.00 DNF

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