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Flud garners 3rd sweep of season as Herrman wins Non-Wing race

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Flud Garners Third Sweep of Season as Herrman Wins Thrilling Non-Wing Race on PCR Points Night

by Brian Walker


Tulsa, OK (May 18, 2014) - It was the 12th event and sixth points race of the year as 140 entries piled into the pits of Port City Raceway last night. While recording the fifth highest count of the season, Port City would boast 20 heat races, six B-Mains, and six features on the warm May night.

For the first time all year long we saw the Outlaw division reel in the highest car count with 29 cars battling for the Outlaw victory. This week would only see five out of a possible six claim victory, while two drivers earned their first win of 2014 atop the high-banked 1/8th mile.

While only halfway through the month of May and with only 12 out of the slated 38 race nights completed, it has been quite the diverse year for Port City. A total of 28 drivers have already put their machine into victory lane, while multiple have been claimed victorious on multiple occasions through the slim 12 races.

This weekend will see the Memorial Day Special return to action as Port City and drivers alike hit the track to honor our veterans. All six divisions will be in action as racing will take place on both Friday and Saturday night of this two-day special event.

A full breakdown of last nights action can be found below along with results. A full statistical report of the 2014 season at Port City Raceway will also be released in the next week



A field of 17 youngsters made their way to Port City last night to fill up the Jr. Sprints division. Three heat races claimed by Kale Drake, J Brady Hilton, and Shawn Mahaffey would lineup the 20-lap feature event. The front row of Broken Arrow native Emilio Hoover and Sand Springs native Hayden Mabe would pace the field to green.

Drake would rocket from his fourth place starting position and lead lap one aboard his #77 machine. The lead would be short-lived however, as Muskogee native of Gunner Bowden would drive his Bowden Buildings #8 around the outside of Drake and storm into the race lead on lap two. Just as Bowden would start walking away from the field, a pack of yellows would halt the racing action and demolish the young racers lead.

After contact between Joey Gray and Kale Drake brought out the first and only red flag of the event, the race would go all green from there on out. Hank Davis would slide into second on the restart as Holley Hollan moved into third, but the two youngsters would have a tough time reeling in Bowden for the lead.

As the laps ticked off and race winded down, the #8 would find itself in the middle of a heated battle with lap traffic, but the lap cars nor the yellows flags could slow him down as Gunner Bowden held on to claim his first victory of 2014! Hank Davis completed his charge from 17th to finish second, Holley Hollan grabbed third, Noah Gass claimed fourth, and Shawn Mahaffey rounded out the top five.

A-Main (20 laps): 1. Gunner Bowden (7), 2. Hank Davis (17), 3. Holly Hollan (11), 4. Noah Gass (16), 5. Shawn Mahaffey (12), 6. Rees Moran (9), 7. Grayson Gaddy (5), 8. Emilio Hoover (1), 9. Grady Mercer (15), 10. Connor Lee (14), 11. Baron Silva (10), 12. Preston Scheulen (3), 13. Kale Drake (4), 14. Joey Gray (6), 15. Jake Nail (13), 16. Hayden Mabe (2), 17. J Brady Hilton (8).
Lap Leader(s): Kale Drake 1; Gunner Bowden 2-20.
Hard Charger(s): Hank Davis +15



The A-Class division would see 28 cars in action last night as four heat races and a B-Main would commence on the action packed 1/8th mile. Wes Little, Lenny McCall, Dean Drake Jr., and Bailey Hughes claimed heat race action as Joey Baker earned the B-Main win while Steven Curbow, Jason McDougal, and Scott Sawyer transferred along.

The #11m of Lenny McCall and Collinsville native Dean Drake Jr. would lead the 16-car field to the green. Drake would immediately shoot to the race lead and take command of the field. Multiple yellows early on allowed the drivers charging from the back to gain great track position, as Frank Flud and Karley Kay Dobson were charging into the top five just a short seven laps in.

As a three car battle for the lead would break out at halfway, Flud would come out on top in his Outlaw Wings #81 and storm into the lead on the 13th circuit as the cross flags waved. Shortly after Flud took command, Dobson would shoot her Harley Hollan Companies #28 machine into second and begin the hunt on the already seven-time winner in 2014.

One final yellow with five to go would setup a final shootout, but nobody could prove to be a challenge to the rocket fast #81 machine as Frank Flud walked away to earn his eighth feature win of the season! Karley Kay Dobson would settle for second, Dean Drake Jr. claimed third, Scott Sawyer charged from 16th to finish fourth, and Austin Helt closed out the top five.

A-Main (25 laps): 1. Frank Flud (10), 2. Karley Kay Dobson (8), 3. Dean Drake Jr. (2), 4. Scott Sawyer (16), 5. Austin Helt (7), 6. Joey Baker (13), 7. Jordan Herrman (12), 8. Wes Little (4), 9. Steven Curbow (14), 10. Kris Carroll (11), 11. Lenny McCall (1), 12. Bailey Hughes (3), 13. Nathan Weida (6), 14. Rodney Bippus (5), 15. Jason McDougal (15), 16. Jake Rosario (9).
Lap Leader(s): Dean Drake Jr. 1-12; Frank Flud 13-25.
Hard Charger(s): Scott Sawyer +12



Twenty-three Restricted drivers were set to do battle last evening as three heat races and a B-Main would be run. A division that has now seen eight out of a possible ten winners has turned into anyones game and almost all drivers are a threat to claim victory on any given night. Last night would see Cole Roberts, Stephen Smith, and Haley Hollan win heat races while Jase Randolph earned the B-Main win.

Tuttle native of Stephen Smith in his #3$ machine would pace the field to green alongside the #14 of Haley Hollan. Smith would jump out to the early lead, but Hollan would rocket her Harley Hollan Companies #14 around the outside and take the lead on lap six. While the spotlight was on the battle for the lead, Grady Widener in his #2 machine had quietly been working his way through the field.

After a yellow bunched the field up, Widener took advantage of the restart and dove under Hollan to lead lap 11, but the pass wasnt as simple as that. Hollan drove right back around Widener to lead the next lap as the two duked it out for the lead while running side by side. Widener finally took full control on the lead on lap 13 as he started to walk away from Hollan and the rest of the field.

Just after the halfway point as Widener was stretching his lead more and more, the yellow would fly as Hollan would be spun around and be forced to relegate her great run to the tail of the field. The race would go all green after that as Grady Widener would receive no further challenges and walk away to win his first race of the year! Noah Harris charged from 12th to finish second, Quinton Standlee grabbed third, Kaylee Bryson claimed fourth, and Kelsey Gray rounded out the top five.

A-Main (25 laps): 1. Grady Widener (7), 2. Noah Harris (12), 3. Quinton Standlee (10), 4. Kaylee Bryson (11), 5. Kelsey Gray (4), 6. Tristan Oakes (16), 7. Jase Randolph (13), 8. Trenton Jackson (8), 9. Cannon McIntosh (9), 10. Jace McIntosh (14), 11. Stephen Smith (1), 12. Haley Hollan (2), 13. Montana Garrison (3), 14. Cole Roberts (5), 15. Jaiden Hughes (6), 16. Blake Battles (15).
Lap Leader(s): Stephen Smith 1-5, Haley Hollan 6-10, 12; Grady Widener 11, 13-25.
Hard Charger(s): Noah Harris, Tristan Oakes +10



The only wingless division at Port City saw 19 cars come to do battle last night. Three heat races and a B-Main would commence as the always exciting division was set to put on a show for the fans. Grady Chandler, Austin Helt, and Rayce Bowen claimed heat race action while Chris Cochran took home the B-Main win.

Sand Springs native of Curtis Jones in his #22 machine would pace the field from the pole while Austin Helt would line up alongside him. Jones would jump out to the early advantage as multiple drivers would begin their charge from the rear of the field. An incredible four car battle would be unleashed as Jones, Trey Lambert, Jordan Herrman, and Harlan Hulsey would all fight for the lead.

A few slidejobs and intense laps later, Herrman would charge from tenth and take the lead on lap 11 in his Sawyer Chassis #92 machine. Just after halfway Chris Cochran would dive into second inside his #7c Concept Chassis and begin to hunt down Herrman for the lead. Joey Baker would also slip into third with just five to go and was hounding the McLoud native for second.

The second half of the 25-lapper would prove to a breeze for the #92 as Owasso native Jordan Herrman would dominate in his fifth victory of the season at Port City. Chris Cochran would hold on to second after charging from 13th, Joey Baker claimed third, Harlan Hulsey grabbed fourth, and Curtis Jones dropped back to finish fifth.

A-Main (25 laps): 1. Jordan Herrman (10), 2. Chris Cochran (13), 3. Joey Baker (11), 4. Harlan Hulsey (8), 5. Curtis Jones (1), 6. Trey Lambert (3), 7. Steven Curbow (6), 8. Shawn Wicker (7), 9. Austin Shores (16), 10. Ronnie James (15), 11. Will Scribner (5), 12. Rayce Bowen (2), 13. Grady Chandler (9), 14. Austin Helt (2), 15. Hunter Fischer (14), 16. Jason McDougal (12) [DNS].
Lap Leader(s): Curtis Jones 1-10; Jordan Herrman 11-25.
Hard Charger(s): Chris Cochran +11



A division that has recently turned into one of the leading classes at Port City of the Sportsman division reeled in a total of 24 cars last night. Three heat races won by Rob Donnelly, Royce Rusher, and Ryan Cody along with the B-Main claimed by Ricky Glover Sr. would help lineup the 16-car, 26-lap feature event.

Broken Arrow resident of Ryan Cody rocketed his RC Motorsports #7 machine straight into the lead on lap one. A multitude of yellows would slow the race a countless number of times, but no driver could mount a challenge for Cody on any of the multiple restarts. As the race finally got going green it had allowed Craig Carroll to charge his #33 machine through the field and into the top five.

As Carroll had dived into second it was just too late as Ryan Cody went on to lead every single lap of the feature in pure domination and claim his second feature win of the season, just one week after winning his first. Craig Carroll would settle for a second, Dwight Green grabbed third, Dave Nicholson claimed fourth, and Rob Donnelly closed out the top five.

A-Main (25 laps): 1. Ryan Cody (3), 2. Craig Carroll (12), 3. Dwight Green (7), 4. Dave Nicholson (8), 5. Rob Donnelly (1), 6. Ricky Glover Sr. (13), 7. Ethan Pruitt (6), 8. Cody Cole (5), 9. Royce Rusher (4), 10. Andy Duncan (2), 11. Ken Simmons (14), 12. Charles Corte (16), 13. Blayke Storm (9), 14. Luke Tipton (11), 15. David Doss (15), 16. Kenny Howard (10) [DQ].
Lap Leader(s): Ryan Cody 1-25.
Hard Charger(s): Craig Carroll +10



For the first time in 2014 it was the Outlaw division who led the six annual divisions at Port City with the highest car count. While reeling in a stellar count of 29 drivers, four heat races and two B-Mains would commence on the wicked fast Tulsa, OK 1/8th mile. Kenny Koelsch, Jeff Frey, Frank Flud, and Austin Lambert claimed heat race action while Delaney Jost and Ryan Ratliff won the two B-Mains.

Adrian Cobbs in his #44 alongside A-Town Austin Lambert in his#92L machine would lead the field to green. Lambert, while running in his Outlaw debut would jump to the early lead and take command of the stacked feature field. Jake Rosario quickly moved from sixth and took his Voyager Racing #92 into second while beginning his hunt of Lambert.

Just as Owasso native of Travis Harris moved his #155 machine into second and past Rosario, the yellow would fly and allow Harris to pull right to Lamberts back bumper. While taking advantage of the restart, Harris would take his All-Pro Auto Reconditioning machine straight to the lead and begin to set sail on the field. His domination over the field wouldnt last long as defending Outlaw points champion of Frank Flud would bring his #81 Sawyer Chassis machine into second and reel in Harris for the lead.

The two talented wheelmen would battle it out for multiple laps, but Flud was finally able rocket around Harris on the high side and claim the lead on lap 18. The Pryor native would continually build his advantage as Frank Flud charged from 11th to claim his incredibly impressive ninth victory of the season. Travis Harris would hold on to grab second, Jake Rosario claimed third, Kenny Koelsch finished fourth, and Kevin Bayer rounded out the top five.

A-Main (25 laps): 1. Frank Flud (11), 2. Travis Harris (10), 3. Jake Rosario (6), 4. Kenny Koelsch (3), 5. Kevin Bayer (8), 6. Chris Andrews (9), 7. Austin Lambert (2), 8. Grady Chandler (5), 9. Harlan Hulsey (16), 10. Ryan Ratliff (14), 11. Bailey Hughes (15), 12. Adrian Cobbs (1), 13. David McIntosh (4), 14. Delaney Jost (13), 15. Jeff Frey (7), 16. Jake Galusha (12).
Lap Leader(s): Austin Lambert 1-10; Travis Harris 11-17; Frank Flud 18-25.
Hard Charger(s): Frank Flud +10

This weekend will see the Memorial Day Special return to action as Port City and drivers alike hit the track to honor our veterans. All six divisions will be in action as racing will take place on both Friday and Saturday night of this two-day special event.

For more information you can visitwww.portcityracin.com, Port City Raceway, Inc. on Facebook,www.microoutlaws.com, call (918) 694-0442, or the track phone at (918)

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