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Unfortunate Situation


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Unfortunately there was a incident during the qualifying at the Coors Light TALMS Birthday Bash Presented by Sames Ford. Before qualifying commenced a driver asked the TALMS Tech Official to check his carburetor. The Tech Official checked the said carburetor without having the carburetor removed from said car. Due to never finding a problem with the carburetor manufacturer carbs he assumed that the base plate would be legal. The driver was told the carburetor was legal after this assumption was made.


After qualifying the carburetor was checked again except this time more in depth and was deemed illegal.


This is where the problem occurred. If the carburetor had been removed and fully checked before qualifying the driver would have had an opportunity to fix the issue.


The driver did everything in his power to attempt to make sure he was legal. Unfortunately he got the raw end of the deal after the assumption was made. It was made apparent that the driver was not intentionally illegal because he asked for it to be checked out.


From now on our policy on checking carburetors before qualifying will be reviewed in order to better the series for the drivers.


Our Tech Official is one of the most respected and thorough tech guys racing has. We strive to make sure that everything is right and everyone is on a level playing field.

I stand behind the TALMS tech official fully and he is the reason TALMS is as successful as it is.


Hopefully we can learn from, improve and move forward from this unfortunate situation.


Hope to see everyone back at CC Speedway on June 28th.

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