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Dover does it in NCRA Sprint go at Butler County

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Dover Does it in NCRA Sprint Go at Butler County

Rising City, Nebraska May 10, 2014 - The National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products sprint car division invaded uncharted territory Saturday night as they made their first ever appearance at Butler County Speedway in Rising City, Nebraska and when the checkered flag flew it was Jack Dover picking up his first series win of the season. This series was joined by the Carpet Land Nebraska 360 sprint car series.

Tyler Drueke and Dover started on the front row for the thirty lap feature with Dover taking the lead as the green flag fell. The Springfield, Nebraska veteran set the early pace before the event quickly came to a halt when Adam Kaser flipped to bring out the red flag. He was uninjured.

A couple cautions slowed the pace the duration of the event and at the end it was Dover claiming the victory and became the third different feature winner in as many events thus far on the 2014 NCRA tour. Drueke settled for second while Stu Snyder came home third. Twelfth starting Jordan Boston had a strong run through the field and came home fourth while tour regular CJ Johnson rounded out the top five.

The three heat races for the twenty-seven car field were won by Dover, Drueke and Snyder while tour regular JD Johnson captured the twelve lap B feature.

Next up for the NCRA 360-ci sprinters will be this coming Saturday night (May 17) as they embark on yet another new venue, the new Longdale Speedway in Longdale, Oklahoma.

NCRA 360 Sprint Car Series

Butler County Speedway/Rising City, Nebraska

May 10, 2014

27 Cars

1st Heat: 1) Jack Dover, 2) Gregg Bakker, 3) Billy Alley, 4) Trevor Grossenbacher, 5) Jordan Boston, 6) Josh Riggins, 7) Ryan Roberts, 8) Jeff Stasa, 9) Jeff Dodge

2nd Heat: 1) Tyler Drueke, 2) CJ Johnson, 3) Jon Freeman, 4) John Klabunde, 5) Seth Brahmer, 6) Jeff Carlson, 7) Adam Kaser, 8) Gage Dorr, 9) Ryan Kitchen

3rd Heat: 1) Stu Snyder, 2) Cody Ledger, 3) Jason Danley, 4) Jeremy Campbell, 5) Jake Grieder, 6) Gregg Schuetz, 7) Rick Hansen, 8) JD Johnson, 9) Kevin Kay

B Feature: 1) JD Johnson, 2) Ryan Roberts, 3) Jeff Carlson, 4) Jeff Dodge, 5) Josh Riggins, 6) Adam Kaser, 7) Jake Grieder, 8) Jeff Stasa, 9) Gregg Schuetz, 10) Rick Hansen, 11) Gage Dorr, 12) Ryan Kitchen, 13) Kevin Kay

A Feature: 1) Jack Dover, 2) Tyler Drueke, 3) Stu Snyder, 4) Jordan Boston, 5) CJ Johnson, 6) Cody Ledger, 7) Jason Danley, 8) Billy Alley, 9) Jon Freeman, 10) Jeremy Campbell, 11) Jeff Dodge, 12) Seth Brahmer, 13) Gregg Bakker, 14) John Klabunde, 15) Ryan Roberts, 16) Jeff Carlson, 17) Trevor Grossenbacher, 18) JD Johnson, 19) John Riggins, 20) Adam Kaser

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