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START ready to get 'started'

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Contact: Dani Promotions, 512.736.2426


S.T.A.R.T ready to get ‘started’


An upstart group whose purpose is to promote local auto racing in Texas will hold an organizational meeting next Tuesday, Dec. 14 at Highland Lanes in Austin.


S.T.AR.T. - which stands for Supporting Texas Auto Racing Together – will meet at Highland Lanes at 7 p.m. on Dec. 14 with the intent of forming a governing board and defining group objectives.


“It’s my hope that we can outline the direction the group will take,” said S.T.AR.T. organizer Charles Buxton of Round Rock. “We’ll try and pound out a mission statement for the group as well as take steps to form a governing board and make a directory for the group. S.T.AR.T. is a group open to everyone and anyone who’s involved – or wants to be involved – with auto racing in Texas. Period. We’re not excluding anyone who’s interested in helping to promote the sport.”


Buxton added, “We’re hoping S.T.AR.T. can help the drivers, tracks, fans and officials in several different aspects. We’ll have a web site for the group, and it should be available shortly after this meeting.”


The group has received feedback from the Texasspeedzone.com web site. Buxton revealed a couple events coming up for the group, including:


* White Knuckle Racing will create and host the web site for the group


* S.T.AR.T. will host a Swap Meet at Thunder Hill Raceway (Kyle), which right now is scheduled for Feb. 12. “We’d like to thank THR co-owner Brian Callaway for allowing us to hold the meet at his track,” Buxton said. “Also, this is not to be seen as a fund-raiser for S.T.A.R.T. Instead, we’re just going to help all race teams share their equipment, car parts, etc. with each other so all teams involved are better prepared for the 2005 race season.”


* S.T.AR.T. will present a trophy at the THR banquet in January. “We’re going to call it the S.T.AR.T. Sportsman of the Year award, and it will be given to a driver from THR,” Buxton stated.


* Buxton also announced that Dani Promotions of Austin will handle the PR and Press Releases for the group.


* Dani Promotions owner Chuck Licata has offered to host a 15-minute PR seminar after the conclusion of the S.T.AR.T. meeting that will be held in January. The seminar will be free for everyone.


The group will also decide on a place and time for the January meeting next Tuesday. Buxton can be reached on his cell phone at (512) 431-3392 or at home at (512) 248-8172.

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Since I've had a couple of questions on directions....


Highlands Lanes is located at Hwy. 183 and Burnet Road in Austin, the lanes are on the north side of Burnet Road


From SOUTH...take IH-35 North to Hwy. 183 North..go to the Burnet Road exit..take a LEFT on Burnet Road (headed south)...Burnet Road is on your left-hand side on the other side of the Hwy. 183 overpass..


From NORTH..take IH-35 South to Hwy. 183 North..go to the Burnet Road exit..take a LEFT on Burnet Road (headed south)...Burnet Road is on your left-hand side on the other side of the Hwy. 183 overpass..


We're meeting in the Conference Room in Highlands Lanes..I've never been there but I'm sure you can ask the front desk when you walk in...

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A little orentation as for what else is around it....


There is an Olive Next to Highland Lanes and a Cavedar's Boots in the same shopping area.


Across Burnet road there is a Chili's an a Trudy's.


On the other side of 183, there is a Tiger Market on the corner of 183/Burnet, and a Blackeyed Pea on the other corner.


My crappy mspaint version...




Click on the picture for the actual mapquest version...


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In planning your start time, have you concidered those that might be interested that don't live in Austin?


Are you interested in incorporating dirt racers/people into the mix, too?


You bring up a good point. Since most of us are from the "asphalt world," we should make it very clear that we're talking to ALL racers--asphalt, dirt, drag, whatever...from ANYWHERE in Texas...


As I told Marc Madson, I'll be in Dallas sometime soon...if I get the blessing of START, I'll hold a START meeting for those in the DFW area...


For the record...ALL drivers, ALL fans, ALL track owners, ALL sponsors....ALL (from everywhere) are invited to attend a START meeting and get involved with the group..

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**** NEWS FLASH *******


Just got done speaking to one the the USRA officials as i was made aware the Terry Dickerson will be in Austin this week. I had asked Terry to join us for this meeting and it appears as of right now he should be able to join.


Terry will be talking about his plans for the USRA series, and where they stand at this current time.


We should be out of the meeting between 9 and 9:30 pm...





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* S.T.AR.T. will present a trophy at the THR banquet in January. “We’re going to call it the S.T.AR.T. Sportsman of the Year award, and it will be given to a driver from THR,” Buxton stated.

Presenting a tropy to a THR driver??....S.T.A.R.T. - Supporting THR Auto Racing Together? I thought this was going to be a Texas thing.

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I could be wrong about this but from my understanding, the award won't necessarily be awarded to a THR driver, we are just using the THR banquet to present it. Since we aren't big enough to have a ceremony of our own, we have to "borrow" one if you will.


As for who START is for, as we've stated many times, it's for everyone. Due to the fact that many of the original organizers are Austin based, many of the original meetings will take place in/around the Austin area. HOWEVER, after we are able to "iron out the kinks" in Austin, it will eventually be taken on the road by one of our representatives, but there should be more details about that in our next press release.


From a fans perspective, many great things were talked about at this last meeting and it appears as though START is going to be a great organization. We had involvement from literally every aspect of racing; Track Owners, Series Owners, Drivers, Crew Members and Fans. Everybody was able to voice their opinions without fear of persecution and everyone was very respectful to each other. START will be a great tool for Racing in Texas; it will just take a little time to get everything properly set up.


Chuck is on the road right now, but he should be releasing the minutes/press release from our last meeting when he can.

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I am not really part of their group, but have offered to help where I can...(I am way too mean and disruptive to be in a group setting as most of you know)...I can tell you they were trying to figure out the best way to work with all the tracks and were very concerned about it appearing a THR only kind of thing...that is not thier purpose...they were thinking one meeting would not be practical for people from CC, SA, and Austin given everyone's schedules...I think they wanted to find someone (or more) in CC to organize you guys and they did not want to offend the FASTCAR folks in SA, so they were trying to figure out the best way to work with like people in the SA area...It was a major topic and concern for them...


Jeez Aaron, Chuckman, & CL...ya'll did a great job getting everyone's attention, you better get some info out...

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Mike Riley

Start is not just for THR,but anyone that wants to participate.

If you have anything you would like to contribute feel free to call

or email or PM however you want to communicate.Start is a group

of drivers,fans,crews,tech officials,track officials,anyone that wants

to help support and promote auto racing.



The Shrimp

I was planning on attending the TTOPA meeting in SA this week to

meet all the track owners involved,but couldn't make it to their

meeting because of a scheduling conflict.



My number is on my signature and if anyone needs more info feel

free to call.We did not want to exclude anyone from being a part

of START.I hope with what Kahne Fan & 29LL have posted this helps.

START is new and can't cover the enire state now,but with help

from YOU it can grow to be something very good for auto racing.

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S.T.AR.T. will present a trophy at the THR banquet in January. “We’re going to call it the S.T.AR.T. Sportsman of the Year award, and it will be given to a driver from THR,” Buxton stated.


i think that might be the reason they think it is going to be a thr thing only............it will be pretty hard to be able to make it where drivers from all the tracks can attend, but hopefully you guys can get all the kinks worked out and this group can grow like you guys plan..............good luck

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pretty sure they will get the kinks out-maybe you can get a START group going at your track or city with somepeople being the spokespersons or reps for that group of owners/drivers/fans/tracks/etc-gather ideas from people in your area-then all reps from all groups meet somewhere on a regular basis to see what everybodys got to offer -work together-just give em a CHANCE-at least they are TRYING something-like they say-CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG ;)

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Shrimp do you want to help get START meetings started in CC. ???

I am sure a few of the board members would make a road trip to CC one Friday, or saturday to speak to the group, and help get things going in CC, but someone has to step up from CC to help set up a meeting.

I know that Charles has a few calls in to FASCAR in San Antonio to discuss START with them, but has not connected with them.

Start is not going to be able to do it without everyone getting involved. it is a venue for all Racing people to help grow the sport & to Give assistance & recognition to Texas racers in any way possible.

START is not about sharing information over the computer it is about bringing everyone in the racing community together to really make a difference.

It is easy for people to sit behind the computer & nit pick what Start is doing, but you need to ask your self " what have I done to help racing succeed today" before you make any kind of a comment.

In the past we have all just showed up to the race track each week , and expected the Track & fans to be there for us.

It is now everyones chance to step forward & help be a part of something that can make a difference in promoting our local sport.

START will only work if the people that it was created for join in to make it work.

START is not a group of people doing all the work , and then telling everyone what they did. It is group created for anyone who wants to help make racing succeed in Texas.

It is a chance to put all of our voices together to be heard loudly.

That is what I see Start doing for us all.

I hope they can make this happen.

Merry Christmas to all.


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