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talk doesn't equal action...


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YeeHah !!! We got your namecalling, we got your "I'll whip your ass" threats, we got some "Come get you some" responses...if someone would just claim an engine it would be a dirt track orgasm.


I've never met tq13 or 29ll but they each have said things that resonate with me. TQ13 said that promotion doesn't (100%) equal advertising.

29LL said that implementation of ideas is more critical to a successful result than just having 100's of thoughts.


Marc and I race part time in TAMS. It's what we have the time for and can afford. That said, I don't want the tracks to be in the red anymore than the guy with the nice bass boat wants the lake to be low.


It seems clear to me that when you need professional help, step one ought to be to identify and retain a professional. To that end, I will send $100 to start a fund to retain a professional marketing person to assist START/TTOPA,etc. I will leave it to those closer to the action to hassle out who should hold the money and who should be retained, etc. It would seem that START/TTOPA could make that call.

Pick a lane...action or conversation.

Let me know where to send the money.


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Thank you for the offer and it will be accepted.. One of the issues that we will have is everything costs $$$.... There are several people behind start right now that are working their tails off to get the wheel moving in a forward direction... Very soon in a press release, and as well at the 12/14 meeting there will be some good news that will be covered with S.T.A.R.T.


I am not going to be letting the cat out of the bag however Charles Buxton, Chuck L. and myself.. have been in heavy contact.. Not to mention several others. Now is the time for action... We are not talking talk.. We are WALKING the WALK...

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