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Herrman sweeps Stocks, Andrews claims Outlaw win at Port City


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Herrman Sweeps Stock Division and Andrews Claims Outlaw Victory on a Windy, Action Packed Port City Night!

by Brian Walker

Tulsa, OK (April 27, 2014) - Yet another night of crazy and intense action at Port City Raceway reeled in a total of 142 entries as the usual six micro divisions were all in competition. Drivers all across the board were looking for the big momentum heading into this weekends prestigious 14th annual Non-Wing Nationals.

Through eight events and four point races the Tulsa, Oklahoma track has managed to average a car count of 132.1 entries per race and has produced an astonishing 20 different winners. These amazing stats are already starting to prove that Port City has produced one of the toughest fields of competition in recent years.

This weekend will see the return of the 14th annual Non-Wing Nationals as one of the more prestigious events held at Port City will force all cars topless. A two day show always featuring 150+ machines battling it out to claim a Non-Wing Nationals title. Preliminary night on Friday will feature a top four lock in to championship features on Saturday night.

A full breakdown of the action packed night can be found below along with results. Go to www.portcityracin.com for further information.


A field of 16 Jr. Sprints made their way to Port City Raceway as three heat races, but no B-Main this week would ensue. Only three different victors have claimed a win in the Jr. Sprint division as Jake Nail has carried the onslaught bringing in his division high two victories. Baron Silva, Holley Hollan, and Connor Lee all claimed preliminary heat race action.

Once the green flag dropped in the feature event it was Emilio Hoover who shot straight to the lead before the red flag flew for a huge multi car pileup on lap one. Hoover would lead the opening laps before Noah Gass would rocket from his 10th place starting position and into the race lead. Not far behind the #25 of Gass was the so far dominator of the Jr. Sprint division in Jake Nail as he climbed into second.

Shortly after halfway the yellow flag would fly and allow the field to bunch back up. This restart allowing Nail to fly past Gass and take the lead in his Mike Ross Inc. #14r. Also tagging along with the young veteran would be Shawn Mahaffey as he jumped into second.

Jake Nail would continue to slaughter the rest of the field and walk away with the victory to claim his fourth win of the season! Shawn Mahaffey finished second, Noah Gass charged from 10th to claim third, Hank Davis stormed from 15th to fourth, and Connor Lee rounded out the top five.

A-Main (20 laps): 1. Jake Nail (11), 2. Shawn Mahaffey (6), 3. Noah Gass (10), 4. Hank Davis (15), 5. Connor Lee (12), 6. Grady Mercer (13), 7. Holley Hollan (14), 8. Gunner Bowden (8), 9. J Brady Hilton (5), 10. Rees Moran (9), 11. Grayson Gaddy (4), 12. Baron Silva (7), 13. Preston Scheulen (2), 14. Kale Drake (3), 15. Hayden Mabe (16), 16. Emilio Hoover (1).

Hard Charger(s): Hank Davis +11


Another stellar count of 28 entries in the A-Class division led into a four heat, B-Main program. With point leader of Frank Flud battling it out in POWRi action in Illinois, the victory and point lead was up for grabs. Heat race action would be claimed by Lonnie Fraley, Jase Martin, David Proffitt, and Benjamin Koelsch while Tyler Vandiver earned the B-Main victory.

After an opening red flag for two flips on the first lap, it was an all-out battle for the lead between multiple drivers. Jeremy Lucito, Austin Helt, and Brittany Yarwood would mount an incredible wheel to wheel battle for the lead in the opening laps before a yellow would bring the excitement to a screeching halt.

Meanwhile it was A-Class veterans of Jordan Herrman, Chris Andrews, and Jason Tracy charging from the rear of the field. Quickly enough it was Helt, Joey Baker, Herrman, and Andrews fighting to claim the lead. As the battle grew intense contact between Helt and Andrews would send the Tulsa Sod & Mulch #77 flipping wildly as it came to an abrupt halt and stuck in the backstretch fence. The driver would be fine and action would resume.

The ensuing restart would see the #92 Sawyer Chassis of Herrman explode into the lead and set sail on the field. The Jay, Oklahoma native would easily hold on to claim his second victory of the season and earn hard charger rights. Kris Carroll would make a late race pass to finish second, Jason Tracy closed the podium, Joey Baker charged from 14th to fourth, and Austin Lambert pulled off another incredible top five run this time from 16th.

A-Main (25 laps): 1. Jordan Herrman (12), 2. Kris Carroll (10), 3. Jason Tracy (9), 4. Joey Baker (14), 5. Austin Lambert (16), 6. Tyler Vandiver (13), 7. Austin Helt (5), 8. Brittany Yarwood (6), 9. Jeremy Lucito (3), 10. Jase Martin (7), 11. Chris Andrews (11), 12. Karley Kay Dobson (8), 13. Raymond Moore (15), 14. Benjamin Koelsch (2), 15. David Proffitt (4), 16. Lonnie Fraley (1).

Hard Charger(s): Jordan Herrman and Austin Lambert +11


A total of 21 machines came to battle it out in the Restricted division as three heat races, a B-Main, and the 25 lap feature would tackle the treacherous 1/8th mile. A night that would see new faces step into the spotlight and familiar faces fall would create one exciting feature event. Heat race action would belong to Cole Roberts, Kaylee Bryson, and Jace McIntosh as Quinton Standlee won the B-Main.

The feature would see Bailey Stringer quickly bolt into the lead from her sixth place starting position and hunt down the checkered flag. The first half of the race would go all green until a galore of yellows would haunt the second half of the race. Trenton Jackson who started second in his #49 had been stalking Stringer all race long and was ready to pounce in the final laps.

One final green-white-checkered set up a shootout between Stringer, Jackson, and Tristan Oakes. The Owasso native who had led all race long was determined to fend off the two charging drivers and she would do just that, as Bailey Stringer in her Randys Automotive and Alignment #37b would edge Jackson at the line to win in a photo finish! Jackson would settle for a heartbreaking second, Tristan Oakes charged from 12th to claim third, Kaylee Bryson battled to fourth, and Noah Harris closed out the top five.

A-Main (25 laps): 1. Bailey Stringer (6), 2. Trenton Jackson (2), 3. Tristan Oakes (12), 4. Kaylee Bryson (8), 5. Noah Harris (11), 6. Cannon McIntosh (7), 7. Cole Roberts (4), 8. Nate Burkett (15), 9. Blake Battles (14), 10. Blake Hulland (9), 11. Grady Widener (5), 12. Jace McIntosh (3), 13. Connor Kelly (16), 14. Quinton Standlee (13), 15. Jaiden Hughes (1), 16. Zac Moody (10).

Hard Charger(s): Tristan Oakes +9


The biggest class of the night of the Non-Wing division reeled in 31 cars all set to duke it out topless. Four heat races, two B-Mains, and the always exciting 25 lap feature would lineup the night. Cole Lambert, Ronnie James, Brittany Yarwood, and Thomas Tracy would win the heat races while Trenton Borchers and Daniel Shaffer earned the B-Main victories.

It was the Broken Arrow native of Yarwood who jumped into the lead from her pole position during the opening laps. Jordan Herrman, coming off of an impressive A-Class victory ripped the wings off for topless action and immediately roared to life in the Non-Wing feature while rocketing from ninth to third in the opening five laps.

After a yellow around lap 10 slowed Yarwoods pace down, it would be Herrman in his #92 Sawyer Chassis who stormed into the race lead for the second time on the night. As the Jay native began to tear apart the 16 car field, Jason Tracy would move his #25 into the runner up position and start to hunt down Herrman.

Tracy wouldnt hold second for long as the #89 of Jarrett Crouch capitalized on a Tracy mistake and took over second himself. Tracy nor Crouch could stop the #92 however as Jordan Herrman would go on to sweep the stock divisions and claim his third victory of 2014! Jarrett Crouch would settle for second, Jason Tracy grabbed third, Thad Bennett claimed fourth, and Grady Chandler charged from 15th to fifth.

A-Main (25 laps): 1. Jordan Herrman (9), 2. Jarrett Crouch (11), 3. Jason Tracy (10), 4. Thad Bennett (5), 5. Grady Chandler (15), 6. Rayce Bowen (6), 7. Trenton Borchers (13), 8. Thomas Tracy (2), 9. Daniel Shaffer (14), 10. JD Harris (16), 11. Brittany Yarwood (1), 12. Rodney Maner (7), 13. Ronnie James (8), 14. Cole Lambert (3), 15. Austin Helt (4), 16. Chris Andrews (12).

Hard Charger(s): Grady Chandler +10


The always popular Sportsman division would see a count of 28 cars show up for the fourth point race as a four heat, B-Main program would be ran. Brandon Henson, Raymond Hill, Chris Doss, and David Doss all claimed heat race action while Charles Corte picked up the B-Main victory. Tulsa native Raymond Hill would line up alongside Copan resident of Jeremy Wickham to pace the 16 car feature field.

Wickham would immediately take the race lead in his #21 machine and Raymond Hill would drop back in second. The #82 of David Doss would sneak by Hill shortly before halfway and stalk down the race leader of Wickham. At the halfway point Doss was all over Wickham and hounding him corner after corner. Finally, on the 14th circuit Doss was able to guide his Chaos Racing machine around Wickham and into the lead.

A pack full of yellows would haunt the race in the final five laps, but nothing could slow down the #82 as David Doss would walk away to claim his first win of the season! Jeremy Wickham would settle for second, Ricky Glover Sr. charged from 11th to third, Ethan Pruitt claimed fourth, and Craig Carroll finished fifth.

A-Main (25 laps): 1. David Doss (7), 2. Jeremy Wickham (2), 3. Ricky Glover Sr. (11), 4. Ethan Pruitt (3), 5. Craig Carroll (12), 6. Luke Tipton (6), 7. Brandon Henson (8), 8. Charles Corte (13), 9. Taylor Garrison (10), 10. Cody Cole (15), 11. Blake Hodges (4), 12. Isaac Barr (9), 13. Danny Clum (16), 14. Raymond Hill (1), 15. Ken Simmons (14), 16. Chris Doss (5).

Hard Charger(s): Ricky Glover Sr. +8


The action packed Outlaw division pulled in a count of 20 cars as a three heat, B-Main program would lineup the feature event. With division leading winners of Frank Flud and Scott Sawyer both in action in Illinois, the door was open for a new winner to be claimed. Adrian Cobbs, Harley Hollan, and David McIntosh would win heat races while Travis Harris dominated the B-Main.

The pole sitter of Adrian Cobbs would immediately take the lead before a yellow would slow the action. Just a few laps later on a restart it would be Cobbs in his #44 machine who would bring out the red flag after taking a vicious flip on the cushion. Cobbs would prove to be fine and Karley Kay Dobson would take over the race lead. Meanwhile Chris Andrews and Harley Hollan had been picking off car after car on their drive into the top five from the back of the pack.

The 13th circuit would see Andrews power his Justin Blevins owned #8 Sawyer Chassis around Dobson on the cushion and into the race lead. Not far behind the Tulsa native was Hollan in his Harley Hollan Companies #14. Lap after lap Hollan would slim down Andrews lead and slowly close in on him, but was starting to run out of laps.

As the laps winded down Hollan couldnt reach the #8 machine in time as Chris Andrews would claim his fourth victory of the year. Hollan would charge from 10th to claim second, Travis Harris moved ten spots from 13th to third, Karley Kay Dobson finished fourth, and Jason Tracy claimed fifth.

A-Main (25 laps): 1. Chris Andrews (9), 2. Harley Hollan (10), 3. Travis Harris (13), 4. Karley Kay Dobson (4), 5. Jason Tracy (12), 6. Ryan Ratliff (8), 7. Jerry McGinnis (7), 8. Layne Himebaugh (15), 9. Grady Chandler (16), 10. Kris Carroll (14), 11. Delaney Jost (6), 12. David McIntosh (5), 13. Danny James (2), 14. Jake Rosario (11), 15. Adrian Cobbs (1), 16. Kenny Koelsch (3).

Hard Charger(s): Travis Harris +10

Action at the high banked 1/8th mile track in Tulsa, Oklahoma will resume this weekend as the 14th annual Non-Wing Nationals will get underway this Friday and Saturday, May 2-3. All four divisions of Jr. Sprints, Restricted, Stock, and Outlaw will go topless for two action packed nights of racing.

Port City is also proud to announce that Micro Sprint Nation will be in town for the Non-Wing Nationals to film the Stock and Outlaw division on both Friday and Saturday night. MSN will be providing this video on-demand, so you can relive all the enticing action later next week on www.microsprintnation.com.

General admission for adults is $10, kids 6-12 and senior citizens are $6, kids under five get in free, and pit passes are $25. For more information you can visitwww.portcityracin.com, Port City Raceway, Inc. on Facebook,www.microoutlaws.com, call (918) 694-0442, or the track phone at (918) 438-7856.

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