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Attention alll potential USRA drivers


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To all:

First, let me thank all of you who have emailed or called me in support of my new position with USRA..Your kind words and thoughts are much appreciated...


Second, I need your help. I need to gather driver information for anyone who is going to run with USRA next season; we need the info for my records and for the Driver Profiles we're going to have on the USRA web site (due up on Dec. 31st).


We'll keep it simple...PLEASE send me your email addy, your phone number (day number, night number and/or cell number) and your city of residence to me at chucklicata@hotmail.com. Please send it ASAP, and I'll contact you to get the rest of the information that I'll need.


Thank you, and thanks for your support of not only USRA, but of local racing in general! :D


Chuck Licata

USRA Marketing Director

(512) 736.2426

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