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Online World Cup 300 at I-70 Speedway


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Jason suggested that I post this announcement here, as some may be interested. The United Shorttrack Alliance is one of the oldest online leagues, and we host races with the BGN (we call these our Late Models), CTS, Aero 88 (our Street Stocks) and Srpint Car mods for NR2003. We are ome of tje few short track only leagues on the net; in fact, about the longest track you will see on our schedules is about 5/8 mile..


We are hosting the World Cup 300 on December 11 and 12 at I70 Speedway. This race weekend was originally scheduled as the Snowball Derby at Five Flags, but a couple of minor issues with the track prompted USA Series Officials to move the event to I70 Speedway. The Schedule of Events is as follows:


Saturday night, December 11, 2004:


5:00pm EST: Drivers’ meeting via TeamSpeak http://www.goteamspeak.com


5:30pm EST: Practice for Late Models (BGN mod, http://www.theuspits.com )


6:00pm EST: Qualifying for World Cup 300, quickest 20 cars transfer to Sunday’s feature


Following qualifying: Heat races (number of heats to be determined by number of cars arriving at track); 4 cars transfer to Sunday’s feature


Following Late Model heats: Sprint Car practice and 25-lap feature (start straight up; no qualifying, no yellows) (available at http://www.ow-racing.com ; *PLEASE READ THE READ-ME IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS!* USA Series will NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OF DATA, TRACKS, CAR FILES, etc. if it crashes your game! Best bet is to make a fresh in stall of NR2003, rename the main NR2003 folder ; install the patch, the BGN mod, the Trucks, then the Trans-Am mod ; visit the OW-Racing forums for any install issues) Following Sprint Cars: 15-minute Street Stock practice (Aero88 mod, http://www.theuspits.com/sims/nascar_racin...ing/aero88.html )


Street Stock Nationals 125-lap feature (qualifying then feature; start straight-up)



Sunday afternoon, December 12, 2004:


6:30pm EST: Drivers’ meeting


7:00pm EST: 15-minute practice for Late Models


7:15pm EST: Last-chance race


Following last chance race: 10 minutes hot laps for World Cup 300


Top 20 cars from time trials will qualify for starting spot in World Cup 300; last eight starters will start at tail


World Cup 300-lap feature for DOM/USA Super Series Late Models


**Fastest 20 qualifiers from Saturday will transfer to feature on Sunday. Next four will come through heat races; next two through last-chance race; and last two starters will come from Promoters’ Options not already in the field. Total of 28 starters.**


For complete rules, procedures, etc., go to the USA Series site: http://www.usaseries.net Screenshots from early 2004 events can be found in the Screenshots section of http://www.see86go.com


If anyone has any questions, look me up on AIM as Strtstk86.

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