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To all who are new!


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To all the new Guys,


I would really recommend you all get teamspeak (TS) and a MIC (if you dont already have one). Teamspeak is what we use to Voice chat instead of typing while racing.

What you need to do if you want to use TeamSpeak is;

Getting Setup

1. Download the TS-Client for Windows or Linux/Unix. Whichever you use here; TeamSpeak Download Page.

2. Once you download it, install it and open it.

3. Once you have opened the program up top you will see "Connection" click that and then on the dropdown menu you will see "Quick Connect", click that.

4. When the Quick connect window is open you will see "Server address" with a typing field under it, in that field type then under "Nickname" enter any name you would like to use. For the "Username" and "Password" fields leave them blank! Press "Connect". And you should then be in the TSZ Teamspeak server!


Im in the server right now, so you should see my name in the list.

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alttuede got it workin. Be sure you leave the Loginname and password field BLANK! Under server address enter

For nick name enter what ever name you want, then press connect.

Try it twice, alt said he had to... lol

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