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Snowball postponed until Sat. Dec. 11th @6pm


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I was told that most drivers preferred this over Monday night. There was also a concern about the weather on Monday.They expect most if not all of the drivers back. There were only a couple that weren't 100%. it sucks, but I guess after 36 years of never getting rained out it was due.

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Just got back from Pensacola, we were in rain all the way back to Baton Rouge, ain't any way they'd have gotten it in.


In the modifieds, 3 TAMS regulars made the tow. Jerry Schild qualified 17th, and finished 5th, I think. Jason Boyd qualified about 15th, ran about 7th or 8th. Martin Lyall finished about 11th-13th. Attrition race from start to finish.


Last chance race for the Snowball was all Casey Smith.

Snowflake was a crash-fest, David Hole won it.


Times are off not about a second from when they did all the soaking,

but you can keep the tires under the car a little better on a long run.


Brandon stated at the Kyle ROMCO meeting that they backed out of going, and Welch pulled his entries after he had to return to Houston. Did not hear why.

The best coverage is at this site:

51 Sports

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By:Bob Smith

David Hole claimed the win in the Allen Turner Snowflake 100

David Hole held off Bubba Pollard in a green-white-checker shootout to claim the win in the Allen TurnerSnowflake 100 tonight. Hole starting on the outside front row never slipped back beyond third, holding second throughout most of the first half, and the lead when it counted.


As the green flag fell on the field of 36 super late models it was Eddie Massingill pulling out into the lead with Hole in second. Yellow flew early as a multi-car accident in turn two brought the caution out on lap two. Then again the caution flew on lap five for a second wreck in turn two.


Once the field spread out a little it was green running – for a while at least – with Massingill checking out on Hole in second. Donald Long held the third position until being shuffled back by Evan Jackson at lap eleven. When Royce Johnston looped it around on the front straight at lap twelve, caution waved once more. Massingill led Hole to the caution with Jackson third.


As the field got their first real green flag run Ryan Crane moved to challenge Jackson for third, taking the position on lap twenty one. Massingill enjoyed a good lead over Hole as Crane set his sights on second, claiming the position on lap twenty-three.


By lap twenty-nine Crane has set his sights on the lead, battling with Massingill until taking over the point on lap thirty. Massingill, the early dominant force slipped back into the clutches of Hole, who moved back up into second on lap thirty-four. Massingill’s stint at the front eroded as Ronnie Sanders picked off the third position on lap forty-six.


When a wreck in turn four brought out the yellow on lap sixty-seven the field began pit stops. Hole emerged from the pit stops in the lead with Bubba Pollard in second and Sanders third.


Hole pulled out in the lead as the green waved again and the race progressed green until Ryan Crane and Gary Young wrecked in turn three and caution flew again on lap eight-two. Hole held the lead with Pollard second and Sanders still third.


A lap ninety-seven restart seen the big one come as thirteen cars piled up in turn four. Everyone, with the exception of the lead five cars – Hole, Pollard, Sanders, Jackson and Keith Thorpe were involved as the race went red for cleanup.


Hole maintained the lead for the restart with Pollard second and Sanders third. Caution flew for the final time on lap ninety-nine, setting up a green-white-checkered sprint for the win.


With 104 laps completed, David Hole took the checkered flag in the Allen Turner Snowflake 100. Pollard claimed second and Sanders crossed in third.


Finish – 1. David Hole 2. Bubba Pollard 3. Ronnie Sanders 4. Evan Jackson 5. Cale Gale 6. Charlie Menard 7. Keith Thorpe 8. Ryan Foster 9. Jack Landis 10. Michael Lance 11. Lorenzo Benton 12. Stanley Smith 13. Roger Reuse 14. Mark Chrudimsky 15. Donald Long 16. Chad Brawn 17. Keith Cahela 18. Eddie Massingill 19. Brandon Vaughn 20. Todd Bates 21. Ryan Crane 22. Greg Young 23. Kevin Rehwinkle 24. Eddie Craig 25. Chris Cotto 26. Nathan Davis 27. Royce Johnston 28. Wes Loyd 29. Roger Delk 30. Frank King 31. Tim Baker 32. Rich Aime 33. Nathan Ingersoll 34. Chris Serio 35. J.D. Haase 36. Eric Courville


The last Chance race, a 25-lapper, to qualify for the 37th Annual Snowball Derby® seen thirteen cars take the green flag with Casey Smith taking the win from the pole. More important than the win, was being in the top five as those were the transfer positions to make tomorrows Snowball Derby® field.


Four cautions punctuated the short race as everyone ran for the top five spots. When the checkered flag flew it was Casey Smith taking the win and securing a berth in the Derby. Larry Raines took second, Ken McFarland third, Wayne Niedecken Jr fourth and the final transfer slot belonged to Charlie Menard.


Not making the field were Jack Landis, Grant Enfinger, Heath Hindman, Brandon Vaughn, Tab Boyd, Bubba Naumann, Eddie Massengill and Todd Trinkle.



Tim Martin celebrates after his Snowball Derby® 75-lap Modified feature win

Tim Martin claimed his second Snowball Derby® Modified win in as many years, taking the victory over the starting field of thirty-three. When the green fell, it was the 2004 Five Flags Speedway season champion, Sammy McMullen, into the lead from the pole. McMullen’s reign was short, slowing on lap 2 as Jeff Letson inherited the point then pitting at lap three.


When Andy Pugh moved to the lead it looked like he was the clear winner, pulling away and leaving the battles to be fought over second place. The field went under red for a wreck, and when it was time to restart Pugh was out of fuel. After time in the pits for fuel Pugh rejoined the tail of the field for the restart as Martin became the new race leader.


Martin never relinquished the lead as the race progressed, including two more restarts from caution. When the checkered flag waved it was Tim Martin racking up the 75-lap feature race win with Scott Barbaric in second and Tod Martin third.


Finish – 1. Tim Martin 2. Scott Barbaric 3. Tod Martin 4. Rege Hellett 5. Gary Sutton 6. Jerry Schild 7. Jason Boyd 8. David Smith 9. Billy Melvin 10. Tommy Martin 11. Kevin Peel 12. Steve Williams 13. Clay Mims 14. John Thomas 15. Martin Lyall 16. Andy Pugh 17. Larry Lambeth 18. Brian White 19. Eddie Craig Jr. 20. Jerry Bohlman 21. Barry Ross 22. Jeff Letson 23. Tim Goldsby 24. Bull Tutchtone 25. Tommy Aaron 26. Dale Pugh 27. John Hartman 28. Neil Kemp Sr. 29. Kris Bean 30. Bob Williams 31.Wesley Stephens 32. Sammy McMullen 33. Mike Sharp

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We just got back from Pensacola. We hung around the track and visited with Wayne and a few members of his team.


We heard that:

Gary St. Amant might not be able to make it back.

David Hole withdrew.

And there were two others who also withdrew. I can't remember exactly who at the moment.

That's what we heard anyway.


As far as I know the cars are not impounded. There were some financial concerns about the expense of returning—hotel rooms, food, travel expenses etc. Those were all worked out.


I met a family from San Antonio and I met txtom. We are planning to make the trip back next weekend. Drive down Friday, watch the race on Saturday, drive home Sunday. For us it is about a 12 1/2 hr. drive. We paid to watch Wayne race...didn't happen so we are going back! BUT we are going to keep a very close eye on the weather. Anyone else crazy enough to do this?

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When we go back next weekend we may have to take the kids with us this time. My hubby and I bought VIP (4-day) passes for the pits and reserved seating in the grandstands. I called the track and they are making 'concessions' for tickets...you will be able to buy a pit pass next weekend for $40 good for Saturday. They are going to let the pit passed people sit in the general admin section to watch the race all for the $40. Last weekend people who had pit passes were not allowed in the grandstands.


I think it's a really good deal.


If you go let me know by Thursday evening. We'll have to at least say hello.


Oh, and for anyone returning...keep your armband and your ticket, they are honoring them for next weekend.

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It was great to meet ya, Cindy. Too bad it rained, but we are crazy enough that we also are making the trip back next weekend.

For anyone making the trip, not much construction in the way. We left Pensacola at 1:00 PM Sunday, and I was at my house in Schertz at 11:00 PM.


Some names that have conflicts are Charlie Menard, Stanley Smith, and Gary St Amant. Supposedly St Amant has re-arranged so he can be there.

Another driver, Steve Dorer, is scheduled to be at the PRI show in Indy this weekend, but will be trying to fly back down there Saturday.

David Hole had a previous family vacation planned, which caused his withdrawal.

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I might make the trip, not sure yet. It's a ten hour drive from S.A. if you don't stop to eat, but just for gas and watch out for the Texas Patrols, they were stopping people all over the place. Rain outs always happen, the only difference is that this race is very expensive, and having to make the trip again, will just add a lot more to the cost. I'm pretty sure these race teams are use to it anyway.


txtom, Jerry Schild came out 6th. That guy who came out 5th jumped the start and passed Jerry on the outside before the start/finish line and he did not have enough laps to get the position back. The guy had done this twice and Jerry got around him the first time. I guess there is nothing he could do, because both times he was just lined up single file behind the four guys in front of him. Wasn't that a big mess Ronnie Sanders caused in the Snowflake. He never got going on the restart and caused that 13 car pile up, but at least he came out 3rd. Don't forget last year they took that race away from John 'boy' Wilkinson III for jumping the restart, eventhough there wasn't anybody going to pass him, what a rip-off!

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You'd think I was in the senior section with the two old codgers I go down there with......

My dad is pushing hard on 70, and my buddy Steve Klestinec will see 60 in a couple months. Gotta give them an extra few minutes in the morning for their daily Metamucil.


By the way, Jason, the track does not have a kiddie korral, so make sure if you go to bring your coloring books and some crayons. After all, a youngster has gotta stay busy.......

I'll buy your first bag of boiled peanuts, they should fascinate you for a few minutes!

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