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American Iron Horse Modified Nationals

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American Iron Horse of Pharr Modified Nationals @ Rio Grande Speedway, 12/2-5/04


The 25 lap Limited Modified A-qualifier started with defending champion, Howard Willis and Bobby Fehring on the front row. As green waved Ben Haddox and Ronny Gould got hooked together, while Willis grabbed the point. The two were able to get themselves undone and continue, but well behind the field. On lap 2 Justin Raybourn and Bobby Fehring were side by side for second when R. Gould stopped in turn 1.


On the restart, Jeff Walker and Adam Schach got tangled in turn 4, to bring the caution back out. Once back under green, Jerry Aylor got by Kevin Sitton to snag fourth on lap 4. Raybourn and Fehring were back battling wheel to wheel on lap 5, with Fehring keeping the spot and catching Willis in the process. Fehring dove low in turns 1-2 and got along side Willis taking the top spot on lap 7.


By lap 10, Fehring was begining to inch away from Willis. Aylor ran down and passed Raybourn for third on lap 12, bringing Sitton along to fourth. At halfway the top five were Fehring, Willis, Aylor, Sitton and Raybourn. Willis was able to reel Fehring back in while in traffic on lap 16, with a three wide battle for third behind them.


Once clear, Fehring regained an advantage over Willis, while the third place battle continued. Chester Cox rolled to stop on lap 21 to bring out the yellow. On the restart, Sitton exploded a motor to keep the yellow out. Fehring got a good jump as green waved again, while Raybourn looked for a way under Willis. The two were wheel to wheel on lap 23 giving Fehring the chance tolengthen his lead. As the checkers waved it was Fehring taking the victory.

1 Bobby Fehring

2 Howard Willis

3 Justin Raybourn

4 Jerry Aylor

5 Gary Clark

6 Jeff Wood

7 Edward Oakes

8 Charlie Pharris

9 Ben Haddox

10 Billy Gould

11 Billy Garza

12 David Marroquin

13 Roger Faulker

14 Rick Rodgers

15 George Rodriguez

16 Kevin Sitton

17 Chester Cox

18 Travis Brandt

19 Anthony O'Hanlon

20 Brad Brumley

21 Jeff Walker

22 David Karickoff

23 Ronny Gould

24 Adam Schach



The first of two Modified A-qualifiers was the make up feature for Thursday night to set the inside six positions for the big money race. John Allen and Scott Drake paced the 23 car field green for the 25 lapper. Allen got into turn 1 first, but yellow quickly waved when Johnny Brown stopped. The second try was almost a repeat, but this time it was Mike McCoy stopping before the completion of lap 1.


The third time was a charm as Allen snared the top spot to lead lap 1. Justin Raybourn rolled to a stop on the edge of the front stretch, while two other cars stopped off the back stretch to bring out a yellow on lap 3. Back under green, Drake slipped high from second, allowing Paul White, Wayne Brooks and Eddie Martin to get past. Whit Broussard, who had a sputtering motor from the start, finally broke and stopped lap 5 for a yellow.


Martin grabbed third from Brooks on the restart and moved in on White taking second on lap 6, just as caution waved. At one end, Eddie Butt lost a driveshaft while at the other Brown and TJ Huston got together, with the yellow being charged to Butt. On the restart Martin slid over the turn1-2 berm and fell back to near last. Jim Mikulencak brought out yellow on lap 7 when he lost a driveshaft.


On the restart the top three had just separated out when Ed Cox found the front stretch wall. Allen got some distance on White and Brooks as they banged wheels battling for second on lap 9. But White recovered and closed back in on Allen, while Brown and Robbie Starnes fought wheel to wheel for fifth. Starnes good run came to and end on lap 12 when he spit the driveshaft out.


Once back to green at halfway it was Allen, White, Brooks, Drake Brown in the top five. White snuck inside Allen to lead lap 13 as the duo ran side by side on laps 13-15. Martin worked his way back to a transfer spot on lap 15. White slid high in turn 4 giving Allen the chance to snare the lead back on lap 16. Brooks slowed on lap 17 with a flat and was forced to pit.


With five to go Allen and White were nose to tail with a big lead over Drake, Adam Schach and Martin. Allen got a three carb length edge on White on lap 23, while Drake, Martin and Schach were three wide for third. Schach broke and slid over the turn 2 hill on the final lap from that battle. In the meantime, Allen was holding off White to take the checkers.


1 John Allen

2 Paul White

3 Eddie Martin

4 Scott Drake

5 Johnny Brown

6 Bobby Maupin

7 Russell Moore

8 Jesse Manning

9 Adam Schach

10 Jerry Waugh

11 Wayne Brooks

12 Robbie Starnes

13 TJ Huston

14 Steve Majek

15 Jim Mikulencak

16 Eddie Butt

17 Mike McCarthy

18 Ed Cox

19 Whit Broussard

20 Justin Raybourn

21 Lupe Gomez

22 Adan Arambula

23 Mike McCoy

Mark Patterson----DNS


Kenneth Cox and the 2003 nationals champion, Jason Hughes led the 23 car field for the start of A-qualifier #2, the make up for Friday nights show to fill the outside six rows in the big A-main. Hughes jumped out first to lead the first circuit, while Elias Anderson and Steve Whiteaker ran side by side for third. Whiteaker slipped over the turn 1-2 hill and fell back to tenth a lap later.


Randy Timms had a similar fate when he slid high from second and fell to fourth on lap 3. By lap 5 Hughes had built a big lead over K.Cox, Lawrence Mikulencak and Timms. Hughes caught heavy traffic on lap 9 but diced his way through without losing much ground. Timms retook third from L.Mikulencak on lap 10. At the crossed flags it was Hughes, K. Cox, Timms, L.Mikulencak and Anderson rounding out the top five spots.


Lap 13 was unlucky for L.Mikulencak as he spun in turn 4, at the same time Dennis Lege' was stopping on the back stretch. K. Cox took a look inside Hughes on the restart, but was unable to get past. Wade Bates snagged fourth from Timms on lap 14 as he worked his way forward. Howard Willis broughtb out a yellow on lap 14 after, guess what, losing a driveshaft.


The top three got away clean on the restart, with a three wide scrap going for fourth. Phil Dixon chunked a spring on lap 16 to bring out another caution. K. Cox hit a rut as the green waved and wheel hopped Randy Frailey who stopped in turn 4. Bates gave Hughes a peek inside once back to green, but Hughes held steady. Timms moved along side Bates on lap 19 as they fought for second.


The final yellow came on lap 20 when Richie Tosh and Dale Flanagan both stopped with flats. Timms and Bates stayed wheel to wheel on the restart, giving Hughes the chance to get away. Hughes and Timms began to get away, while Bates fell in the clutches of K. Cox and Anderson for third. L. Mikulencak closed in the that battle making it a foursome in the fi8nal laps for the last transfer spot. Hughes took the win by several car lengths, as the final transfer spot down to the last corner. L. Mikulencak was able to eke out the position by about 2-3 inches.


1 Jason Hughes

2 Randy Timms

3 Kenneth Cox

4 Wade Bates

5 Chad Wheeler

6 Lawrence Mikulencak

7 Elias Anderson

8 Garrett Durrett

9 Brandon Morton

10 Richie Tosh

11 Lindsey Shields

12 Dale Flanagan

13 Randy Frailey

14 Brian Boram

15 Phil Dixon

16 Steve Whiteaker

17 Kevin Sitton

18 Howard Willis

19 James Schach

20 Dennis Lege'

21 John Whittington

22 Gary Clark

23 Barney Solis

Brandon Blaylock----DNS

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