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Snowball Derby starting lineup


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37th annual Snowball Derby starting lineup


1. Gary Helton


2. Jay Middleton


3. Steve Wallace


4. Kevin Cywinski


5. Justin Drawdy


6. Randy Gentry


7. David Hole


8. Scott Carlson


9. Wayne Anderson


10. Ricky Turner


11. Hal Goodson


12. Ryan Crane


13. Joey Miller


14. JR Norris


15. Donald Long


16. Scott Smith


17. Scott Hantz


18. Matt Hawkins


19. Mike Fritts


20. Greg Davidson


21. Chris Davidson


22. Stanley Smith


23. Charlie Bradberry


24. Eddie Mercer


25. Gary St. Amant


26. Mike Garvey


27. Fredrick Moore


28. Billy McGinnis


29. Landon Cassill


30. Steve Dorer


31. Casey Smith (last chance race)


32. Larry Raines (last chance race)


33. Ken McFarland (last chance race)


34. Junior Neidecken (last chance race)


35. Charlie Menard (last chance race)


36. Wes Loyd (track points provisional)


37. Ronnie Sanders (track point provisional)


38. Dave Mader III (past champion provisional)




Failed To Make The Show:


Bubba Nauman


Jeremy Pate


Eddie Massengill


Grant Enfinger


Jack Landis


Brandon Vaughn


Lee Hansard


Heath Hindman


Todd Trinkle


Larry Raines


Tab Boyd


Roger Reuse


Wayne Willard


T Wade Welch


William Wambles


Keith Cahela


Regan Baker


Cale Gale


Dale Little


Todd Jones

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