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American Iron Horse Modified Nationals

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Sorry for the mis-titling of previous posts. This year American Iron Horse of Pharr picked up the title sponsorship deal.


Limited Modified heats--to set line-up for B-mains


1 Adam Schach

2 Gary Clark

3 Howard Willis

4 Jerry Aylor


Modified heats to set b-main line ups


1 Steve Majek

2 Bobby Maupin

3 Jason Hughes

4 Paul White

5 Chad Wheeler

6 Dustin Boney

7 Kenny Gaddis

8 Chris Brown

9 Steve Holzkamper

10 Chris Anderson


Limited B-main #1 transfers in finish order

Howard Willis, Justin Rayburn, Edward Oakes, Billy Gould, David Marroquin, Ben Haddox, Ronny Gould, Brad Brumley, Adam Schach, David Karickoff, Chester Cox, Jeff Wood


Limited B-main #2

Bobby Fehring, Kevin Sitton,Jerry Aylor, Gary Clark, Anthony O'Hanlon, Charlie Pharis, Jeff Walker, Billy Garza, Travis Brandt, Rick Rodgers, George Rodriguez,


Mod B-main #1 transfers by finish

John Allen, Johnny Brown, Robbie Starnes, Adan Arambula, Mike McCarthy, Steve Majek, Eddie Butt, Lupe Gomez


Mod B-main #2

Kenneth Cox, Lawrence Mikulencak, Garrett Durrett, Garey Clark, Dale Flanagan, Johno Whittington, Brandon Morton, Brian Boram


Mod B-main #3

Scott Drake, Justin Rayburn, Eddie Martin, Bobby Maupin, Adam Schach, Jim Mikulencak, Whit Broussard, Chris Brown


Mod B-main 4

Jason Hughes, Elias Anderson, Brandon Blaylock, Dennis Lege, Lindsey Shields, Barney Solis, Richie Tosh


Mod B-0main #5

Wayne Brooks, Paul White, TJ Huston, Ed Cox, Jesse Manning, Jerry Waugh, Mike McCoy,


Mod B-main #6

Randy Timms, Steve Whitaker, Chad Wheeler, James Schach, Phil Dixon, Kevin Sitton, Wade Bates, Howard Willis


Limited Modified A-main top 12 to big A-main

Bobby Fehring, Howard Willis, Justin Rayburn, Jerry Aylor, Gary Clark, Edward Oakes, Jeff Wood. Charlie Pharris, Ben Haddox, Billy Gould, Billy Garza, Roger Faulkner


Mod A-main #1 (Thursday make up) top six transfer to big A-main inside rows

John Allen, Paul White, Eddie Martin, Scott Drake, Johnny Brown, Bobby Maupin


Mod A-main #2 (Friday make up) top six to outside rows of big A-main

Jason Hughes, Randy Timms, Kenneth Cox, Wade Bates, Chad Wheeler, Lawrence Mikulencak




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