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USRA Series Acquires Contingency Sponsor

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USRA Late Models, Trucks Acquire Contingency Sponsor


KILGORE, TX (December 1) – Aluminum Racing Products has agreed to sponsor the 2005 Hard Charger awards for the United States Racing Association’s Super Late Model and Truck Series, series owner Terry Dickerson announced Wednesday.


ARP, a leading manufacturer of stock car bodies and racing equipment, was established in 1982 in Greenbrier, TN.


“We’re pleased to have Aluminum Racing Products join the USRA family as a sponsor of both the Super Late Model and Truck Series,” Dickerson said. “This is just one of many contingency sponsors we will have to support our Super Late Model and Truck Series.”


ARP will present the Super Late Model and Truck Series drivers who are voted the Hard Chargers with a car or truck body. There will also be a drawing for a car and truck body during the USRA Awards Banquet. Aluminum Racing Products will also support each series’ point fund.


“It looks like Terry Dickerson is going to take the Super Late Models and Truck Series forward,” ARP Sales Manager Mike Newcomb said. “He’s very sincere and we at ARP are happy to support his endeavor.” – United States Racing Association Public Relations

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