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Chuck Licata steps down at Thunder Hill

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After receiving notice of Chuck Licata’s resignation as Marketing Director/Announcer for Thunder Hill Raceway, I would like to say we are sorry to see him go and wish him the very best as he goes on to bigger and better opportunities.


Chuck brought many innovative and creative ideas to the track and has given us the basis for again making Thunder Hill Raceway a prime venue for asphalt stock car racing.


At the same time we are pleased to announce that we have taken Chuck’s suggestion and appointed Jon Sagester as our new Marketing Director. Sagester has been a strong supporter of stock car racing, and in particular, Thunder Hill Raceway, in past years and was an able assistant to Chuck this past season.


In accepting the post, Sagester said, “I certainly appreciate the offer to serve the track, drivers and fans at Thunder Hill, and hope that through mutual cooperation among everyone involved we can bring stock car racing in general, and Thunder Hill Raceway in particular, back to the heights of local entertainment and excitement it has enjoyed in the past.”


“I would like to thank the staff at Thunder Hill for giving me this opportunity, and to especially thank Chuck Licata for his help and confidence in recommending me to follow in his footsteps,” stated Sagester, “They are big shoes to fill and I vow to do my best for everyone connected with the track.”


Good luck to Chuck Licata in his future endeavors, and we are anticipating great things from Jon Sagester in the near future.


Happy Holidays to all.


Brian Callaway




Thunder Hill Raceway

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Whatentha' #%*& are we gonna' do without the "pickle in the middle" or "single file conga line" next season?! :o



This might be a dumb question, but does this mean Chuck will no longer be the announcer? (I didn't know if the job(s) were one in the same).

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After receiving notice of Chuck Licata’s resignation as Marketing Director/Announcer for Thunder Hill Raceway

must've missed that :unsure: , I was probably still a little shocked by the announcement.



As for announcing, never tried it. I think I'd be good as a team, but not sure about flying solo. I did work the mic as a manager at EZ's restaurants if that counts :lol: And, as for helping THR, I would help them however I can, but I sent them/Chuck so many suggestive emails last season they probably wish I'd quit "helping" :D

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So, Chuck are you leaving THR all together? We will sure miss you and you know our little one (Cierra) will also, she always told everyone about her friend Chuckie-hate to hear this!


I think Jon will do a great job also though!



Best of luck to you Chuck

Chris and Danielle #9 SS

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Guest The_Greek
Wouldn't surprise me if the next announcement is that Chuck has found a new opportunity with the USRA. Just a hunch..


Nick Holt

after hearing that Terry and Chuck mistakenly went into to the womens restroom at I-37, there is no doubt they have worked something out.

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