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Turkey Trot II @ I-37 Spwy 11/27/04

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Turkey Trot II @ I-37 Speedway 11/27/04

By J M Hallas

In the modified A-main, 25 of the 38 cars on hand took the green with Adan Arambula and Lawrence Mikulencak on the front row. While defending winner and 2004 track champion, Steve Whitaker jr. was forced to take a provisional at the rear of the field. Whitaker jr. jumped in a car qualified earlier by his father, after his broke the rear end housing in one of the B-mains.


As green waved and the pack thundered into turn 1, James Schach spun and collected Dale Flanagan and Jared Herring. In the check up, Whitaker jr, Nick Hardcastle and Art Rodriguez spun in a separate pile. On the second try, the team cars of Arambula and Mikulencak stayed wheel to wheel through turns 1-2 with Mikulencak getting the edge in 3-4 and leading lap 1.


Arambula was looking to take back the lead on lap 3, when GW Egbert spun. As the field scattered to avoid him, his dad, George Egbert, got forced up into the tire wall and rolled over to bring out the red. As green waved again, Schach got by Rick Green for the third spot, while Mikulencak and Arambula resumed their fight.


Paul White, returning to his roots after moving on to the pavement ranks, had just grabbed fourth from GW Egbert when Green clipped an infield tire. P. White and Elias Anderson who were both behind Green, got a piece of the action with P. White catching some air as he jumped the tire. Amazingly all continued on, but lost several positions.


This gapped the field as the top four of Mikulencak, Arambula, Schach and GW Egbert had big lead over Herring now in fifth. Undaunted, P. White fought his way back going past Herring for fifth on lap 6 and closing rapidly on GW Egbert for fourth. A caution for Ray Doyon, who found the turn 3 tire barrier, on lap 7 rebunched the field.


Back under green, Kris Rye took two spots as he moved up to eighth passing Green and Mike Knowles. P. White then picked off both GW Egbert and Schach on lap 8 for the third position. P. White continued his charge taking second from Arambula a lap later, white brother Keith White snagged sixth from GW Egbert.


P. White moved in on Mikulencak for the lead and the two veterans ran side by side on lap 10, with P. White securing the top spot on lap 11. Whitaker jr, was also on a tear as he moved into the top ten. K. White got to the top five as he motored by Schach on lap 13 for fifth, while Herring and Arambula battled for third.


At halfway the top five were P. White, Mikulencak, Arambula, Herring and K. White with Whitaker jr closing in sixth. Whitaker Jr then got around both K. White and then Herring to take the fourth position. Lap 17 saw Whitaker jr and Arambula run side by side for third as the leaders began to run into traffic.


P. White got slowed up slightly allowing Mikulencak to close the gap and giving Whitaker jr a chance to cut into their big lead. With ten to go, P. White was forced to go three wide around lap cars in order to hold off Mikulencak, who was within striking distance. Caution waved on lap 22 when Rye got sideways coming out of turn four and squeezed Green into the wall.


This gave everyone a chance to regroup and cool their tires for a final run to the finish and gave Whitaker jr. the chance to close up on the lead duo. When the green waved, Doyon spun going into turn 1 to slow the action again. On the next restart, P. White got a good jump on Mikulencak and got away by several car lengths.


K. White and Herring were battling side by side for fifth and still caught Arambula in fourth. The trio then tried to go three wide on lap 24 swapping some paint in the process. The contact apparently caused K. White to kick a spring out as he slowed and pitted on lap 25.


With two laps remaining, P. White had a comfortable cushion of eight car lengths over Mikulencak who had a few cars over Whitaker jr, with a big gap back to Arambula, Herring and Anderson.


Coming to the checkers it was the former USAC Silver Crown champion(2001) and currently a part time NASCAR Craftsman Truck driver, P. White snaring the win and $1400 pay day. In the Dust Devil Chassis out of the Bridwell Motorsports stable sponsored by Graham Jackson Race Engines, Chapman Motorsports, Heads by Pat Foreman, Royal Purple Synthetic Oil, and Greson Tech Sales, P. White completed most of the race no power steering after his lap 3 encounter with an infield tire.


White’s credits also include the 1989 and 1996 NASCAR Sunbelt Regional championship, and multi time All-Star Winged Modified Series and central Texas track champion. The victory gives P. White the first leg of a $500 sweep bonus between the Turkey Trot and Miller Modified Nationals to be held in McAllen this following weekend, Dec. 1st-4th. P. White will no doubt be a contender as he looks to make his trip through south Texas a profitable one.




1 77 Paul White (8)

2 1 Lawrence Mikulencak (2)

3 88 Steve Whitaker jr (24)

4 87 Adan Arambula (1)

5 1H Jared Herring (5)

6 31 Elias Anderson (13)

7 00 James Schach (4)

8 57 Dale Flanagan (7)

9 82 Rick Green (3)

10 8g Greg Dinsmore (11)

11 717 GW Egbert (9)

12 70 Trevor Egbert (15)

13 55 Danny Brown (10)

14 711 Joey Whitehead (18)

15 29 Mac Harmon (16)

16 14 Wade Moyer (23)

17 22 Art Rodriguez (20)

18 1W Keith White (12)

19 9 Ray Doyon (14)

20 23 Gary Chambless (19)

21 99 Kris Rye (17)

22 07 Mike Knowles (6)

23 94 Nick Hardcastle (25)

24 71 George Egbert (21)

25 168 Abel Arredondo (22)


The limited modified main saw Keith White and Ronnie Gould lead the 15 car field to green at the start of the 20 lap event. White and Gould were still wheel to wheel as the ran into turn 3, where White edged out Gould to lead lap 1. Bobby Fehring then shot past both White and Gould to lead lap 2. White fought back and retook the top spot on lap three as the lead trio thrilled the crowd with corner for corner passes.


White had a small advantage over Gould and Fehring, who were still swapping second back and forth on lap 5. While being lapped, Derrick Flora turned down on White and collected Gould, who went airborne over a front wheel and was forced to retire during the ensuing caution. Once back to green, Fehring grabbed the point from White coming to halfway, with Jerry Aylor, Bennie Everhart and Jason Sartain rounding out the top five.


In another exhibition of driving prowess, Fehring and White swapped the lead on laps 11 and 12, until Fehring finally got the top spot and a little breathing room. With five to go the field had strung out with Fehring having about four cars lengths on White who had a gap back to Aylor, Everhart and Sartain.


White then methodically reeled Fehring back in and caught the leader as the white flag waved. White took a peek low in turns 1-2, but was unable to find any room. Tailing Fehring down the back stretch, White then jumped to the high side and made a daring move to get along side Fehring in turns 3-4. White, a three time Texas Thunder Spwy. IMCA Modified champion, was able to win the drag race to line taking the win in the Tracys Auto Sales/D&S Painting/Central Texas Pest Control/Smileys Chassis, by less than a car length.


Limited Modified

1 17x Keith White

2 33 Bobby Fehring

3 83 Jerry Aylor

4 9 Bennie Everhart

5 3 Dave Stewart

6 1R Ritchie Robins

7 17 Jason Sartain

8 6 Vince Louden

9 06 Brandon Stewart

10 12 Dave Marroquin

11 68 Kurt Hudgeons

12 312 Chad Comer

13 43 Rodney Norton

14 1 Ronnie Gould

15 125 Derrick Flora

18 Virgil Page—DNS



A field of 25 cars took the green for the 30 lap feature in the pure stock class paced to green by Jerry Chandler and Bobby Jack. J. Chandler quickly jumped out front on green to lead the first lap. Stephan Danielson moved by David Meredith on lap 1 to get third, with two and three wide racing going on in the pack. On lap 3, Darenger Nesloney suffered a flat that backed up the field giving the top five a big lead.


The lead group caught heavy traffic on lap 7 and were dicing their way through when yellow waved on lap 9 for Kevin Sullivan. On the restart Meredith and Thomas Downey battled for fourth while the lead duo inched ahead. Caution waved again on lap 10 for debris on the back stretch. On the restart, Downey got past Jack for third bringing Meredith along for fourth, while defending champion, AJ Dancer passed Shawn Moore and Jason Kelly for sixth.


Downey and Meredith then both slipped by S. Danielson on lap 12 to take second and third. Jack spun from fifth on lap 13, but was able to continue losing only one spot. At the crossed flags it was J. Chandler, Downey, Meredith, S. Danielson and Adam Torres in the top five spots. Downey closed in on J. Chandler and had just grabbed the lead when Nesloney found the turn 1 tire wall to bring out a caution, putting J. Chandler back out front.


Back under green, Downey was again looking for the lead when yellow waved for debris on lap 16. A lap after the restart, Downey was finally able to made the pass for lead as he took over the point on lap 18, while S. Danielson and A. Torres battled door to door for fourth.


Caution waved on lap 18 for a tangle between Moore and 2004 track champion, Daren Leonard on the back stretch. As Moore tried to restart, his battery exploded spaying him in the face with battery acid. Moore was checked out by the medical staff on hand and held in the ambulance for transport. No further info was available on his condition at the end of the night.


Once back to green, S. Danielson and Dancer swapped the fifth spot. As Downey and J. Chandler battled for the lead the duo traded some paint, and sent up a shower of sparks. Leonard’s troubles continued as his car stalled on the back stretch as the leaders were bearing down. In the ensuing melee, everyone in the top five got some damage, the worst being J. Chandler who got up the trunk of another car as they shot out the pit exit.


With J. Chandler out for the night, Meredith took over second spot and was quickly putting the heat on Downey for the lead. Meredith snagged the point on lap 23 and was able to get a lap in before yellow waved when Charles Chandler lost a wheel. Dancer was looking for way around S. Danielson on the restart, but caution was back out again on lap 25 for debris in turn 3.


Meredith got a slight advantage as green came back out, while Downey and S. Danielson fought for second. S. Danielson took the spot on lap 26 and began a run at the leader. Meredith almost threw away his first ever win as he slid high in turn 4 coming to the checkered flag. But Meredith was able to take the win by a bumper, as the Gonzales driver notched his first ever a-main win.


Meredith, in the Larry Louden/West Muffler/JK Race Engines/Sheet Metal by David Kemp/Blaylock Chassis, said, “ It took lots of work to get the car prepared and my crew gave me a good car. I also need to thank my wife and family for their support, and putting up with me.”



Pure Stock

1 79 David Meredith

2 48D Stephan Danielson

3 1H Thomas Downey

4 52 AJ Dancer

5 48 Robert Danielson

6 88 Bobby Jack

7 50 Jason Knight

8 66 Johnny Torres

9 83 Mike Riley

10 188 Owen Pittman

11 3x Larry Hilla

12 39 Kevin Sullivan

13 2D Charles Chandler

14 09 Adam Torres

15 74 Brian Rye

16 26 Daren Leonard

17 13 Jerry Chandler

18 08 Ben Anderlich

19 18 Shawn Moore

20 57R Rowdy Flanagan

21 57x Jason Kelly

22 5 Mark Pivarnik

23 3 Darenger Nesloney

24 580 Robert Williams

25 77 Glenn Ballard

67 Bill Denton—DNS


Grudge match, Jason vs Marc in Pure Stocks----- Jason chickened out :P

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Kathy, Jason was making more excuses than late model drivers regarding racing big money shows. :o:lol:;):)


"I just came here to party"

"I can't drive a stick shift"

"I don't have a helmet"


What's that sound like to you Kathy?

You should have seen his eyes :ph34r: when I told him there was going to be a third car with a mystery driver. B) Me.


Granted both car would have been unable to run and at about 2:00 AM I doubt they would have been allowed to race, but still......... LMAO :lol::lol:

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jason was as gitty a little school girl when they told he was gonna get to race...i really doubt he chickened out...

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