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Yahoo Fantasy final points


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It's official Makdada kicked our butt! :( Congrats man, you earned it.


Standings Member List

Rank Team Points

1 makdada 10,025

2 whowonkulwickifan 9,642

3 24isdaman 9,377

4 Texas Motorsports 9,295

5 namaint 9,219

6 nivram55 9,063

7 Ektar's Gearheadz 9,032

8 RDM711 Racing 8,979

9 Freeman Motorsports 8,792

10 The Rainbow Warrior 8,673

11 knuckleheads 8,293

12 49 Crew 5,750

13 sasfan2002 4,257

14 kirkm27 3,403

15 UMSCHEID Race Services 3,084

16 Big Bootie Hoe Motorsports 2,341

17 Naylor 2,014

18 The Woopers 0

18 speedzone 0


I lost in whowon Yahoo league by one freaking point after DJ ran out of gas. :angry: But on the bright side I did win in whowon Collective Racing Fantasy league. :)

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thanks j,

i won two other yahoo leagues and finished 779 in the world. not bad huh? also was 79th overall, or something like that, in the nascar.com fantasy cap challenge. hopefully next year we can get more tsz folks to sign up with us. it was great racing against you all. can't wait till next season. happy holidays to all the tsz freaks out there..............your champ..............makdada :ph34r:

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