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ROMCO SLM Series to meet teams, promoters, fans

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ROMCO Super Late Model Series to Meet Teams, Promoters, Fans


KYLE, TX (November 19) – Terry Dickerson and his staff are poised to discuss the future of the ROMCO Super Late Model Series with its teams, promoters and fans during a meeting scheduled for 1 p.m., November 28th, at the Texas Event Center located near Thunder Hill Raceway.


Dickerson’s company, Trackside Entertainment, purchased the ROMCO Super Late Model Series from Robert Mullins recently. Mullins directed the series the last six years.


“We are going to discuss the future of the series and announce the name change, among other things,” Dickerson said Friday. “This will serve as a ‘meet and greet’ for the new owners with everybody involved with the series, kind of a ‘racers town meeting.’ I know this is short notice, but with the holidays approaching we felt like we need to meet and discuss issues with our teams, promoters and fans. We’re excited and ready to get started.


“We will announce a support class for the ROMCO Super Late Model Series. We feel like we need to have a support class and with the popularity of the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, we believe a truck class is the way to go.


“We’re looking forward to meeting all ROMCO participants and crews … anybody who has been involved with series. We want to meet and listen to ideas the fans, teams and promoters have about the series. This meeting is all about the future of the ROMCO Super Late Model Series and how we’re going to carry it to the next level. It’s going to take the teams, drivers, track promoters and sanctioning body working together to groove and move. We just want to help make racing in this area better.”


“We will discuss rules, but it will not be a rules meeting,” Series Manager and Race Director Terry Barden said. “There will be very few rule changes for the 2005 season.” – Trackside Entertainment Public Relations

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Congrats Mr. Dickerson. Way to keep the series moving forward. But, I have one issue, that is we should get rid of traction control. I think that the series has went down hill ever since that was allowed. It seems that money is not an object in this series. The rules are driving most competitors that normally run in the series away to other series. Anybody, can win with traction control.

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