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Three years ago last week


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Davidson, Smith bracket Query, Anderson in "Texas Big Shot 250"





by T.Q. Jones


KYLE, Texas (Nov. 11, 2001) - After two days of qualifying, heat race action and 250 laps of hard racing, polesitter Chris Davidson of Houston crossed the line at Thunder Hill Raceway less than a car-length ahead of two recent NASCAR All Pro Series champions -- 1998 winner Freddie Query and 1999 champ Wayne Anderson. Right on their bumpers was Austin's own Casey Smith, coming home fourth in Sunday's $100,000 "Texas Big Shot 250".


In a race punctuated often by caution flags (hey, there was a $30,000 first prize on the line!), mostly behind the leaders, a controversial call by officials put Hooter's ProCup Series points leader Hal Goodson to the rear and left Davidson, Query, Anderson and Smith to fight for the lead in the last dozen laps. Goodson would finish 11th.


Several top drivers failed to make the final in heat races on Saturday and had to run the "Last Shot" qualifying race on Sunday. They included Heath Stewart, who blew his engine on Saturday; Thunder Hill late model champion Tommy Gural; 2000 Kendall Series champion Scott Hantz from Indiana; and Houston's David Legé. Legé only finished eighth in the Last Shot race, but also finished eighth in the money race.




Texas Big Shot 250:

14 Chris Davidson 250 laps

31X Freddy Query 250 laps

86 Wayne Anderson 250 laps

24X Casey Smith 250 laps

39 Mark Chrudimsky 250 laps

7G Gary St Amant 250 laps

50 Joe Aramendia 250 laps

2 David Lege 250 laps

82 Donnie Wilson 250 laps

6 Doug Lege 250 laps

1 Hal Goodson 250 laps

01 Wayne Willard 250 laps

55K Todd Kluever 250 laps

32 Heath Stewart 249 laps

19 Kent Baltzell 249 laps

11 Michael Crofford 247 laps

30 Mark Coleman 247 laps

13X T Wade Welch 245 laps

55 Eddie Wallace 245 laps

07 Fred Schulz 240 laps

99 Doug Hooks 220 laps

00 Kenny Bumbera 190 laps

37 Larry Raines 179 laps

75 Jerry Robertson 168 laps

96 Greg Davidson 150 laps

9 Tommy Gural 141 laps

31 James Coursey 101 laps

72 Scott Hantz 81 laps

79 Joe Napoleon 80 laps

40 Bubba Naumann 46 laps


Last Chance Race:

75 Jerry Robertson 50 laps

32 Heath Stewart 50 laps

11 Michael Crofford 50 laps

72 Scott Hantz 50 laps

00 Kenny Bumbera 50 laps

30 Mark Coleman 50 laps

07 Fred Schulz 50 laps

2 David Lege 50 laps

19 Kent Baltzell 50 laps

9 Tommy Gural 50 laps


Did not qualify:

97 Danny Garcia 48 laps

87 John Webb 47 laps

7 Scott Lowry 29 laps

24 Jim Blevens Jr. 28 laps

21 Darren Ellis 25 laps

4 Cory Roper 25 laps

08 John Silverthorn 15 laps

62 David Diel DNS

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yep-those were the days my friend-i can still see that incident coming out of turn 4 at the end of the last bigshot race and all the smoke-lead car turned sideways for the big $$$$$-damn that was good-never forget it

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I'll have to see if I can dig out my version. It's a lot more colorful and explicit!


the racers that came out of the wood work

Funny I remember all the people bitchin' about LACK of car count, or fan

count for that matter.


I attended the first and second Big Shots

I wasn't allowed access to the second one! :o:angry::(

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