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Rainy night racing trivia


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Here's a few questions for ya, I'll post the answers tomorrow evening. Have fun!

1 This Texas driver was the youngest to start his Winston(hint) Cup career?

At what age?

2 The first NA$CAR race was run in what year? Where?

3 Tim Flock drove with "what" inside the car? What was "its" name?

4 Junior Johnson drove with "what" inside his car?

5 How does NA$CAR officially measure track length?

6 What it the only import car to win a NA$CAR Winston Cup race? Name the driver/year.

7 How did 'Fireball' Roberts get his nickname?

8 NA$CARs first National points champion?

9 Who won the first race at Daytone Int'l. Speedway? Careful, trick question.

10 Who holds the record for the fastest qualifying lap. How fast? I had to give ya one easy one! LOL

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1. Bobby Hillin Jr./17 years old


2. 1948/Daytona road/beach course


3. a monkey/"Jocko Flocko"


4. ????????Perhaps some moonshine (LOL)


5. 15 feet in from the outside wall


6. Jaguar Driver?? Year??


7. From being a baseball pitcher.


8. "Red" Byrom


9. I'm bad at trick questions, but wasn't it Lee Petty like 3

days after the race???


10. Bill Elliott/Talladega/212.809mph

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Well y'all disappointed me as much as the late model turnout for the big money shows. :o:lol: 120 people looked, but only one(1), a lady, choose to take a stab at the answers and did very well I might add. OK, here's the answers.

1 Bobby Hillin at age 17. ** Also started the World 600, 2 days after graduating high school.

2 June 19, 1949 @ Charlotte Speedway. Daytona Road/Beach Course was on July 10th of that year.

3 Monkey named Jocko. (Not Jason--LMAO)

4 Chicken---Must be some story behind that.

5 15 Ft. from outside wall

6 Jaguar driven by Al Keller 1954 @ Linden Airport (Road Course I'm guessing), Linden, NJ.

7 Because of his fastball while pitching for an American Legion team

8 Red Byrom

9 Bob Welborn won a 40 lap race @ Daytona Int'l. Speedway on Feb. 20, 1959. Two days before the 500 was first run. Told ya it was a trick question.

10 Bill Elliott @ Talladega, 212.809mph

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