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Great Racing Quotes


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I'll start it off


Dale Earnhardt: "You win some, lose some, and wreck some."


Alan Kulwicki, on racing Saturday nights as opposed to Sunday afternoons: "It's basically the same, just darker."


"All of the drivers here I can speak to because they all speak English, with the exception of Ward Burton. He speaks Ward, I guess."


Tony Stewart, explaining the difference between NASCAR and IRL

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I don't remember the quote exactly and might not be doing it justice but i think it was Dale Earnhardt Sr that said,



"as long as the fans are making noise, you're doing all right."



I also liked the one that said,


"The fans cheer for you when you win, but boo you when you win to much!." (not sure by who)


I also really like


"There is no I in team, but an I in wIn"

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Your quote is a rough take-off of the original statement made by the great Bobby Allison. "The best way to make a small fortune in racing is start out with a big one."


A couple of my favorites by Neil Bonnett:

During the time Busch ran V-6 engines--

"The V-6 racing engine was invented by the same guy who invented the engine hoist."

Describing car handling--

"Push is when you see the wall you are about to hit, loose is when you can;t see it."


An old quote, made by I believe either Joe Weatherly or Fireball Roberts, after a reporter asked what happened after a wreck--

"I crashed. It is easy to do that in this sport."

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I just thought of another one


Ken Schreader was racing the bud #25 car and had just broke again. A reporter asked him was was wrong with his program? He said, "well if I knew what was wrong with it, I would fix it."

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Kevin Harvick-- "He's a cocky, arrogant, punk. He just has a really, really bad attitude. But he can wheel a race car."


Kasey Kahne-- “Tony Stewart has been running into everything all year, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it here, too.”


Tony Stewart-- "NASCAR is like the Waltons on steroids".


Tony Stewart-- "We got a little loose and I got into Jeff, and I'm sure Darrell and those guys up there are lobbying for me to get suspended for life from NASCAR".


And oh yea


Earnhardt Jr.-- This don't mean S^%$ right now daddys won here 10 times






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No thread of racing quotes would be complete without some from Buddy Baker. so here goes:


From SCR, March 1998


"My wife cooked cabbage last night. I asked her, 'My Lord, how could you get an ass in a pot?"


"We finally found out where Spam comes from. It comes from a spig."


"Jeff Gordon's handling down the straightaways. Imean, he's flying down the straightaways."


"Ernie Irvan could go bear hunting with a switch. He ain't never afraid."


"With ten to go, I didn't have a code of ethics."


"I never lost my job while I was leading a race."


"Wally Dallenbach's like a kite without a tail out there."


"You can tell that you're in trouble when you feel the air on the back of your neck instead of in your face."


"New tires are like Superman medicine"


"I got hit in the head pretty hard. My clock ran backward's for two years."


"My purpose in life was to run 100%. Maybe it cost me some races, but nobody ever hired me to ride."


On a newly re-paved Darlington - "The new asphalt is like putting a tuxedo on a rattlesnake."


On being asked to do a TV piece on conserving fuel - "I told them they better get somebody else, that I didn't know anything about saving gas."


"I always wondered how a guy running right with me for 100 miles was able to keep going when I ran out of gas. I guess it had something to do with the way he held his mouth - huh?"


On one of his old Plymouth's - "I could stand up in the seat and not hit my head."


"Cale Yarborough would wear out a set of gloves a race pulling them up."


"Cale Yarborough would have to call a service station to get a tire changed, but he's as good as anyone who ever drove a race car."


On his brain surgery - "I'm going to have minor brain surgery."


"Remember, if the world was perfect you wouldn't need roll bars in race cars."


From the Busch Race at Nashville - 1998

"Dave Blaney'll learn, you don't mess with Dick Trickle."


"Man, I've hit everything but the lottery."


To Casey Atwood - "Do you shave yet?"


From Texas Motor Speedway - April 1998, After Patty Moise shut the door on Jimmy Spencer for the third time. -

"Oh man, Patty Moise does not know Jimmy Spencer like I know Jimmy Spencer".


From Nashville Speedway - April 1999, on the Gibson Guitar Buddy himself won at Nashville -

"I was like a pig with a wristwatch"


After witnessing Mark Day drive into the back of Mark Martin (no relation) at least 3 times on the same lap and finally wreck him.

"I'd like to say something nice about that wreck but I can't think of anything"


"Sometimes it takes several laps for a wreck to happen"


With reference to a driver in a Pro Truck race - "He ran out of talent about halfway through the corner"


On Kenny Irwin getting into Jimmy Spencer at Dover Downs - Spring 2000

"Oh boy, that's Jimmy Spencer. That's like stickin' a stick in a bears cage, that is. I don't think he wants to do that again."


On Rick Hendrick and Felix Sabates - "Well I don't know which one has more money but I'll tell you what. Either one could burn a wet mule with hundred dollar bills."


"Race drivers are schizophrenics...I'm a completely different person outside of the car."


From Hickory Speedway "Short track racing is by all means a contact sport"


Buddy was interviewed after a superspeedway race in which he drove through a smoke screen full of wrecked cars. The comentator praised his skillful driving...Buddy's response "it's amazing what you can do with your eyes closed"

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my grandfather (junior medlock)- it's always better to come from the back to the front, and not the front to the back....after i punched the side of a trailer "that trailer did'nt have anything to do with it..."

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I don't know if a quote from a movie about a race car driver qualifies, but here goes anyway.


"The Last American Hero", a movie about the life of Junior Johnson. Junior visits his father in prison, for moonshining, and discusses w/him about the reason he is racing. Jr's mother is against it, Jr. tells his father the money is good! Jr's dad's quote is....


"If your racing for the money, then I gotta agree with your mom."


Obviously Jr wasn't racing for the money, but for the love.

Then shortly after that an even better quote:


"Damn foolishness to one person, is breath of life to another!"



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that was what i was thinking about , but i figured i was the only one who has got the dialogue(?) memorized...



when his father tells the story of the guy at the wood shop-who cuts of his index finger,then a little later his middle finger... then after he cuts of his ring finger he holds his hand up and says "i'm beginning to believe this is a loosing game"..that is a perfect description of how i feel after the last 3 years...


and "all i gotta do is find another motor,you've gotta find a driver that ain't got ch!cken sh!t running through his veins..."

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